Sneaky 27

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

I sent a text to Vinnie on the way to meet the guys staking out Nyetta. “Don’t panic about the outstanding files. I have a plan and, if the plan goes right, I will be able to pick up all of them on Monday. In the meantime, Rangeman staff are staking out Nyetta and I am doing the set up for my capture plan. I will come in later to provide details.” I send a supplementary text to Lula. “Have most excellent plan to capture fugitives. Will be in later to tell you about it. Bringing in receipt for Browne. Ranger and I caught her last night.”

Ranger drove up behind the Rangeman fleet vehicle and parked. We walked over to Calvin, Hal and Logan. Hal and Calvin were playing twenty questions. Logan was either sleeping or meditating. His eyes were closed and his breathing was at sub-human level. I suspect that he was sleeping as he did not open his eyes when we approached the vehicle. I looked at Ranger. He had his “not happy” look.

“Did you forget to tell Logan that it was inadvisable to sleep on the job?” asked Ranger in a quiet, deadly tone.

“We have woken him twice, but because he had a heavy night last night I don’t think he is ready to wake up.”

“Then I guess he should not have had a heavy night last night.” Ranger quietly got in the back of the car next to Logan, leaned over until his mouth was beside Logan’s ear, and yelled “hey”. Logan’s eyes slowly opened.

“What? Did I fall asleep again?” He shook his head in befuddlement, then noticed Ranger sitting beside him. “I’m sorry, sir. I just had the hottest night last night with this girl that I met in a bar, and I was up to all hours in the morning with her. You understand, don’t you? Being in security is such a turn on for some women.”

“What I understand is that this is your warning, and you are lucky because I don’t give warnings very often. If you are scheduled to come to work the following day, I expect you to be able to work the following day. Not show up under the weather from drinking too much, or too tired to perform your duties. In this business, being tired could mean the difference between life and death, not only your own but your partner’s as well. You are going to come back to the office with Stephanie and myself. You’re absolutely no good to me here and, in fact, you’re a liability if you’re too tired to perform your job. You’re going to take the rest of the day off without pay, and you’re going to sleep off your hangover. Tomorrow you’re scheduled to work again, and you’re going to show up to work sober and ready to perform your duties. Get out of the car.” Ranger got out of the car himself and, taking my apprehension papers out of my hand, passed them over to Hal. “If you see this guy, take him down. He has been raping little girls in a misguided effort to cure himself of AIDS. He needs to be stopped as soon as possible. This is going to be a 24/7 surveillance until we meet up with him or until we have another plan. If you haven’t found him by the end of your shift, wait until replacement staff have come before you leave. We want to get this guy.”

“Okay, boss”, said Hal.

Ranger led the way back to the Cayenne, Logan meekly starting to get in the front passenger side. “In the back”, bit out Ranger.

“I’m sorry. I just thought that, since I have longer legs than Stephanie, I would be sitting in the front.”

“Stephanie will always be at my side. Now, get in the car.” Ranger was furious, and it showed in his quiet and lethal voice. Logan for once shut up, and got in the car.

It was a quiet ten minutes driving to the Rangeman facility. As we neared the building, Ranger asked me “what are you going to do now? Are you going to set up the captures on Monday, or are you going into the bonds office first?”

“I will set up captures first as some of my skips may not be available for contacting later in the day.”

“Lunch later?”

“I probably will be eating lunch at the bonds office, but thank you for the offer. I will be available for training, however at four if you are open.”

“That’s a date.” He sent me one of his half-smiles, then turned to key us into the underground parking. He drove to the area where the employees parked their cars, and asked Logan to point out his. Logan pointed out an old Hyundai, dark green and rust in colour. Ranger stopped behind the car. “This is your first and final warning. Do not ever show up to work again incapable of performing whatever is thrown at you during the day. You were lucky today that I was in a good mood. The next time you show up unable to work, you will be fired with just cause.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ranger waited until Logan got out of the car before driving over to the elevators and parking in his parking spot. He got out of the car and watched Logan drive out of the parking lot. He shook his head. “I am having such a hard time hiring staff lately. I am thinking of approaching the military to try to get a list of people who have recently left the service. I need people with the discipline that is ingrained during training. Tank and I don’t have the time to train them ourselves.”

