Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Chapter In Which Giles Must Explain

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A little while later, Giles' car pulled up in front of the hall where Willow and Tara's wedding ceremony was going to be held. He, Connor, and Jenny, who had asked Cordelia for permission to go along with the Watcher (Though she needn't have really asked as Cordy never would have said no), piled out of it. They entered the hall, waving to a nervous looking Willow who was running through her vows with the celebrant with encouragement from Xander and Buffy, and took some seats behind Andrew, Chao-Ahn, and the trio of younger slayers who had been brought along for no other reason than they refused to behave for anyone other than Giles. Vi and Rona had chosen seats on the other side of the hall with Anya to try and keep the numbers even. Doyle was fidgeting around at the back of the room, looking very uncomfortable in the suit that Cordy had psychically changed him into, and Gunn was peeking out the door in case Tara arrived early. Giles began looking around the hall, awaiting the arrival of Spike, Angel, and Illyria, as he had been entrusted with explaining to them the 'Cordelia brought all our dead loved ones here for the wedding' situation.

"This could end really, really, badly you know" said Connor.

"What do you mean?" Giles asked.

"Well, what if my dad has a moment of pure happiness when he sees everyone?"

"Oh" said Giles, cleaning his glasses. Jenny gave a little giggle at the familiar habit. "You raise a good point Connor, I hadn't thought of that. Did anybody bring a stake?"

"I don't think you'll have to worry about Angel" said Jenny. "Just try to focus on the negatives of the situation." Giles raised a confused eyebrow.

"What negatives?"

"The fact that we're only here for one day, for one. At least all the rest of you will get to see us again when you die, but Angel may never die." Connor and Giles pondered Jenny's words for a moment, before two familiar figures hidden beneath flaming blankets burst through a side entrance to the hall. The currently Fred-lookalike Illyria burst in after them and began beating out Spike's flames but leaving Angel to save himself, while Gunn and Doyle ducked behind some flower displays, Jenny hid behind her seat, and a quick-thinking Vi threw her jacket over a very annoyed Anya's head.

"And another thing" said Connor, gesturing at Illyria as the God-King beat her pet's flaming skin savagely. "I don't know how we're gonna deal with her when she sees Fred."

"Why, do you think she'll hurt her?" asked Giles who had become a little distracted with trying to obscure the not very well hidden Jenny from view as Angel approached.

"Well no, these days she won't do anything that'll piss off Spike and Angel, but it'll be pretty awkward" said Connor. Giles rolled his eyes.

"I do believe it will, but as it will neither endanger lives or keep the ceremony from running smoothly I think we have much more important things to worry about right now like telling your father.. hello Angel, nice to see you again." Giles quickly moved to conceal Jenny's clearly visible arm. "How have you been?"

"I've had to fight off a few Wolfram & Heart assassins here and there, but otherwise fine. You?"

"Very well, thank you. Now Angel, I think you should sit down as there are some things about today that need to be explained." Angel, looking a little confused, obeyed Giles and sat, but before the Watcher could begin his explanation, Spike walked over with Illyria behind him, and glared at Connor.

"Hear you're gettin' a bit frisky with the Lil'bit boy" he growled, while Giles sighed, annoyed at the interuption, as well as Jenny, whose knees were beginning to get tired from crouching behind the chair, and Anya, who was complaining about looking stupid with a jacket on her head.

"No, nothing frisky" said Connor, Spike's expression making him a little nervous. "Just kissing!" The Destroyer knew that he could probably take his father's grandchilde in a fight in the hopefully unlikely event that it came to that, but Spike could call Illyria for back up, in which case Connor knew he was screwed, so violence was best avoided if possible.

"Okay then" said Spike as he sat down. "But just know that if you ever hurt the bit, I'll bloody well hurt you right back, got it?" Connor nodded. Spike glanced over at Anya, raising an eyebrow. "Who's that bloody ponce with the jacket on their head?"

"I think I can explain that.." Giles began. And so, the Watcher explained what Cordelia had done, allowing Gunn and Doyle to greet an ecstatic, though thankfully not purely happy Angel, Jenny to climb out from behind her seat, and a relieved Anya to finally take the jacket off of her head. Soon the other heavenly guests arrived after being magically sent ahead by Cordelia, and the majority of the Angel Investigations team was happily reunited, but had left one lonely God-King feeling like the ultimate outsider.

Outside the hall, a limo pulled up, and Dawn, Faith, and the gorgeous little flower girl Sophie climbed out of it, closely followed by Tara.

"Do I look okay?" the bride asked, equally nervous and excited.

"Gorgeous T, Red's one lucky girl" Faith grinned. They approached the hall, where Cordelia, having traded her white robe for a golden dress, was waiting.

"Shouldn't you be inside?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah" said Cordy, smiling. "But then I thought, hey, what better blessing for my friend's marriage than to have one of the powers that be walk her down the aisle?" She held out her arm to the blonde. "You ready?"

"Come on, Mama Tara, let's get you and Mommy Willow your happily ever after!" Sophie cried.

"Yeah" Tara smiled, taking Cordy's arm. "Let's go."

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