Dawn's Magical Mishaps

The Trouble With Tranquilisers

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie :)

"Shit!" said Connor, forgetting the presence of the three-year old on his back and earning a glare from Willow, who snatched her daughter away from him before turning back to the problem at hand.

"This is really bad" said the wicca, beginning to panic.

"Really, really bad!" added Sophie, sounding just as worried as her mother was about her uncle.

"What are we going to do, Buffy?" asked Dawn, joining the panic.

"I don't know" said Buffy. "There's too many people around to do anything slayer-y, and even if there wasn't, the Animal Control guy isn't some demon I can beat up. He's a normal human just doing his job." The Animal Control guy prepared to fire, and the Scoobies braced themselves for the shot, except for a certain dove and wolf, who both leapt into action. Faith ran and clamped her teeth around the barrel of the dart-gun, while Tara fluttered around the AC guy's head, distracting him.

"Will the owner of this dog please control it?" the guy yelled. "And get away from me, you stupid bird!" Sophie opened her mouth, beginning to protest that her Mama Tara was not a stupid bird, but Willow shushed her.

"Not now, baby. We don't want to draw to much attention to ourselves, okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie. The Scoobies tried to make themselves appear to be innocent bystanders like everybody else, while silently urging Faith and Tara on. Suddenly, the gun went off. Because the Animal Control guy's aim was off due to Tara and Faith's interference, the tranquiliser dart ricocheted off the side of the Animal Control van, flew up in the air, then came down and hit Faith. She tottered around drowsily for a few seconds, before her legs gave out and she collapsed, asleep. Buffy ran to the wolf's side, giving up any notion of not drawing attention to herself, while Tara began twittering in alarm.

"Don't worry, your dog'll be fine in a few hours, lady" said the Animal Control guy as Buffy glared at him. "Besides, it's the damn thing's own stupid fault for getting in my way." He then re-trained his gun on Xander. The chimp had now made things a lot easier for him, as he had climbed down from the tree after he saw Faith had been hurt, his animal instincts being overridden by the need to know his friend was okay. The AC guy fired, hitting Xander's shoulder. "Got him!" He then threw a net over the tranquilised chimp and hauled him into the back of the van.

"Wait!" Sophie cried as the AC guy prepared to climb into the van and drive away, her eyes wide with panic. "Wheres are you taking him?"

"Don't worry, kid" said the AC guy as he got in the van. "he's going to a nice new home at the zoo."

After they had returned home, which took a little while due to the fact Buffy was carrying the unconscious Faith (She was awake now, but still pretty drowsy. Sophie was doting on her wolfy aunt, giving her plenty of food and water.), Willow downloaded a map of the zoo, going over all the entrances and restricted areas with Buffy.

"So, what are we going to do Buffy?"

"The same thing we do everynight, Willow" said Buffy, in an impersonation of a certain evil genius cartoon mouse. "Try to break into the zoo."

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