We went upstairs and opened our offices, grabbed a coffee from the break room, and met Tank in his office. Ranger sat down in a chair in front of Tank’s desk and said “Vinnie has an enormous list of skips to capture right now, with about eleven outstanding. We have had Rangeman teams helping Steph, but have had little success. Yesterday we had eight staff, including Stephanie, searching for skips and only found one. Stephanie has created an excellent plan to capture a large number of skips in one day. Babe?”

“We were thinking of offering a promotion to all the fugitives, where we tell them that they have to be at home to sign for receipt of a free bottle of Jack. Then, when we show up on Monday to ‘give’ the bottle of Jack to the felon, we catch them.”

“I offered Rangeman to provide the muscle to do the captures. We could have a few teams available, each team meeting with Stephanie at their assigned houses. Stephanie could approach the house with a Rangeman team of two behind her. She can get the felon to sign their name and, as they are reaching for the bottle of Jack, she could slap some cuffs on them. The Rangeman team could take the felon away to the precinct while Stephanie shuts down the house for the felon. Then Stephanie could go to the next felon’s house to meet up with another team to do another capture.”

“That plan is brilliant, Steph. Efficient but effective”, said Tank.

“I thought you would want to be in on the fun,” said Ranger, “and I know I would like to be in on the fun as well. I want to schedule both you and me to work with our new recruits. I have some concerns about Logan. I found him sleeping on the job today. His excuse was that he found a willing partner at the bar last night and was too tired this morning to perform. I would like to work with him on Monday when you are doing the scheduling. Luke so far seems good, although a little squeamish. I thought he was going to pass out or hurl when he saw Stephanie’s stitches. I thought you could work with him.”

“Will do. Let me know as soon as you can about when you need support staff available, Steph.”

“Thanks, Tank. I will get back to you by the end of the day.” I left Ranger to talk to Tank about whatever Ranger talks to Tank about, and went to make my calls to the skips.

“Hello, is this Jonathan Jones?” I asked.

“Yes, it is.”

“My name is Stephanie and I am a representative of the Jack Daniel’s corporation. You have been selected to receive a free bottle of Jack’s in a special promotion that we are currently offering to selected residents. We would like to come by on Monday to deliver the bottle. What time would you be available for us to show up?”

“Do I have to be here?”

“Yes, you do. Due to liquor laws, we will need to see your identification and get your signature before we hand over the free bottle of whiskey.”

“What size of bottle will it be?”

“This is a special Jugs of Jack’s promotion. It will be a full-sized forty-ounce jug.”

“For forty ounces I can be here. I am working on Monday, but will be home by six. Could you show up around seven?”

“Yes. We have a number of residents to see, but I can pencil you in between seven and eight. Does that work for you?”

“Yes. I will see you then. What did you say your name was again?”

“Stephanie. I will bring the whiskey personally to your place. I will see you on Monday between seven and eight in the evening.” I hung up, marked the appointment down on the timetable, and phoned Shane O’Shaunessy. I introduced myself and explained that I was calling from the Jack Daniel’s company. “We are doing a promotion and would like to offer you a free bottle of whiskey. We will be in your area delivering the bottles on Monday. What time would be a good time to come by to give you the bottle?”

“What size of bottle is it?”

“It will be a forty-ounce jug.”

“I will be here until noon. I start work at one, so I will need to leave here at noon to get to work in time. It’s a new job, so I don’t want to be late.”

“I can be at your house around nine in the morning. How does that sound?” Shane agreed to be there, dressed and ready to receive his whiskey. I hung up the phone, marking the time down on the schedule.

I phoned Mila Madison next. She was not there, so I left a message saying that I would call back in an hour.

I phoned Nolan Nyetta but the number was out of service. I checked all his paperwork but was unable to find another number for him. I was thankful that Ranger had a team watching his building and could only hope that Nyetta was caught sooner rather than later the old fashioned way.

Next, I phoned Lucas Cooper. “I don’t drink, but my old woman likes to drink Jack. You said on Monday? I am getting a new shipment of supplies for my business on Monday. My supplies are arriving just after noon, so if you could come in the morning that would be preferable.”

“How about between ten and eleven?”

“Sounds perfect.” I marked him down on the schedule.

