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The Stolen Barbie Incident

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: This chapter involves Sophie becoming involved in a cute moment with the 5-year old Xander and Willow. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, Sophie had found herself wandering around a town that seemed strangely familiar to her, while at the same time knowing that she had never been there before in her life. Suddenly finding herself drawn to one house in particular, she clambered over the low brick fence and crept into the backyard. There she found a grumpy looking little girl with red hair and green eyes who wore a pair of overalls and sat clutching a Barbie doll. A dark-haired boy sat up in a badly built tree house, looking just as grumpy. As Sophie didn't like the look of the rope ladder that hung down from the tree, she turned her attention to the girl first.

"Um, hello?" On hearing Sophie's words, the girl leapt to her feet.

"Who are you?" she cried. "Where did you come from?"

"I'm Sophie" Sophie replied. "I climbded over the fence." The girl relaxed slightly, but still took a few steps backwards.

"My Mommy says I'm not 'sposed to talk to strangers."

"I'm not a stranger if you knows my name" said Sophie. "'Sides, doesn't that usually mean growed up strangers?"

"I guess so" the girl staired at Sophie for a second. "You're not gonna say you'll give me candy and make me get in a car, are you?"


"Then you're probably okay" the girl finally decided. "I'm Willow." Sophie smiled, realising that she had just met her young Mommy Willow.

"Why did you looks so grumpy before?" she asked.

"I breaked up with my boyfriend" little Willow replied, pointing to the boy in the tree who Sophie now guessed to be little Xander (she had heard this story before).

"Why?" Sophie asked, though she knew exactly what had happened.

"He stole my Barbie" said Willow. Noticing Sophie raise an eyebrow at the doll in her hand, she elaborated. "He gave it back, but I still don't wanna be his girlfriend anymore."

"Is that why he looks grumpy too?"

"Yeah" Willow sighed. "That's kinda part of my problem."

"What problem?" asked Sophie.

"Well, Xander was my bestest friend before he was my boyfriend" Willow explained. "Now I'm kinda worried that he won't wanna be my friend at all, but I still want him to be." Sophie paused for a moment, thinking about her mini-mommy's predicament.

"Have you tried talking to him?"

"Uh.. no."

"Well you should" said Sophie. "My Mommies always say that talking things through is the bestest way to solve your problems." Now it was little Willow's turn to stop and think.

"Maybe you're right" she sighed, glancing up at the still very grumpy looking little Xander. She tucked her Barbie into the front pocket of her overalls and turned back to Sophie. "Will you come with me?"

"Um.." Sophie eyed the rope ladder nervously. Willow saw this, and smiled encouragingly.

"Don't worry, it's safe. Our other friend Jesse's daddy came and fixed it up real good. He's gonna come back another weekend and build Xander a proper tree house."

"Well.. okay." With that, Willow and Sophie began climbing the ladder to the tree house. "We're g-getting pretty h-high" Sophie stuttered.

"It's okay" said Willow, feeling a need to comfort her new friend. "Just don't look down." Willow soon reached the top of the ladder, then reached back to pull Sophie up. Little Xander turned to them, frowning.

"I thought I told you to go away, Willow. I don't want you up here if you don't wanna be my girlfriend no more." His frown fell away when he saw Sophie, curiosity quickly getting the better of him. "Who's she?"

"This is Sophie" said Willow. "She told me I should come up and talk to you." Xander's frown quickly returned.

"Well what if I don't wanna talk to you right now?" he yelled.

"Come on, Xander" little Willow sighed. "Just because I don't wanna be your girlfriend anymore doesn't mean I don't wanna be your bestest friend."



"Well.. okay" little Xander hugged little Willow, then looked around puzzled. "Hey, where'd that other girl go?"


Sophie looked around her new surroundings, frightened. She had materialised in some sort of dark alley. Young as she was, she knew this was not a safe place to be. Suddenly, a vampire leapt from the shadows, snarling. Sophie screamed, then instinct kicking in, she turned and ran.

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