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I Love You

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As soon as Buffy ran inside, she was distracted by a frantic yelping.

"Hey, when you're in somebody else's house you have to play fair!" she yelled, landing a mean punch on a demon who had grabbed Faith by the tail.

"Slayer" the demon growled.

"Got it in one" said Buffy, throwing another punch.

Meanwhile, so as not to draw the attention of the demons and be prevented from performing the spell, Willow had levitated into the house through Dawn's open window. Once inside, she found Sophie and Dawn sitting with their backs to each other, pouting.

"Okay.." she said furrowing her eyebrows as Tara fluttered onto her shoulder, cooing in confusion. "What's up with my favourite junior Scoobies?"

"She started it!" They yelled in unison, pointing at eachother accusingly.

"Started what?" Willow asked.

"Auntie Dawn was gonna do a spell!" Sophie cried.

"I was only going to turn the others back into humans!" Dawn protested. "But thanks to Sophie, the spellbook went flying out the window! Now I have no idea where it is!"

"Is this it?" said Willow holding up the book she had found outside.

"Uh-huh" Dawn sighed. She'd never get to do the spell now.

"Good" said Willow, handing Dawn the book. "Could you go get these spell supplies for me Dawnie?"

"Sure" Dawn grumbled, mumbling "Stupid Sophie" under her breath as she left the room. She returned a few minutes later, still grumpy.

"Thanks" said Willow, taking the supplies and beginning to prepare the spell. "This should be done in a few minutes. Tara, get out of Sophie's lap or you'll squish her when you change back."

Back downstairs, Connor had taken advantage of the distraction caused by Buffy's arrival to grab an axe from the weapon storage cupboard, and was now happily hacking demons to pieces. Xander had stolen the fruit bowl, and had been taking a bite of each item before hurling it at the demons. However, this wasn't really helpful in any way, as Xander's unfortunate lack of depth perception meant his aim sucked, and he had more than once hit Buffy in the head with half-eaten apples. The other problem the gang faced was that Faith was becoming exhausted. When you're a wolf with a tranquilising drug in your system, there's only so far adrenaline can take you, even with slayer strength. Unfortunately, one of the demons had noticed the slayer-wolf's fatigue, and was now focusing all of its attention on her.

"You tired puppy?" It growled, kicking Faith in the side. "You wanna give up?" It kicked her again. "Poor, weak little puppy. Don't worry, this'll only hurt for a minute, it's just like going to sleep.." Buffy had seen what was going on, and was about to intervene, when suddenly, the slayer-wolf began to change. She grew upright, her paws became hands and feet, her tail shrank away to nothing, and dark hair flowed over shoulders. Soon, Faith's transformation back to human form was complete, and so was Xander's. Faith still felt the tranquiliser's effects, but no way in hell was that going to stop her from beating the living crap out of this guy.

"Weren't expecting that one, huh?" Said Faith, smirking at the demon's look of shock at having the Dark slayer standing before him. "Aww, is the poor little demon afraid of the big bad slayer? Don't worry, bein' beaten to a bloody pulp won't hurt too bad. Just like goin' to sleep, right?" Now, the odd's were tipped in the scoobies' favor, because as well as Faith and Xander, Willow and Dawn came down to help, leaving Sophie with the human-again Tara. Before long, all the demons were defeated. Buffy felt Faith slump against her shoulder, panicking when she saw her girlfriend's deathly-pale skin.

"Faith! Are you ok?"

"Feelin' a little woozy, B" she mumbled, desperately trying to resist the urge to throw up over Buffy's shoes.

"Me too" groaned Xander, unable to resist the urge to throw up over Connor's shoes. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, Connor had had much worse things throw up on him, in much worse places, so he didn't really mind.

"It must be the tranquiliser" said Willow. "That stuff's really not meant for humans." Dawn helped Xander up to the spare room, and Buffy helped Faith up to their room, then helped her change into her pyjamas. She noticed that Faith had kept the injuries she had sustained while she was a wolf, as her side was bruised, and there was a small pin-prick on her shoulder where the dart had struck. Buffy tucked Faith into bed, then changed and crawled in beside her. Connor had promised to handle the night's patrol as soon as he changed his shoes.

"B" Faith mumbled a little later, "I have to tell you somethin'"

"What? asked Buffy. "Do you need to throw up, I can get you a bucket.."

"No, I think my gut's a little stronger than Xander's. It's just, I.. I love you, B. Just had to say it. I love you." After taking a few seconds for the words to sink in, Buffy smiled, snuggling closer to her girlfriend.

"I love you too."

AN: And so concludes the animal arc. The next arc involves Dawn accidentally shrinking Willow and Tara without realising it, and it's kind of an "Angel" crossover because Spike, Angel, and Illyria visit.

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