Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Slayer Wolf On Patrol

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

And so, Buffy and her temporarily (At least she hoped it was only temporarily) furry girlfriend set off for the nearest graveyard. Secretly, Buffy was glad she'd given in and let Faith come along. Ever since the Dark slayer's move to Cleveland had been made permanent, she had accompanied her girlfriend on patol every night, and it had now reached the point where Buffy just wouldn't have felt right going on her own anymore.

"Well, here we are, another night in the old graveyard, just like every other night" Buffy sighed, running a hand over Faith's fur. "Well, except for the part where you're all wolfy." They continued on, until Faith stopped, growling. "Hey what's up? Do you.. whoa!" Buffy sensed the vamp a second too late, but Faith quickly pounced, knocking it to the ground. After pulling herself together, Buffy staked it. "Phew, that was a close one. Hey, wait a second... Wow, you still have your slayer senses, don't you?" Faith had her head held high and her tail in the air, looking very pleased with herself. Buffy laughed, scratching her behind the ears. "That's really cool, Faith. And wolves have pretty awesome senses already, so you must have double super-senses. You're the world's first Slayer-wolf!" The two continued silently through the graveyard until another thought came to Buffy's mind. "You know who'd find this really interesting? Giles..."

The rest of the night's patrol passed without incident, except for the fact that Faith kept stopping to howl at the moon, which made the walk back to the house take about five times longer than usual. When they finally made it home, they found Willow asleep at the kitchen table, with about five different spell books spread out in front of her. Tara was asleep on her shoulder, her head tucked under her wing.

"Hey, Will" Buffy whispered, gently shaking her friend. "Willow, wake up." she shook a little harder. "Willow.."

"Ahh!" Willow squeaked, sitting bolt upright and frightening a certain sleeping dove off her shoulder. "Oh, Tara! Sorry baby" she said as the bird perched herself on the wicca's outstretched arm.

"I think you should go to bed Will" Buffy smiled.

"Yeah, but I haven't found anything about how to reverse Dawn's spell yet..."

"Don't worry about that, it can wait 'til morning."

"Okay" Willow yawned, heading upstairs with Tara still on her arm. "'Night Buffy, 'night Faith. Oh, Xander was going a little bit crazy, so I locked him in the spare room with a bunch of bananas and five rolls of toilet paper. He should be fine 'til tomorrow."

"Okay" Buffy laughed. "Goodnight, Will."

Buffy was not quite ready to go to bed yet, so she sat up watching TV for a few hours with Faith on the couch beside her. But eventually, she began to feel tired.

"You're a very good looking wolf, you know" said Buffy, starting to yawn. "Not that that's surprising, 'cause it is you and all. But I'd still like to get the human-Faith back as soon as possible. Although the slayer-wolf thing is pretty cool..." Buffy yawned again, four more words escaping from her lips before she drifted off completely. "I love you, Faith.." Now, if Buffy had been fully awake, she may not have said those words. You see, Buffy was worried that Faith would flip out and run away if the emotional side of their relationship progressed too fast, so she had made sure to try and take it slow. Just a few months ago, this would have been true. But Buffy had no way of knowing that if Faith had been able to speak that night, she would have been ready to say those words. But she couldn't speak, so all the Dark slayer-wolf could do was cover Buffy with the blanket Sophie sometimes used for naps, and lay her head in her girlfriend's lap before drifting off herself.

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