Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Try To Act Surprised

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Faith crashed to the floor as she rematerialised, having lost her balance due to being in a sitting position when she had disappeared from her previous destination. Once she had recovered from her minor annoyance at being pulled away from Buffy in the middle of a make-out session, she smiled, realising that she was in the front hallway of her own home. The idea that she even had a place to truly call home was still slightly foreign to Faith, but she liked it. She reached for a picture frame that had fallen, but thankfully not shattered, beside her, assuming it was one of the many happy snaps of Sophie that Willow and Tara had put up around the house. When she actually looked at the picture, the Dark slayer's eyes widened. The frame contained a picture of herself, gazing lovingly at the tiny dark-haired baby cradled in her arms, who stared back up at her with hazel eyes that matched Buffy's. Faith felt a lump in her throat, but before she had time to process this information, a dog bounded out of the lounge room looking very excited to see her, jumping on Faith and licking her face. She gently pushed it out of the way, before looking around at some of the other unfamiliar photos that now graced the house's walls. Many of these featured Sophie and her two yet to be born siblings, though at the moment Faith was much more interested in the pictures of her own future child. The most recent ones showed the little girl at about five years of age, and the dog, a Border Collie, featured in quite a few of them, along with herself and Buffy.

"You my dog buddy?" Faith asked, scratching the animal's head. It gave a happy bark in reply, wagging it's tail. "I'll take that as a yes" Faith smiled. The Dark slayer stood to return the photo to it's place on the wall, when the front door suddenly swung open, bringing Faith face with her future self, who was carrying the little girl from the pictures on her back. An older Sophie, as well as a blonde girl and little red-haired boy Faith recognised from the photos, also appeared in the doorway. The dog looked confused, as did the child on future Faith's back.

"Mama Faith, why's there another one of you?"

"Is she a demon?" asked the little red haired boy, ducking behind Sophie's leg. "I don't likes demons."

"She's not a demon" future Faith replied, letting her daughter slide off her back. "You guys go watch some T.V, okay?" The children obeyed and headed into the lounge room, but Sophie paused to smile and wave to the younger Faith as she passed.

"So" Faith began after a short uncomfortable silence. "Remember the time Dawn pulled that time travel mojo?"

"Of course I do" the older Faith replied. "Ten years ago I was standin' right where you are." She took the photo from her younger self, eyes misting up slightly as she returned it to it's place on the wall. "Best freakin' day of my life right there. That kid is one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me." She turned to smile at her younger self. "And this is the first time the thought of this kinda future hasn't got ya scared shitless." Young Faith couldn't help smiling back.


"This whole time thing'll be over soon. Right about now, as a matter of fact. Don't freak when you end up in England, the G-man set that up. And another thing" future Faith gestured to the still confused dog as her younger self disappeared into the time stream. "Try to act surprised when B gives ya a puppy this Christmas."

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