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We're Having A Baby!

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Tara smiled, scooping her daughter into her arms while she tried to hold back the happy tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes.

"How did you know?" she whispered.

"Cordelia telled me in a dream, and I knowed the baby was there as soon as it happened, I could feels it" Sophie replied. "But Cordy said I wasn't 'sposed to tell you that you was pregnant until somebody else worked it out."

"And that would be me" Faith grinned. "So, you gonna tell Red next time you call her?" Tara shook her head.

"No, I'll wait 'til she gets back. This is the type of thing I should tell her face to face." Tara sat down beside Faith and settled Sophie on her knee, smiling as she turned to the still grinning Dark Slayer. "You seem pretty excited about this."

"I like kids" Faith shrugged. "And I'm actually pretty good with 'em most of the time. I love Little Red, and even though I know it never really happened, I remember gettin' along well with Dawn before I went rogue. So if this kid" she rubbed Tara's stomach, "turns out anything like this kid," She tickled Sophie, making the little girl giggle, "then I say bring it on!"

The next few days passed agonisingly slowly for Tara. Each time she spoke to Willow, it became harder and harder to keep their baby news a secret. Thankfully, thinking about the baby became a welcome distraction for the blonde. There was so much that needed to be done before the baby arrived, especially in a demon fighting household, and even though she knew that it was really way too early to be thinking about any of that, it kept her mind off of how much she was missing her wife, so she fully embraced it. She had already chosen which of the house's remaining spare rooms would make the best nursery, and had already begun thinking about whether they should paint it the traditional powder-pink or choose another colour. She had gone out and bought a great assortment of pregnancy and baby books and was slowly working her way through them, reading each one from cover to cover. But she still ached for Willow. Tara missed her wife just as much as she knew Willow missed her. In a perfect world, Willow would have been with her when she found out she was pregnant, they would have celebrated together, and Tara wouldn't have had to bite her tongue to keep herself from blurting it out over the phone. But it wasn't a perfect world, and all she could do was wait.

Finally, there came a phone call from Buffy to say that the apocalypse had once again been sucessfully averted, and she and the others were on their way home. Tara's insides did a little happy dance. She had already planned how she was going to reveal her pregnancy to Willow, and she was practically bursting with excitement. So, when the doorbell rang on the night that the gang was due home, Faith let Tara answer it, even though she was just as anxious to see Buffy as Tara was to see Willow.

"Go get it, Blondie" Faith smiled. "Tell your girl the good news." Tara beamed, leaping off of the couch and rushing to open the door. As soon as she did she found herself jumped by a certain redhead, who kissed her fiercely.

"Hey" said Willow breathlessly after they broke apart, brushing a few loose hairs behind Tara's ear. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course" Tara smiled. The pair moved aside a little to let Buffy, Xander, and Dawn inside, but didn't pay them much attention, being too caught up in each other. "Come upstairs, I have a surprise for you."

"Um, are you sure that now is the best time?" Willow asked, raising an eybrow. "We should at least wait until.." Tara slapped Willow's arm playfully.

"Cheeky! Not that kind of surprise. Now come on." Tara pulled her now slightly confused wife upstairs, and into their bedroom. She began rummaging around in the closet while Willow sat on the bed, eventually locating a small parcel and handing it to the redhead. Willow became even more puzzled when she unwrapped the parcel to find a pair of tiny pink baby booties.

"I uh, don't think these are gonna fit me sweetie."

"They're not for you" Tara grinned. Willow was so cute when she was confused.

"They're not gonna fit Sophie either" said Willow.

"They're not for Sophie. They're for your surprise." Tara sat beside Willow on the bed, taking her wife's hands in her own. "Remember when we caught Dawn doing that spell, the one to create new life?"

"Yeah" said Willow, still not at all getting where her wife was going with this. "But it didn't work."

"Actually, it did, just not the way Dawn thought it would" Tara smiled, laying Willow's hand on her stomach to put greater emphasis on her next words. "It made us make a baby. I'm pregnant, Will." Willow remained silent for a moment, just staring at the place where Tara had laid her hand. Then her eyes lit up, and a smile spread over face.

"We're having a baby?" she whispered. Tara nodded, causing Willow's smile to grow wider. "Oh my god, we're having a baby!" Willow pulled Tara into a kiss, then lifted her wife's shirt a little, kissing her stomach. "Hi baby, I'm your Mommy Willow! Oh wow, I can't believe we did this! Have you told Sophie yet?"

"Actually, she told me" Tara smiled. Willow gave a small laugh.

"Why am I not surprised?"

"Because nothing Sophie does surprises us anymore. She's a little miracle."

"And now we're going to have two" Willow grinned, kissing Tara again.

AN: Next arc: Dawn stupidly attempts to rewind time when she misses a date with Connor, causing Buffy, Faith, Willow, Tara, and Sophie to be randomly jerked about through time, which results in some interesting and sometimes emotional encounters.

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