I then phoned Vance Deville. “I don’t like whiskey. I’m a beer and nuts sort of guy. I stay away from hard liquor.”

“You could always accept the whiskey and give it to someone as a gift.”

“Thank you, but I’m not interested.” I started a different list, one where I was going to have to capture the skips using more traditional methods.

I phoned Crystal Zoli and woke her up. “I had a late night, doll. What can I do you for?”

I went through my spiel, offering her a free jug of Jack’s. “I am happy to help out the Jack Daniel’s corporation by accepting the free promotion. What do I have to do to get the bottle of Jack’s?”

“It is actually a jug. You just have to be at your residence with identification. I will be bringing the bottle directly to your door. Does sometime between eleven and twelve work for you?”

“For a free jug of Jack’s, I will make it work for me.” I marked her down on the schedule.

I phoned Aiden Multan. I explained why I was calling and said that I would be in the area on Monday afternoon and Monday evening. I arranged to “drop off” the whiskey between one o’clock and two o’clock. When I spoke to Gianna Bermley, I suggested that we “drop off” the whiskey in the evening. I arranged for us to show up between eight and nine at night. I phoned Olivia Piper and found that she would be available for us to “drop off” the whiskey between two and three in the afternoon. The last skip, Alyssa Peyton, said that she did not drink but that her mother liked to drink and could her mother get the promotion? I explained that there must have been a mistake on my list. The promotion was for Alyssa Peyton and only for Alyssa Peyton. “There must have been a mix-up with the ages.”

“People tell me that I look much older than my sixteen years. Maybe that was why I got targeted in the promotion.”

“Possibly. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today anyway. I will cross your name off the list.”

I went back and called Mila Madison again, this time having more luck. “I am running out of booze, so this is a good time to call. I will only have enough to last me the weekend. How big a bottle did you say that it was?”

“I didn’t say, however, it is a forty ouncer. We are testing a new blend and want the opinions of Americans across the country.”

“That should last me a couple of days. If I give twice as many opinions, can I have two bottles?”

“No, we are only giving out one bottle at a time.”

“That’s a shame. I’m in, and keep me on the list for future promotions as well.”

“I will. May I pencil you in for between four and five in the afternoon?”

“Yes, I’ll be here.”

I hung up and reviewed my list.

Shane O’Shaunessy between nine and ten in the morning. Lucas Cooper between ten and eleven. Crystal Zoli between eleven and twelve. Aiden Multan between one o’clock and two o’clock. Olivia Piper between two and three in the afternoon. Mila Madison between four and five. Jonathan Jones between seven and eight. Gianna Bermley between eight and nine at night. That left Alyssa Peyton, Nolan Nyetta and Vance Deville to capture using the standard ways.

I photocopied the schedule with contact names and information as well as police mug shots and any other information that I thought was necessary for the team to know for the capture. Creating three packages, I put one each in a file folder labelled “Jugs of Jack’s – Jack Daniel’s Forty-Ouncer Giveaway Promotion”. I left one on my desk and took the second file through to Tank. “Here is a file on each of the skips. I was able to arrange the ‘drop off’ of the whiskey with eight of them. The other three did not fall for the trick. One person doesn’t drink; one person is too young to drink; and the third does not have a working phone number. I will have to get them the old-fashioned way.”

“Good work, Steph. Thanks for the schedule. I will assign teams and will get back to you later in the day.”

“Thanks. I am going into the bonds office for a little while to take in a couple of body receipts, but will be back to work on Sales files later on this afternoon.”

I grabbed my purse and, shutting and locking my office door, I started out of the building. On the way, I dropped off the third file folder to Ranger. “The folder contains the schedule as well as mug shots, directions to residences, contact information, and whatever else I thought we might need to capture these guys. I have given a copy of this folder to Tank and kept a copy for myself. Tank said that he was going to pencil in people’s names this afternoon to provide support to me.”

“Were you able to schedule in all eleven skips?”

“No, but I was able to schedule in eight of them. The remaining three were unavailable because they were either too young for the promotion, not interested in getting free alcohol, or the number that I have for them is out of service. Unfortunately, the one that the number is out of service is for Nyetta. Do you still have a team on him?”

“Yes. Cal and Hal said that all was quiet there the last time I texted with them, and that was about twenty minutes ago.”

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