Dawn's Magical Mishaps

A Very Special Spell

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It was afternoon in the Summers household, and Willow and Tara were cuddled up together on the couch, watching a movie with Sophie. Neither of them were really paying attention to the movie, seeing it more as an opportunity for snuggle time. Suddenly, Faith walked into the room, scooping Sophie into her arms and heading for the door.

"Hey Red, Blondie, I'm just borrowin' your kid for awhile."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a second Missy" said Willow, catching hold of Faith's sleeve as she passed. "Not that I don't trust you to take care of her or anything, 'cause nowadays I do, like the whole using your jailbreak as a bedtime story, so over it since I kinda realised how much worse stuff could happen, but where are you taking her?"

"Buffy's draggin' me off to a shoe sale at the mall" Faith explained. "Havin' Little Red there will give me an excuse to bail, I can take her to the toy store or somethin', maybe go for ice-cream."

"You want to use my daughter to ditch Buffy at the mall?" cried Willow, horrified.

"Don't go all high 'n mighty on me with this one Red, you've done it too."

"That was different, I was going to look at engagement rings for Tara" said Willow. "I'd never use Sophie just to.." Before this argument could become too heated, Tara decided to intervene.

"Okay guys, easy way to solve this" she turned to her daughter, who had remained silent throughout the disagreement. "Sophie, do you want to go to the mall with Auntie Faith?"

"Uh-huh" Sophie replied.

"Great!" Faith grinned, turning back towards the door. "See ya later!"

"But.." Willow began, before Tara stopped her.

"Will, if Sophie wants to go I don't really see that there's anything wrong with it" Tara paused, thinking for a moment. "But if Xander ever wants to use her to pick up girls again, we'll have a problem."

Meanwhile, Dawn sat on the back porch, sighing as she hung up the phone after speaking to Connor. It surprised her how much she missed him, as he hadn't really been gone for very long. She smiled as she remembered the look of shock on Xander's face when he had caught them kissing at Willow and Tara's wedding. He had experienced a minor freak out, but when he calmed down he had given the pair his blessing, saying that at least Connor was (technically) human. Dawn suddenly heard a tiny thump sound, and, spotting an object that had not previously been present in the garden, ran towards it. It was a little bird, fallen from the sky, dead.

"Poor little thing" Dawn sighed. Then, she had an idea. She'd found a spell awhile ago that had something to do with creating new life. Maybe she could use it to save the little bird. But first she would have to reach her hidden stash of magical supplies. Dawn slipped on a gardening glove, scooped up the little bird, then crept inside and peeked into the lounge room. With Sophie gone, Willow and Tara's snuggle time had quickly evolved into some serious smoochie time. Before long the couple headed upstairs, and Dawn crept into the room, opened Buffy's chest of weapons, dug around until she found the secret compartment she'd put into it, and pulled out her supplies. Then she set up everything she needed and began to recite the spell from memory. Magic swirled around Dawn, the bird, and, unnoticed by either they or Dawn, the wiccan couple making love upstairs. Eventually the magic stopped, and Dawn frowned. The bird was still unmistakeably dead.

"Wow" Tara gasped, breathless.

"You sound a little surprised baby" Willow grinned, snuggling into Tara's side. "Isn't it always wow?"

"Yeah, but that felt different somehow. A good different, though. Special."

"Maybe it's because this is our first time at home since we got married."

"Maybe" said Tara, though she was not entirely sure that that was the reason. A few seconds went by before Willow frowned, propping herself up on one elbow.

"Do you feel that?" She asked, referring to the distinct after effects of magic in the air. Tara nodded, and it didn't take the witch's long to come to a conclusion.


The pair quickly dressed and went downstairs, finding Dawn cleaning up after her seemingly failed spell.

"Dawnie" Tara scolded.

"I know, I know, I'm not supposed to do any magic" said Dawn, a little grumpy. "But it doesn't matter, the stupid spell didn't work anyway."

"That's exactly what you said the time you shrank us" said Willow, sounding skeptical. She and Tara searched the house for any sign of magical misadventure, but found nothing, and eventually had to accept Dawn's theory that the spell hadn't worked. What they didn't know was that the spell had worked, in a way none of them ever expected...

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