Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Babies On The Brain

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

She had gone soft. There was no other way to describe it. No other possible way to explain why she, Faith Lehane, the Dark Slayer, had spent the last three days playing tea party and watching all of the Disney princess movies in a continuous marathon. It was Sophie's fault, the kid had her wrapped around her little finger. Hell, she had everyone wrapped around her little finger, even Illyria, though no-one had any idea how she'd pulled that off. Now, with her parents off on their honeymoon, Sophie had latched tightly on to Faith, her next favourite family member. And even though she was currently stuck watching The Little Mermaid for the fifth time, The Dark Slayer wouldn't have had it any other way. About halfway through this fifth viewing, a familiar lopsided smile spread over Sophie's face and she leapt to her feet, bolting to the door.

"What's up, Little Red?" Faith called, chasing after her.

"My Mommies are home!" Sophie called back, racing outside. And sure enough, when Faith looked, Willow and Tara's car was in the driveway and the newlywed witch's were climbing out of it. Willow's eyes lit up when she saw her daughter, and she happily scooped the little girl into her arms. Tara embraced them both, leaning down to place a kiss on Sophie's forehead. Faith gave a small smile as she stood in the doorframe, watching the little family that, in her opinion, now lay at the heart of the Scooby gang. Her smile widened when she registered the fact that now she wouldn't have to sit through the rest of the movie.

In the weeks that followed, Willow and Tara quickly settled into a state of wedded bliss. Their happiness was contagious, even causing Dawn, who had been sulking around the house missing Connor who'd decided to stay with Angel for a few weeks since Wolfram & Heart was laying low, to perk up. But Tara was beginning to develop one little problem. She had babies on the brain. She had begun stopping in the streets to coo at babies in their prams. The sight of tiny baby clothes, especially the pink ones that Cordelia had predicted she'd be needing, caused her to collapse into a pile of maternal mush. Tara imagined Willow's hand resting on her swollen belly, or her own hand resting on Willow's. It didn't matter which one of them was pregnant, it would be amazing either way. She imagined Willow carrying a baby around the house, playing peek-a-boo and making funny faces. Willow was an amazing mother. Her maternal instincts regarding Sophie had kicked in long before she knew the little girl was her daughter. And Sophie would be a great big sister, Tara just knew she would. They'd missed all of the baby stuff with Sophie, meaning they'd missed a lot of firsts, which she knew Willow was always feeling guilty about. Tara knew that a new baby could never make up for that, but it would still be nice to experience it, and seeing Sophie play big sister might make Willow feel a little less guilty. She hadn't brought any of this up with her wife yet though. They had only just got married, and she didn't want Willow to feel like she was being pushed into anything that she wasn't ready for, even though deep down she very much doubted that that would be a problem.

Tara had sat thinking about this one night when Sophie crawled into her lap, seeming to know exactly what she was thinking.

"She's coming soon, Mama Tara" the little girl whispered, once again smiling their shared lopsided smile. "Very, very soon."

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