Dawn's Magical Mishaps

A Little Bit Of Mommy Magic

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: I have to warn you all, this chapter contains some implied child abuse.

Sophie materialised in a child's bedroom. The room seemed very bare and plain, but for some reason she felt like it belonged to a little girl. Sophie frowned when she heard yelling coming from outside the room, as well as running footsteps.

"You're really gonna get it this time Tara!" one voice, coming from a young boy, yelled. "Daddy's gonna be so mad when I tell him you were talkin' back to me again!"

"I d-didn't mean t-to" another voice stuttered, as Sophie heard the small footsteps coming closer. "P-please don't t-tell Daddy!" Four-year old Tara Maclay burst through the door, screaming and ducking behind her bed when she saw an unfamiliar red haired girl standing on the other side of her room. Sophie screamed too, though more out of surprise than fear. After a few minutes, Tara peeked over the bed to check that her eyes hadn't been tricking her. "W-who are you?" she stuttered. "W-what are you d-doing in my r-room?"

"I'm Sophie" Sophie replied. "I think I gots here 'cause of my Auntie Dawn's magic." Tara slowly moved out from behind the bed.

"M-my Mommy does m-magic sometimes" she said. "D-daddy doesn't l-like it very m-much, but she s-said she'll t-teach me some w-when I get a bit b-bigger." She lifted her wide blue eyes to meet the matching set belonging to the other girl, now feeling comfortable enough to introduce herself. Sophie didn't look dangerous. As a matter of fact, she seemed special somehow. Very special. "I'm Tara."

"One of my Mommies is named Tara" Sophie smiled. Tara gave an identical lopsided smile back, before a look of confusion passed over her face.

"One of y-your mommies?"

"Uh-huh, I gots two" Sophie replied. "They both do magic too, but they're lots better at it than my Auntie Dawn."

"Wow." To four year old Tara, having two magical mommies and a magical auntie sounded like the most wonderful thing in the world. Her one Mommy was the only magical member of her family. To Tara, all her auntie seemed to do lately was get fatter, though her Mommy had told her that that was because she was having a baby, then warned her not to say anything like that to her Daddy.

"You looks a bit like my Mama Tara" said Sophie. She had actually begun to strongly suspect that this little girl was her Mama Tara, but thankfully her great perceptiveness led her to believe that telling a four-year old that you thought she was your mommy was probably not a good idea. "She's really pretty." Little Tara blushed, letting a curtain of hair fall in front of her face.

"I c-can't look t-too much l-like her then. I'm n-not pretty."

"Yes you are!" Sophie protested, seeing her new friend's look of disbelief. "You gots pretty blonde hair and a cute smile and big blue eyes, just like my Mama Tara, and my Mommy Willow always tells her that she's the most beautiful lady in the whole world!" Tara smiled, then remained silent for a while, before eventually asking this question:

"Do y-you want to p-play dolls?"

And so, Sophie and Tara sat playing for hours. But as a door slammed downstairs, Sophie saw the little girl who would one day be her mother tense up in panic.

"What's wrong Tara?"

"My D-Daddy's home" she stuttered. Tara knew she was going to be in trouble when Donny told Daddy she was talking back to him. Girls didn't talk back to boys, and it wouldn't matter that Mommy had a headache and Tara was only trying to stop Donny from annoying her. But what would her Daddy do to Sophie? Would he hurt her too? No, Tara wouldn't let that happen. She suddenly felt extremely protective of her new friend. So, as she heard her father approaching the room, she acted more selflessly than a four-year old should ever have to. Tara grabbed Sophie's hand and led her over to the closet, gently pushing her inside. "Stay here!" she ordered, without even a hint of her usual stutter. "You have to stay in here no matter what, okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie. Tara closed the closet door just as her father entered the room. Sophie, knowing from nightmares what was about to happen, blocked her ears and squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see or hear any of it, and was almost unaware of the stream of magic pulling her off to her next time-travel destination.

When a slightly battered and bruised little Tara checked in the closet a little while later, she was happy her friend had gone, knowing she was probably safer somewhere else.

"I h-hope her Mommies find her" she whispered to herself.

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