Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The BowTie Of Doom

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"Too tight, can't breathe!" Xander gasped. Once he had gotten over his initial shock, Xander had been very happy to see Anya, and had spent awhile catching up and showing her around his apartment while Buffy had rushed off to get both Willow and herself ready for the wedding. Then he had realised that there was only an hour before they had to leave, and had quickly changed into his tux and asked Anya to tie his bow-tie, a decision which he now found himself regretting.

"I don't know how to loosen it!" Anya cried in panic. "The only other time I've been around a bow-tie is when a woman asked me to strangle her husband with it after he slept with a bridesmaid on their wedding day!"

"Not.. the.. time.. Ahn" Xander choked out, face red and eye bulging in its socket. Anya made another attempt at loosening the bow-tie, but only managed to tighten it further, at which point Joyce wisely decided to intervene, untying the offending garment and saving Xander's life. "Thank you" he gasped.

"You're welcome" Joyce smiled.

"Sorry Xander" Anya whispered.

"Don't worry about it Ahn, it's no big" said Xander, pulling his remorseful ex into a hug. "It wasn't your fault you didn't know how to loosen the bow-tie. Lucky Buffy's Mom was here though, thanks again Mrs Summers." From the other side of the room, Buffy, wearing a dress that matched both Dawn's and the one Faith would be wearing, cleared her throat.

"I present to you the beautiful bride, Miss Willow Rosenberg." Buffy waited for a few moments, but Willow did not emerge. "Uh, just a second, Miss Rosenberg seems to be experiencing one of her famous bouts of stage fright" she poked her head back into the room where she and Willow had been getting ready. "What are you doing, Will? It's time to come out." Mumbles were heard. Buffy sighed. "Nobody's gonna make fun of you. You look gorgeous, and I should know because I had a great deal to do with that." More mumbles. "Okay, that's it Missy, you're coming out of there whether you like it or not." Buffy reached into the room, pulling Willow out with one slayer-strength tug. Willow blushed furiously as all eyes fell on her. Her dress was a lot simpler than Tara's, though no less beautiful. It was a strapless number made of white silk. Willow had chosen to wear her hear down in order to cover the scar on the side of her head which she had received when she'd been kidnapped by the demons who had magically created Sophie and kept the little girl hostage for the first three years of her life. She could have healed the cut then, but instead Willow had decided to keep the scar, seeing it as a badge of honor, and a reminder to the rest of the demon world that she would do anything to protect her daughter, even if she hurt herself in the process.

"Wow, you look amazing Will" Xander smiled. Willow smiled back, still blushing.

"Okay" said Buffy, "are we all agreed that Willow looks amazing?" Anya, Joyce, Doyle, and Gunn all nodded, although Anya muttered under her breath that Willow didn't look as good as she had. "Good, cause we better get moving."

Back at the Summers house, an elated Giles was chatting happily away with Jenny, while Dawn, Connor, and Kendra tried to work out how they were going to get Wesley out of the weapons chest. Tara had childproofed it awhile ago, but as no demons had attacked the house since the animal incident, no-one other than Tara, Buffy and Faith had bothered learning how to open it yet. Luckily, the Dark Slayer chose now to make her re-entrance to the lounge room. She raised an eyebrow at the trio gathered around the chest.

"What are you three doin'?" she asked curiously.

"Wesley locked 'imself inside the weapons chest and we can't get 'im out" Kendra explained. A strange look came over Faith's face, then she burst out laughing.

"Okay, let me through" she gasped between laughs. Faith opened the child-lock and pulled Wesley out, in hysterics the whole time.

AN: Updates two days in a row, yay me! The first part of the wedding will be in the next chapter.

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