Dawn's Magical Mishaps

Impending Doom

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"Okay Will, let's go over the plan one more time" said Buffy.

"We go in the back way, because the fence is lower and there won't be as much security" Willow began. "I'll cast a spell so the cameras can't see us. Xander will most likely be in quarantine so they know he won't make the other chimp's sick, so that's where we have to get to" she continued, tapping the quarantine center on the map. "And we're taking Tara with us in case we need her to do something like steal some keys or.. Tara, stop that!" Willow giggled as the dove nibbled her ear affectionately.

"Or distract a security guard" Buffy finished for her. Connor and Dawn were staying home to babysit Sophie and the still-drowsy Faith, and to make sure no demons attacked the house. "So, ready, to go Will?"

"Yeah" said Willow, grabbing her supplies and heading into the lounge room to kiss Sophie goodbye. "Bye, sweetie. Be good for Connor and Auntie Dawn okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie, a little distracted with trying to make sure the wolf currently resting it's head in her lap drank something. The little girl was taking her self-appointed job of playing nurse to Faith very seriously. Buffy entered the room and smiled at the scene, once again feeling a twinge of guilt for some of the slightly cruel things she had said and thought about the little girl before she and the other scoobies had learned of her true connection to Willow. Looking back on it now, Buffy thought a large part of the problem may have been that she hadn't wanted to contradict her advice to Willow by bonding with little Sophie herself.

"Bye, Sophie" the slayer smiled, planting a small kiss on her niece's cheek and gently stroking her wolfy girlfriend's fur. "Take good care of your Auntie Faith for me, promise?"

"I promise" Sophie nodded.

"Thanks. Bye Dawn, bye Connor!" Buffy called. She began heading out the door after Willow, when Faith began whimpering and whining, even letting out a small howl, and displaying the pouty puppy dog look that she had used on her girlfriend the previous night.

"That's not going to work this time, Faith" said Buffy, placing her hands on her hips as she turned around. "You're sick, and besides, it'd be too risky for too many of us to go." Faith bowed her head sadly, and Buffy, sighing, moved to place a soft kiss on the wolf's wet nose. "I'll be back in a few hours, three, tops. Don't worry." Buffy blocked out Faith's continued whining as she headed for the door, frowning as Tara snatched the car-keys from her and delivered them into the palm of a giggling Willow. If Faith had been able to speak, she would have been able to tell Buffy that it she wasn't at all worried about her. Well, maybe a little worried, Faith was always a little bit worried about Buffy, but this was not what she worried about most. No, the thing that worried the Dark slayer-wolf most was that for some reason, she felt a sense of impending doom. Not apocalypse level doom, just a sense that something was not quite right.

"Are you okay Auntie Faith?" asked Sophie, worried. She placed a small hand on the wolf's forehead. "You feel cold. Do you wants a blankie? I'll go gets you a blankie." The little girl skipped happily upstairs, unaware of her wolf-ified aunt's growing sense of unease as she listened to Buffy's car pulling out of the driveway, or the danger lurking just outside the window..

"Is that her?" a green-skinned, blue-horned demon hissed as it peeked through the window at the little girl heading upstairs.

"Yeah, that's her" another demon growled. "The child created by our cousins, all brutally slaughtered by the Rosenberg witch." The demon's lip's curled into a cruel smile as it and a group of others watched Sophie return and place a blanket over a nervous looking Siberian huskey, before Dawn entered the room and handed the little girl a bowl of ice-cream. "But tonight we will have our revenge. Willow Rosenberg destroyed our family, so now we will destroy hers."

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