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"I don't wanna go" Willow pouted, hugging Tara tight.

"I don't want you to go either baby, but the fate of the world depends on you" said Tara, placing a kiss on her wife's forehead. A week had passed since Dawn's seemingly failed spell, and in that time an apocalypse had begun brewing on the other side of the country, which like all apocalypses, needed to be swiftly dealt with before it stuck, so Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn were taking a little road trip, leaving Faith behind to take care of any problems in Cleveland.

"Actually, the fate of the world depends on Buffy" Willow corrected.

"But she'll need you for magic" said Tara.

"I know" Willow sighed. "But I could barely handle one night away from you before the wedding. This time I don't even know how long I'll be gone."

"It won't be that bad, baby. I'll call you everyday, I promise."

"Twice a day" said Willow, pausing for a second. "No, three times."

"Okay, I'll call you three times a day" Tara smiled, pulling her wife into a kiss.

"Willow!" a slightly annoyed and impatient Buffy called from outside, "Hurry up, or I'm driving!"

"Just a minute!" Willow called back, reluctantly pulling away from Tara before crouching in front of Sophie and pulling the little girl into a tight hug. "Bye sweetie, I'm gonna miss you and your Mama Tara so much."

"I'm gonna miss you too, Mommy Willow" said Sophie. Then, she had an idea. "Wait here!" Sophie ran up the stairs, returning a few minutes later clutching a blue-eyed teddy bear with golden fur and holding it out towards Willow. "Take Tara Bear with you so you gots somebody to cuddle." Willow tried to fight back tears as she hugged her daughter goodbye. If Sophie wasn't the sweetest kid on the planet, it would be a whole lot easier to leave.

"Thank you, sweetie, that'll be nice." Willow stood and gave Tara one last kiss goodbye.


"Coming Buff!" Willow called back, heading for the door. "Oh, and you better take good care of my girls, Faith."

"You know I will, Red" Faith grinned. "There's no way I'm gonna risk pissin' you off."

The next night, in a Watcher-run hotel on the other side of the country Willow tossed and turned in her sleep, dreaming unpleasant dreams.

"Your shirt.."


Willow sat bolt upright, breathing heavily. She hadn't had that dream in ages, not since before Tara came back.

"It's just a dream" she told herself as she lay back down. "It was just a dream, Tara's fine, I spoke to her a few hours ago, she's fine.." Part of her, the slightly irrational, overprotective part, wanted to call Tara right now and check that she was okay. The other, more rational part of her knew that her wife was probably asleep, and therefore might not answer even if Willow did call. The wicca sighed sadly, hugging Tara Bear close to her chest. She knew she wasn't going to get anymore sleep tonight. Nightmares, just another thing to add to the long list of reasons she hated being away from Tara.

Back home, Tara wasn't having much luck sleeping either, due to the uncomfortable twinge she always got when Willow was upset. She had just begun to drift off, when..


"Sophie!" Tara cried, leaping out of bed and rushing to her daughter's room, where she found the little girl sobbing as she tightly clutched her doll, her eyes streaming with tears. "Sophie, what's wrong sweetie?"

"I had the dream where the bad man shooted you" the little girl sobbed.

"Well, it's okay now" said Tara, sitting on the bed and pulling Sophie into her arms. "I'm fine, see?"

"Mommy Willow had the dream too."


"Uh-huh" Sophie replied. "I only gets that dream if Mommy Willow does." Tara frowned, once again wishing that Sophie couldn't share dreams, or that she could only share happy ones. As it was now, it seemed like she only shared nightmares most of the time. Then Tara thought of her wife. If she knew Willow, and she did, she knew that the redhead wouldn't be able to sleep after a nightmare like that. Not without a large dose of Tara-snuggles anyway, although that unfortunately wasn't an option right now, so they'd just have to settle for the next best thing. She scooped Sophie into her arms and made her way downstairs.

"Come on, baby-girl, let's go call Mommy Willow."

Meanwhile, Willow was trying desperately to block her dream out of her mind and maybe, just maybe, go back to sleep, when her cellphone started to ring. She reached over with her free hand and grabbed it from the bedside table, her other arm still tightly wrapped around Tara Bear.


"Hey, baby" came Tara's voice through the phone.

"Hey" Willow replied, beaming. "God, you don't know how much I needed to hear your voice right now."

"Oh, I had a fare idea." Willow could almost see her wife's beautiful lopsided smile. She could almost see it disappear with her next sentence too. "Sophie had a nightmare, she said it was yours. The one about me getting shot."

"I hate it when she does that. Is she okay?"

"She is now, she's starting to fall back to sleep. What about you?"

"I can't sleep" Willow replied. "You're so far away from me, I'm so far away from you. Too far away. Its hard." There was silence from the other end of the line, and Willow knew that Tara was thinking.

"Can you get outside, Will?" She asked eventually.

"Um, yeah" said Willow, a little confused. "My room has a balcony. But why.."

"Just go outside" said Tara. "Trust me."

"Okay" replied a puzzled Willow as she climbed out of bed and walked out onto the balcony. She still clutched Tara Bear in one hand, reluctant to let go of it. "I'm outside, now what?"

"Look up" Tara instructed. "Can you see the big pineapple?"

"Yeah" Willow grinned.

"Well, I can see it too. Does that make you feel better?

"A little. But can we keep talking for awhile anyway?"

"As long as you want, baby. I'm yours."

AN: Aww. The next chapter will reveal what Dawn's spell did, so keep reading.

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