Dawn's Magical Mishaps

A Mother's Love

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AN: Some parts of this chapter may be a little hard to understand if you haven't read 'Willow's Child', but I think most of you have.

Willow looked around as she walked, frowning. This place seemed so familiar to her. Where was she? Although, thanks to Dawn's spell, when was she was probably the more appropriate question. As she walked further into the cave, Willow realised that the strange sound was a newborn baby crying. She hadn't recognised it before due to the fact that the tiny voice sounded more cracked and strained than a voice that age should ever be. She turned the corner and gasped, quickly ducking out of sight. Willow knew exactly where she was now, having found herself chained to the wall here a year ago. Two demons with blue skin and yellow horns were having a heated conversation. A badly built object only just recognisable as a crib sat off to one side, while the baby that lay inside it continued to wail.

"What does the damn thing want?" One demon growled. "We fed it, it's diaper's clean, so why the hell is it still crying?"

"It's a baby" said the other demon. "Babies cry. Don't worry, it's sure to wear itself out eventually."

"And drive us all to madness in the meantime. That noisy brat has been nothing but trouble since we created it!"

"But remember, it will all be worth it once we get the witch's magic. Then we will be unstoppable!" The demon laughed, sending chills down Willow's spine, and the baby began to cry louder. After awhile, the demons moved into another chamber of the cave. The baby was still screaming. When Willow was sure the demons were gone, she crept over to the crib, a lump forming in her throat. The baby was tiny, no more than a week old, and had a tuft of soft red hair the same shade as Willow's. Willow gently scooped the infant into her arms, whispering words of comfort.

"Shh, it's okay baby, it's okay." Little by little, the baby began to calm down, it's wails eventually fading into soft whimpers. It blinked up at Willow with wide blue eyes. Willow bit her lip, fighting back tears. Only two people, the two people she loved more than anything else in the world, had those eyes. And only one of them shared her flaming red hair. She clutched the infant Sophie closer to her chest. The mommy in Willow was screaming at her to take the baby and run, now. But what if that meant that the three-year old Sophie would never find Willow in the future? Then Tara might never have been resurrected. Willow had no idea how long she was even going to be in this time, she couldn't risk changing anything. She looked down at baby Sophie, who currently clutched a handful of her shirt in one tiny fist. In that moment, Willow decided what she was going to do about her current situation. She was going to stay right where she was. She was going to stay here and hold her baby girl. She was going to try and give her enough love to last her until they met again. And as magic gently tugged Willow away, baby Sophie was returned to her crib, sleeping the contented sleep of a child comforted by their mother for the first time.

Meanwhile, Tara groaned as she appeared on an unfamiliar sidewalk. Time-travel was definitely not a pleasant sensation for a pregnant woman with a weak stomach. She didn't have much time to dwell on this, as a dark-haired child sped out of the house she had manifested in front of. Tara's eyes widened as she looked down at the face of a familiar, though much younger friend.


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