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Meanwhile, Dawn, Connor, and Xander, who came straight over to help after he finished work, had been researching away for hours, without success. Suddenly the phone rang, and Dawn leapt up to answer it, hoping for some good news.

"Hello, Dawn speaking. Hi, Giles. Any luck?" She paused, waiting to hear what the Watcher had to say. "Oh my god, really? That's great, Giles. Yes, I promise not to do anything this bloody stupid again. Okay, bye!" Dawn hung up the phone, while Connor and Xander looked up at her expectantly. "Giles called the coven. They said its a biggie, but they can fix it. They're all gonna end up in England, though, but that's no problem" she smiled. "And its a one-shot deal, so if I ever screw up this bad again, I'm on my own. Not that I'm planning to."

"No offence, Dawnie" said Xander, "But isn't that what you said the last five times you've screwed up?" Dawn pouted.

"Oh shut up" she muttered.


Sophie frowned as she wiped her still teary eyes. She hoped her Mama Tara wasn't too worried about her suddenly disappearing like that. Then she smiled, realising that she was back in her own house, and decided to search for her family members in the hope that they had returned home too. She walked into the lounge room, and stopped dead. There, sitting on the couch, were two young girls aged about nine and five. The younger one, who had blonde hair and emerald green eyes, yelped and ducked behind the older girl, who had flaming red hair and wide blue eyes almost exactly like Sophie's.

"W-who are y-you?" the youngest girl stuttered.

"I'm Sophie" Sophie replied, beginning to feel a little scared. "Where's my mommies? What are you doing in my house?"

"This is o-our house" said the other girl, before pointing to the redhead. "And you c-cant be S-sophie. She's Sophie."

"I think we're both Sophie" the older girl smiled, a very familiar lopsided smile. "Lily, remember when I told you about that time Auntie Dawn mucked up that spell and made everybody get lost in time?" The little girl nodded. "Well, this is one of the things that happened." The younger girl, Lily, stared at Sophie for a second.

"Hmm. W-well, she does l-look a lot l-like you..."

Sophie watched this exchange, beginning to feel very confused, and a little bit frightened. She really wanted her mommies now. Suddenly, the sound of a baby crying was heard throughout the house, but this soon ceased, and Faith emerged from upstairs cradling a tiny pink blanket-swaddled bundle in her arms. Sophie rushed over and threw her arms around the Dark slayer's leg. Not her mommies, but in Sophie's eyes, her Auntie Faith was the next best thing.

"What the hell?!" Faith cried, then, worried that she had frightened the three-month old baby girl in her arms, began to rock her gently, kissing her forehead. She then turned her attention to her two nieces sitting on the couch. "Okay you two, where'd the little Little Red come from?" The older Sophie sighed, slightly annoyed at having to explain again.

"Remember when Auntie Dawn did that time travel spell?"

"Oh" said Faith, realisation coming to her. She shifted the baby into the crook of one arm, then crouched to young Sophie's eye level, ruffling her hair. "I know you're probably freakin' here Little Red, but don't worry, we'll sort it out. I'll just go get your moms, okay?" The Dark Slayer headed back upstairs, returning a few minutes later with Buffy, Willow and Tara in tow, having explained the situation to them. Willow entered instant 'mommy comfort' mode, scooping little Sophie into her arms. The little girl couldn't help but notice the small bump on her stomach similar to the one Mama Tara had now, although Willow's smaller frame made it a lot more obvious.

"Hey, sweetie. Wow, its kinda hard to believe you were ever this small."

"Yeah" Tara smiled, reaching out to stroke the little girl's hair. Willow turned to the older Sophie.

"Do you remember where- or when- you went after this?"

"To the coven in England, back in real time" she replied. "Giles looked after me until the rest of you got back."

"That settles that, then" said Willow, smiling at little Sophie. "We'll look after you until you go, and when you do, just go to Giles, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy Willow" Sophie replied. She looked around at what was apparently her future. She had a little sister, and possibly another one on the way. She had a little baby cousin, who both Faith and Buffy seemed to look at as though she was the centre of their world. Sophie smiled. As far as futures went, this one looked pretty good.

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