Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Runaway Xander

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"Mommy Willow, Mama Tara-bird, wake up, it's a 'mergency!" Sophie cried, jumping on her mother's bed

"Emergency?" asked Willow, stretching, while Tara, sleeping on the pillow beside her, woke and began cleaning her feathers. "What kind of emergency?"

"I wents to check on Uncle Xander, and he was gone!"

"Gone?!" Willow cried, leaping out of bed. "How could he be gone?!" Willow and Sophie sped to the room Xander had been locked in, with Tara fluttering after them. The toilet paper and bananas Willow had left for her friend to to entertain himself were completely destroyed, the window was open, and, as Sophie had observed, the one-eyed chimp was missing. "This is not good" said Willow, as Tara landed on her head, cooing in agreement. "This is not good at all."

The wicca's next move was to wake Dawn and Connor. Then, discovering Buffy wasn't in her room, she rushed downstairs to find her friend. She paused briefly to admire the sweetness of the position she found the sleeping slayer and her wolfy girlfriend in, before shaking Buffy awake.

"What is it Will?" asked Buffy sleepily.

"Xander ran away" Willow explained.

"Yeah, he climbeded out the window" said Sophie.

"Climbed out the window?!" Buffy cried, waking the still-sleeping Faith as she began to panic. "Willow, how could you not remember to close the window?!"

"I did close it!" Willow yelled, "But chimps have opposable thumbs like humans, so.."

"Easy there guys" Connor interrupted. "This isn't anybody's fault."

"Yeah" Dawn agreed. "Besides, Xander's fixed nearly every window in this place like a million times. He knows them better than anyone, monkey or no monkey."

"I suppose you're right" Buffy sighed. "We better go find him before he gets caught and taken to the zoo or something." Then an idea formed in the slayer's mind, and she looked at the wolf still lying across her lap. "Faith, do you think you can pick up Xander's scent?" Faith gave a small bark in answer, then jumped off Buffy's lap and set to work. The Dark slayer-wolf ran up to the spare room and sniffed around a little, before coming back downstairs and jumping up at the door. "Okay, she's got something" said Buffy, standing and heading for the door. "Everybody follow Faith."

"Are you sure that's such a good idea Buffy?" asked Willow, while Tara gave a worried twitter from her shoulder. "I mean, taking her out at night was risky enough, but this is broad daylight. There's no way we can pass Faith off as a normal dog."

"I Know!" said Dawn excitedly. "I found this spell so you can make something appear different to certain people. Maybe I can..."

"NO" said Buffy and Willow in unison.

"I do know the spell you're talking about though" said Willow. "I can do it, just give me a few minutes."

Before long, Faith was leading the scoobies through the streets to find Xander. They still saw her as the wolf that she was, but thanks to Willow's spell, all anyone passing by would see was a well-behaved grey Siberian huskey out for a walk with its owners. Oh, and a white dove sitting on a certain redhead's shoulder.

"So, let me get this straight" said Buffy, sounding a little confused. "You were worried about people seeing Faith as a wolf, but you're completely fine with everybody staring at a dove sitting on your shoulder."

"Uh-huh" Willow nodded. "There's not much anybody could do about a dove, but if someone saw wolf-Faith, they'd probably try to take her away from us."

"And we don't wants nobody to take Auntie Faith away" added Sophie, who was being piggy-backed by Connor. The Destroyer had originally felt quite awkward around the little girl, as he'd never really had any experience with children, but Sophie was an easy kid to bond with. He had, however, rejected the title of "Uncle" Connor, as he didn't feel ready for that. So, on Dawn's advice, Sophie had made him a paper badge declaring him an "Onnarery Scoobee" instead.

The group continued on for a while, until Faith paused for a second, then bolted.

"Faith, where are you going? Come back!" Buffy called after as she and the other Scoobs gave chase. The Slayer began to panic as Faith ran straight onto the road, and a car screeched to a stop to avoid hitting the wolf and her pursuers.

"Keep your damn dog on a leash!" the driver yelled.

"Sorry!" Buffy yelled back. Next the gang followed the Dark slayer-wolf into a park. She soon came to a stop, and the Scoobies stared in open-mouthed shock at the sight before them. A huge group of people stood watching Xander swinging from tree to tree, while a guy standing near an Animal control van trained a dart-gun on the chimp. Sophie's assesment of the situation mirrored everybody's feelings exactly.


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