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Slayers On The Rooftop

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: We're getting near the end now, folks. Don't worry though, I already have at least two more stories planned in this series, as well as a collection of Christmas themed one-shots when the time rolls around. This is also the last chapter featuring the Scoobies going back in time. For the last few chapters after this, they're going to jump forward.

Buffy frowned as she wondered where the hell she had ended up now, although the roof she currently found herself did seem somehow familiar. Her frown soon turned to a smile when she saw The Dark Slayer materialise a few metres away from her.

"Faith!" she cried, rushing over to her girlfriend and flinging her arms around her.

"Buffy!" Faith cried back, beaming. "Man, you had me worried for a while there. Are you okay?"

"I am now" Buffy smiled, pulling her girlfriend into a passionate kiss. The two reunited lovers sat down on a pile of crates on the roof, and began sharing their crazy time travel adventures.

"You were a really cute baby, B" Faith smiled.

"So were you" Buffy grinned, leaning in for another kiss. "Not that I would have expected anything different." She frowned when they broke apart, sensing her girlfriend's growing unease. "Faith, what's wrong baby?"

"I know where we are B" she said quietly. "We're.. move!" Faith pushed Buffy behind the crates before diving down next to her as the nearby window smashed, revealing the two slayer's teenage selves locked in a fierce battle. Buffy suddenly felt sick to the stomach as she realised exactly where and when she and her now beloved sister slayer were.

"Oh God" she mumbled, burying her face in Faith's shoulder. "Oh God, I don't think I can watch this. Scratch that, I can't. I can't watch this."

"Then don't" Faith whispered, stroking her girlfriend's hair comfortingly as they crouched behind the crates. "Don't watch it, and don't think about it. Think about somethin' nice instead, like, um... Sophie! Isn't she just the cutest kid? And she'll make a great big sis when the baby comes." Buffy wasn't listening, becoming too caught up in her guilt.

"I hate this! I hate what I did to you, I.." Buffy collapsed into a fit of sobs as she heard a grunt from the past Faith that signified the moment that the past Buffy had plunged the knife into the Dark Slayer's stomach, and the sickening thud that came soon after as the young Faith toppled from the roof. "Oh God Faith, I'm sorry!" she cried, sobbing into her girlfriend's shoulder. "I'm so sorry baby!"

"Hey" said Faith, lifting the other slayer's head so she could look into her tear-filled green eyes, "You've got nothin' to be sorry for. If I was you back then, I probably would have stabbed me too. Let's face it, I didn't really have a whole lot of redeemin' qualities. But to tell ya the truth B, I think we should both just forget that this whole damn mess ever happened, 'cause I forgive you B. I forgave you a long time ago. I think a part of me forgave you the moment you did it." Buffy leaned over and placed a soft, sweet kiss on her girlfriend's lips, a small smile spreading over her face.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Well, if it's even half as much as I love you, then I'm satisfied" Faith grinned, giving Buffy another kiss.

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