Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Ceremony

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: Willow and Tara's vows contain heaps of cute canonical references, mostly because I re-watched seasons 4, 5, and early season 6 before I started this arc.

First Faith entered the hall, then Dawn, and finally, Tara, holding Cordy's arm with Sophie walking a few steps ahead of them, smiling as she scattered flowers down the aisle. Tara didn't notice that Cordelia became slightly distracted with waving to a beaming Angel. She didn't notice that Connor was staring at Dawn while displaying the goofy grin of a boy in love, or that Anya was busy making googly eyes at Xander. She didn't notice that Buffy and Faith were paying more attention to each other than to her. She didn't notice, because she simply didn't care. Tara only had eyes for one person, and that one person only had eyes for her.

As soon as she had seen Tara walking down the aisle towards her, Willow's heart had skipped a beat, and now that her soulmate stood before her, smiling her beautiful lopsided smile from behind her veil, all of the things that Willow had been so worried about just a few minutes before seemed completely insignificant. Today they were finally going to get their happily ever after, just as Sophie had said the night before. They were forever, and soon the whole world would know. The celebrant was speaking now, though neither bride was really paying attention.

"I love you" Willow whispered.

"I love you too" Tara whispered back. Willow was just about to tell Tara how beautiful she looked, when the celebrant cleared his throat, pulling the redhead from her thoughts.

"Willow, your vows."

"Oh, right." Willow blushed, slightly embarrassed at being caught not paying attention. The pair had decided to write their own vows, after realising that most of the traditional ones, particularly the " 'til death do us part" section, did not apply to them. Willow took a deep breath, then began. "Tara, I spent months trying to come up with words to describe the way I feel about you, but eventually I realised there are none. What we have is beyond words. We've been through so much together, more than most people go through in a lifetime, to get where we are. And I've lost you once or twice along the way, but I always find you again, and I promise I always will." Willow smiled across at her lover, both of them a little teary-eyed, and the celebrant nodded before turning to Tara, who nodded back in understanding, taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts before beginning her own vows.

"Willow, I love you so much. Before I met you, I never really knew what love was. I didn't even know who I was, because I'd only ever seen myself through my family's eyes. But when you looked at me, I was pure, and good, and beautiful." Her soulmate's words caused tears to roll down Willow's cheeks, and it was taking all of Willow's self-control to keep herself from ripping off Tara's veil and kissing her right now. "Everything that makes me me is there because of you, Willow. Everything I am is yours."

The room fell silent for a moment, then the celebrant gestured to Xander to hand over the rings. Xander predictably fumbled about in his pockets for a few tense moments before pulling out the rings, a plain gold band for each witch. The celebrant was speaking again as Willow and Tara slipped the rings onto each other's fingers, but once again neither one of them was really paying attention, only catching one or two key words, such as 'vows', 'rings', and of course, 'kiss the bride.' Willow beamed, lifting Tara's veil and pulling her new wife into her arms, kissing her to the cheers of their guests, except Illyria who aside from the fact she was sulking a little at being ignored, didn't really understand the ceremony. Eventually, the need for oxygen forced Willow and Tara to part.

"You're beautiful, Tara" Willow gasped. "God, you are so beautiful, and I won't let anybody make you think anything different ever again." Tara nodded, tears of joy streaming down her face, and pulled Willow into another kiss.

AN: Aww! Next chap, the reception, which I've actually worked a kind of cute Sophie/Illyria moment into, I don't know why, it just happened.

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