Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Step Back In Time

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Sophie cheered up a little when Willow showed her the ultrasound photo of her unborn baby sister.

"She's going to beautiful baby" she smiled, nestled snugly on the couch between her mothers. The little girl paused, thinking for a moment. "I wonder if I was a beautiful baby.."

"I'm sure you were sweetie" said Willow, trying to hold back the tears that began to prick at the corners of her eyes. "I wish we could have seen you." Tara nodded, sharing her wife's sentiment. Suddenly, the two wiccas felt a familiar magical tingle in the air, and groaned.

"What's up?" asked Faith, as her friends got off the couch.

"Dawn's not doing magic again is she?" Buffy growled. Willow nodded, tucking the ultrasound picture into her pocket as she, Tara, Buffy, and Faith headed upstairs in an attempt to stop the former Key before further magic-induced chaos could ensue. Sophie crept along behind them to see what happened.

A little while before, Dawn had marched into her bedroom, scowling. She'd never make her date with Connor now, and he didn't have a cellphone, so she couldn't even call him and tell him what had happened. There was only one way to fix this problem. She was going to rewind time, and be more patient with the water. She'd wash the dishes, then head off to join Connor for lunch. To everybody else, this whole incident would never have happened. Dawn pulled out a spellbook that she had stolen from Willow's collection a while ago, then dug out her secret stash of magic supplies, which she had re-stocked and moved into her room after Buffy had discovered it in the weapons chest. Not long after she began the spell, which was a quite complicated ritual, she heard Buffy beating on her locked door. She knew it was Buffy because the wood splintered a little.

"Dawn, whatever the hell you're doing in there you better stop it right now!" the Slayer yelled.

"No!" Dawn yelled back. "When I'm done it won't matter anyway because it will never have happened!"

"You better not be doing what it sounds like you're doing, Dawnie" Tara warned. "Time travel's really really dangerous. There's no way of telling what will happen, only the most powerful witches can control it."

"Yeah" Willow added. "Even when I was at my worst, I never thought of messing around with time." Dawn ignored the warnings of her one-time surrogate parents and continued with her ritual.

"That's it, we're bustin' in there!" Faith yelled, raising her foot to the door. The door fell in, just as Dawn was completing her spell. She winced, waiting for the inevitable scolding from Buffy. But the scolding didn't come. Dawn looked up, and gasped. The others were gone.

"Uh, guys?" she called, beginning to panic a little. "If you're all hiding to teach me a lesson about time travel, I totally get it. I was an idiot. So you can come out now, right?" There was no response. "Buffy? Faith? Come on you guys, this really isn't funny. Where are you?!" Dawn searched the whole house for any sign of her missing sister and friends, but found nothing. No Buffy. No Faith. No Willow. No Tara. No Sophie. No anyone. They were all gone. Dawn groaned, her head in her hands. "Crap, crap, crap" she said to herself. "This has without a doubt got to be the stupidest thing I have ever done."

Once Willow had gotten over the unusual sensation of being jerked through time, she began to survey her surroundings. She was in a cave of some sort, a cave that seemed vaguely familiar for some reason. She called to Tara, then Sophie, but there was no reply. Dawn's spell must have separated them all, scattering them through time. She wasn't too worried about Buffy and Faith, they could handle themselves, but she hoped her girls were okay. "All three of them" she thought, fingering the edge of the picture of her unborn daughter that rested in her pocket. As Willow walked further into the cave, she began to hear a strange noise. Feeling strangely drawn to it, she quickened her pace, wanting to investigate.

AN: Ooh, what's Willow gonna find? The time periods that they end up in will crossover a bit later in the arc, but for the next couple of chapters they'll mostly remain separate.

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