Dawn's Magical Mishaps


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After the whole 'spell that made Willow get Tara pregnant' incident, Dawn had decided to lay off the magic for a while. Willow and Tara were happy, but if that spell had backfired on anyone else, say, Buffy and Faith, they would have been pissed, at least for a little while. Dawn had a feeling it probably wouldn't have taken them long to get used to the idea. Still, probably best to lay low on the magical front. And with Connor back from L.A, she hadn't even been thinking about spells that much. Until today, that is..

Dawn had been preparing to go out to lunch with Connor, and they were just about to leave when Buffy stopped her.

"Hang on there, Dawnie. It's your turn to do the dishes."

"I'll do them when I get back, I promise" said Dawn, attempting to rush out the door before any further protests from her sister. Buffy grabbed her arm.

"I'm not falling for that again. Half the time Willow or Tara end up doing them for you. You can't keep letting them pick up the slack for you Dawn, you know how busy they're going to be when the baby comes."

"The baby's not coming for another six months!"

"That's not an excuse" said Buffy, crossing her arms.

"I know it isn't but.."

"No buts, Dawn" said Buffy, pointing towards the kitchen. "You're not leaving until those dishes are clean." Seeing the look on her sister's face, Dawn sighed in defeat, and turned to Connor.

"You go on ahead, I'll catch up in a bit."

"Okay" Connor planted a kiss on his girlfriend's cheek, then headed for the door. "See ya there."

So, Dawn headed into the kitchen and turned on the tap, waiting for the sink to fill with warm water. But, as Faith had just got out of the shower a few minutes before, the water was taking a while to heat up, and Dawn was quickly growing impatient. She wanted to get to Connor as quickly as possible. "One little spell couldn't hurt" she thought. "Just to make the water heat up faster." So, Dawn muttered the spell under her breath. Unfortunately, the water heated up too quickly, causing the pipes to burst, and the kitchen quickly began to flood.

"Crap" Dawn muttered.

"Dawn, what the hell did you do?!" Buffy yelled, running in to investigate.

"What happened, what happened?" cried Sophie. She ran into the kitchen after the blonde slayer, but slipped in the quickly growing pool of water, and bumped her head on the kitchen bench. So, when Willow and Tara arrived home from the doctor, they were met with the familiar sound of Buffy screaming at Dawn, and then the sight of Faith nursing their daughter on her lap while pressing an ice-pack to her forehead, the little girl's face stained with tears.

"Oh my God, what happened?" cried Willow, rushing over and taking Sophie from Faith's lap, with Tara close behind.

"The Pipsqueak pretty much blew up the water pipes with a spell" Faith explained. "Little Red went runnin' into the kitchen after B to see what happened, and she slipped and hit her head."

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Willow asked her daughter, still holding the ice-pack where Faith had indicated. Sophie shook her head.

"It hurts" she whimpered.

"Here, let me take a look" said Tara, taking Sophie from the redhead's arms. She gently moved the ice-pack to get a closer look at her little girl's injury. "Oh, it's just a little bump" she smiled, kissing it. "It'll get better in no time. I've had much worse ones than that before."

"From your daddy?" Sophie asked quietly. Tara's smile quickly faded. She'd never be able to hide her past abuse from her daughter due to their frequent shared nightmares.

"Sometimes" she whispered.

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