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Not So Dark Afterall

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

An: The first part of this chapter takes place during 'Two To Go', after the car chase but before Willow drains Wrack. The second part takes place during 'New Moon Rising', although that should be pretty self-explanatory once you read it.

Taking a quick look behind her, Sophie screamed again. The vampire was closing in, but her small legs couldn't carry her any faster than they were already going. But just as the vamp managed to close a hand around the little girl's shoulder, it burst into flames. Sophie turned to look at her saviour, eyes widening in surprise and fear. Standing before her was someone she, and her parents, had hoped she'd never meet. Her Mommy Willow's evil self, not quite at her worst, but getting close.

"Hey there, little girl. Didn't your mommy ever tell you not to go out on your own at night? It's dangerous." Dark Willow stared at the little girl in front of her, who whimpered and backed away. Those eyes, they were so much like... Dark Willow shook her head, but for one fleeting instant, so quick she could barely be sure it was real, Sophie could have sworn she saw the wicca's dark eyes flash their normal emerald green. The flash was gone as quick as it had come, and Sophie once again felt Dark Willow's black eyes fixed on her. "You run along home now." When Sophie didn't move, the witch frowned. "GO!" she snapped. The anger in Dark Willow's voice jolted Sophie back to life, and she bolted, speeding off down another dark alley. Dark Willow considered following the girl to tell her that going that way was probably not the best idea in the world, but decided against it. She had more important things to do.

Sophie sped down the alley, crashing straight into Tara who had suddenly materialised. The little girl threw her arms around her mother's leg and burst into a fit of sobs. Tara, relieved to see that her daughter was unharmed but worried about why she seemed so upset, crouched down to comfort her.

"Sophie, sweetie, what happened?"

"A vampire grabbeded me, and then bad Mommy Willow came, and..."

"Oh Goddess! Did she hurt you?" Tara cried.

"No, she saveded me from the vampire. But then she got angry and yelled and scareded me lots and lots!" Sophie continued to sob into her mother's chest, but Tara couldn't help the small smile that spread over her face. Dark Willow had been dangerous, she couldn't argue with that. But even when she was supposedly evil, Willow hadn't hurt their little girl. And in Tara's book at least, that meant something.


Willow materialised within the darkened UC Sunnydale campus. The more darkened than usual UC Sunnydale campus. As a tiny flickering light in the distance signalled another person approaching, Willow ducked behind a conveniently placed tree to avoid bumping into someone she knew. As it turned out, the approaching person was somebody she knew well. Very well. It was her younger self, striding happily across campus clutching a familiar 'extra flamey' candle. Willow smiled, knowing exactly where her freshman-year self was heading. Then she frowned, spotting a vampire creeping through the bushes not too far away from her freshman-year self. She didn't remember that ever happening. It didn't matter though. Nothing was going to stop her younger self reaching Tara's dorm tonight. Willow snapped a branch from the tree she was currently hiding behind, then sprinted around to where the vamp was just about to leap out at the other Willow, and quickly staked it. The beast had never seen it coming, she almost felt sorry for it. Willow quickly crouched down in the bushes as the younger Willow turned around. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she shrugged and continued on towards Tara's dorm by the light of her extra flamey candle, finally ready to tell the other witch just how much she loved her.

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