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Have A Great Life!

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Willow, still crouching as she had been before she moved, appeared on a vaguely familiar street corner, quickly getting to her feet when a man walking his dog passed by a few seconds later and gave her a strange look. She looked around, smiling when she spotted a familiar blonde who appeared to be searching for something, a hand resting on the slight bulge of her stomach. It was Tara. More importantly, it was her Tara. Willow's smile widened, and she began to run towards her wife as fast as she could.

Meanwhile, a concerned Tara had spent the last few minutes searching for any sign of Sophie, but was finally beginning to face the fact that her daughter had not moved with her. This would have Worried Tara a lot more if she hadn't been distracted by her other favourite redhead calling out to her.

"Tara!" Willow called, rushing over and throwing her arms around her soulmate. "Tara! Oh goddess, I was so worried about you, and the baby..." she paused, frowning as she spotted the bandage on the side of Tara's head. "What happened?"

"A little encounter with eight-year old Faith" Tara explained. "Her mother got drunk and threw a bottle at her. I got in the way. Little Faith cleaned the cut up for me. She was really sweet."

"Sweet, huh?" Willow smirked, gently peeling back the bandage to inspect her lover's wound. "Never thought I'd hear that word associated with Faith."

"What about that time she fell asleep snuggled up with Sophie?"

"Okay, that was sweet" Willow admitted, before frowning at Tara's cut. "She's cleaned it up well, but it still looks like it's going to leave a scar. I could heal it.."

"No, leave it" Tara protested, moving Willow's hand before lifting her wife's hair to kiss the scar she found there, her face breaking into a familiar lopsided smile. "Now we'll match." Willow smiled, sticking the bandage back in place before pulling her wife into a kiss. When they broke apart, she bent down to place a light kiss on Tara's baby bump. It was at this moment that Tara realised why this street was so familiar. Despite some of the changes that came with time, she now recognised it as their street. She also realised that they were standing in front of their older, but still recognisable house, and that two elderly women sat on the front porch watching them intently.

"Uh, hi" she greeted, waving to the women, who seemed strangely familiar. "I think we used to live in this house."

"You still do" said one of the women, smiling a lopsided smile that matched Tara's exactly.

"Come on up" the other woman called, emerald eyes sparkling with a youthfulness that defied her age. "We've been expecting you."

"Expecting us?" asked Willow, confused, as she walked up to the front porch with Tara. "How could you be expecting us? We didn't even know that we were going to be, er, passing by here."

"Because we remember this" said the woman. "It's already happened to us, only last time we were standing where you are."

"Huh?" said Willow, still a little confused.

"They're us, Will" Tara tried to explain, as realisation hit. "They're our future selves. See, they have our eyes and they're wearing the same wedding rings, and they have matching scars on their heads, like we'll have when my cut heals up."

"Whoa" said Willow, staring at her future self. "This is weird."

"That's what I thought at the time" future Willow smiled.

"But it's also kinda cool. I mean, we get to live to old age so, yay!"

"Second time lucky" Tara laughed, while her older self nodded in agreement, looking up from the baby jacket she was knitting. "Who's that for?" Tara asked curiously.

"Oh, were going to be grandmas soon" the future Tara smiled. "And Sophie's fine by the way, she moved at the same time you did. She's back in regular time now, Giles is looking after her with the coven."

"Which is exactly where you're going" future Willow smiled as the young Willow and Tara were pulled a away. "Have a great life, I know we did!"

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