Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Absolutely Perfect

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

AN: This chapter is actually set during one of the sequels I have planned, and may feature some small hints about th events of that sequel.

Buffy faced a similar problem to her girlfriend when she rematerialised, but unlike Faith, who had fallen backwards, Buffy face-planted, right in front of a familiar pair of feet. Looking up, she saw that the feet belonged to her future self. Her very pregnant future self. Buffy's jaw dropped. The older Buffy looked surprised for a moment, but then rolled her eyes, offering a hand to help her younger self to her feet.

"I remember this" she sighed. "I still can't believe Dawn was so stupid." Buffy was still staring slack-jawed at her older self, who smirked. "I remember acting like that, too. I'll just give you a second to adjust." She waddled over to the couch and lowered herself down beside the dog that was curled up on it. The dog laid it's head in her lap and whined. "I know, buddy, I miss her too" future Buffy sighed. Young Buffy finally managed to find her voice.

"Miss who?" she croaked.

"Faith" the older Buffy replied, scratching the dog's head with one hand while the other rested on her swollen belly. "He's her dog, really. I gave him to her as a Christmas present when he was a puppy."

"Okay. Um, where is Faith exactly?" Buffy had a quick look around the house, discovering that she, her future self, and the dog were its only current occupants. "Come to think of it, where's everybody?" At this point, future Buffy began acting a little awkward.

"They, er, have some stuff to deal with.."

"And they left you alone?!" cried Buffy. "Left you alone while you're that pregnant? You look like you're about to pop! What the hell were they thinking?!"

"Faith was thinking it was a bad idea. I had to practically shove her out the door and then lock it to stop her coming back in."

"Why?" asked Buffy, becoming very confused as to why her future self could be so completely calm about this situation.

"Like I said, there's some stuff going down and Willow and Tara need Faith's help to deal with.. ouch!" Buffy ran to her future self's side, concerned.

"Are you okay? Should I call someone?"

"Nah, it's nothing" future Buffy replied, though even she did not look entirely convinced. "The baby's just got a kick like her Mama Faith, that's all." Buffy frowned but dropped the subject, as the idea of having an argument with her older self over her unborn child was just way too weird. So, she returned to her original line of questioning.

"Alright, then. Do you mind telling me what 'stuff' everybody had to run off and deal with?"

"Yes, I do mind" future Buffy replied, "And even if I did want to tell you, I can't."

"Why?" Buffy frowned.

"Because it hasn't happened to you yet" said the older Buffy. "You knowing what happens now could change time. My, and therefore your future is absolutely perfect as it is right now, and I don't want to do anything that could ruin it." She winced again, causing another frown from her younger self.

"Are you sure you don't want me to call the hospital or something?"

"No thanks" future Buffy waved as her younger self began to fade away. "You're going home about now anyway. Don't worry about turning up in England, Giles set that up with the coven. Bye!"

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