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Little B

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AN: The second part of this chapter has some small references to Buffy and Faith's conversation in the last chapter of 'Willow's Child.'

When Faith materialised, she found herself wandering the streets of L.A yet again, but noticed that quite a few buildings were missing, possibly not built yet, so she guessed that the spell had now taken her further into the past. She sighed as she set off down the street, allowing herself a small laugh when she had yet another sighting of rat-eating Angel a few hours later. He was slightly less scruffy than the one she had seen before, supporting her 'further in the past' theory. However, the Dark Slayer's relatively uneventful trip to the Los Angeles of yesteryear was about to come to an end.

"My purse!" a woman yelled from nearby. The woman's voice seemed very familiar, but Faith didn't have time to dwell on this, speeding after the mugger as he rushed past her. She quickly swept his feet out from under him with a well timed kick, before snatching the purse he was holding and turning around to go return it to it's owner, a blonde woman pushing a pram. A very familiar blonde woman pushing a pram.

"Uh, hear ya go Miss" Faith handed over the purse, her voice almost failing her.

"Oh, thank you!" cried a young, and very relieved Joyce Summers. "Thank you so much, Miss, uh.."

"Faith" the Dark Slayer introduced herself. Her eyes moved to the pram, where a blonde haired ten-month old stared at her with hazel eyes while chewing on a teething ring. She smiled. "Who's the cutie?"

"Oh, this is Buffy" Joyce smiled proudly. The Dark Slayer crouched in front of the pram.

"Hey, little B. I'm Faith."

"Faif!" said baby Buffy, dropping her teething ring into her lap. She clapped and giggled, proud of herself for learning a new word. "Faif, Faif!

"That's strange, she's never picked up a word so fast before" said Joyce, smiling at Faith. "She must like you."

"Faif, Faif, Faif!"

"Yeah, I'm pretty good with kids" Faith smiled.

"Do you have any of your own?"

"Nah, but I'm a member of the proud Auntie team. My little niece is the cutest kid on the planet, except maybe for this one!" She tickled little Buffy's stomach, making the baby giggle, then stood up. "Well, I better be lettin' you two ladies get on with your day. Bye."

"Goodbye, Faith. And again, thank you."

"Really, it was no problem." She turned and headed off down the street, but a tiny voice stopped her.

"Faif!" Faith turned around.

"What is it, kiddo?" she asked. Little Buffy held her drool-covered teething ring out towards the Dark Slayer.

"Faif wan teefy?"

"No thanks, you keep it" Faith smiled. "See ya, little B."

"Buh-bye Faif!"


Buffy panicked when the first thing she saw on materialising was her girlfriend lying in a hospital bed. She panicked even more when she realised that Faith was dressed in a blue jumpsuit. She was in the prison infirmary. As Faith's eyelids fluttered Buffy tried to find somewhere to hide, but it was no use.

"B?" Faith mumbled drowsily, slowly sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Man, they must have me doped up real good. Or maybe I'm dreamin'."

"Why do you say that?" Buffy frowned.

"Well you died yesterday, for one" said Faith. "So this must be either a dream or a hallucination. Which is it? I'm kinda confused, my head's still all foggy." As if to clarify her point, Faith's eyelids began to droop.

"Neither" Buffy replied, an idea coming to her mind. "I, uh, had some unfinished business." Faith looked confused.

"With me?"

"Yes, with you." Buffy took a step closer to the bed. "I'm sorry I wasn't a greater support to you, and I forgive you for everything."

"What?" Faith mumbled, the sedatives in her system causing her to drift back to sleep.

"I forgive you, Faith" Buffy whispered, dropping a kiss to the Dark Slayer's forehead as magic pulled her away.

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