Vampirates : Old Wounds

10 - Reunions

Grace, it is good to see you,” Mosh Zu smiled as Grace entered his room, but stopped abruptly when he saw that she was crying. “Grace? Whatever is the matter?” He asked, gesturing for her to take a seat next to him on the plush red pillows.

“There is much that I must tell you,” Grace answered, wiping her face.

“Tea, then?” Mosh Zu asked, though it was obviously not a request. He poured two cups of steaming brown tea.

“Yes, please,” Grace said, though she couldn’t bring herself to feel thankful.

“Now, what is it you have to tell me?” Mosh Zu asked after Grace had taken a sip of tea.

“It’s quite a long story,” Grace said. She held her teacup in both hands and looked across the room. “I don’t know where I should start.” She took another sip of tea and a deep breath.

“Talk about what is eating at your heart,” Mosh Zu suggested, seeing that there was a great guilt inside her. Grace nodded and sighed. She put her tea down and took another deep breath.

“Three years ago, when I lost a baby here, I,” Grace shook her head and closed her eyes.

“You killed the man who caused it,” Mosh Zu finished for her. Grace looked at him, confusion in her eyes.

“How did you know?” She asked.

“Grace, as soon as it happened I knew. I have never lost a patient before, and I knew that he had not been allowed to leave yet. I put the pieces together. My only hope was that you would have told me sooner,” Mosh Zu answered, his face kind.

“I, I did not know how,” Grace admitted. “You aren’t mad?” She asked.

“Grace, you were upset, your hormones were not yet normalized, and I’m sure that his attitude and boss did not make it easier. Besides, none but us ever knew,” Mosh Zu answered, smiling at her with an odd sort of encouragement.

“I don’t know what to say,” Grace whispered.

“You mustn’t say anything. Merely tell me what else is bothering you,” Mosh Zu told her.

“My son has been kidnapped,” Grace told him.

“Connor? What happened?” Mosh Zu asked, obviously upset. He had only met the boy once—when Connor had been only three years old—but he had been quite fond of him.

“I had brought him along to visit Connor—my brother—and when I went to check on him—” Grace cut herself off with a shaky breath but continued to explain her son’s and Kaiya’s kidnapping.

Mosh Zu of course listened carefully without a word of interruption until Grace finished her explanation of the story. He nodded and took a sip of tea and pondered the issue for a short time before he looked up at Grace and smiled.

“What are you smiling for?” Grace asked, wiping tears from her emerald eyes.

“Grace, you raised a very intelligent young boy. He is strong, and kind, and one of the nicest boys I have ever known. He would never turn back to Lola. You will find him, Grace. But you needn’t worry that he’ll no longer want you as his mother,” Mosh Zu told her. Grace nodded and finished her tea.

“I have one more thing, though it is more of a request,” Grace said.

“I cannot guarantee that I can give you what you want, but tell me what it is,” Mosh Zu said.

“Can I get married here?” Grace asked. Mosh Zu gave her a quizzical look and she added, “At Sanctuary? Will you marry us?” Mosh Zu looked honestly shocked.

“Grace, I would be honored,” Mosh Zu said. For the first time since Grace had known him he sounded honestly shocked.

“Thank you,” Grace smiled with all of her teeth and said, “I should go.”

She stood and left the room, unaware of the mist slowly filling it behind her.

Sitting on her bed over three hours later she closed her eyes and imagined herself in her cabin back on the Nocturne.

The sensation was the usual tugging, as though she was momentarily caught in a tornado, and then the calm that followed, like the eye of the storm. She opened her eyes and saw Lorcan asleep in the bed.

“Lorcan,” She whispered. He crinkled his face and pulled the pillow over his head.

“Lorcan,” Grace repeated, firmer.

“Who is it?” He groaned.

“Your fiancée,” Grace answered. He shot upright suddenly to look at her, a smile slowly creeping over his perfectly carved face.

“You look amazing,” He told her softly.

“I miss you,” Grace said, placing her hand as close to his cheek as she could. Lorcan leaned into it slightly, wishing he could feel her touch.

“I miss you both,” Lorcan said. Grace took her hand away and sighed.

“Lorcan, something’s happened,” She whispered, dreading his reaction.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Connor, our Connor, was stolen away,” Grace whispered, tears swimming in her vision, “By Lola.”

“When?” Lorca demanded.

“Earlier. I went to wake him for the night and he was gone, and a note from her was left in the bed. Lorcan! What do we do?” Grace answered, starting to cry full out.

“We find her, and we get our son back, and we kill her,” Lorcan answered, gripping the hilt of his sword tight enough that with hand lost what very little colour it had.

“Lorcan, I don’t want to kill again,” Grace whispered.

“You still haven’t told me what happened when you did,” Lorcan told her, obviously upset. So Grace told him. She cried when she spoke again of the child she never had. She shook as she told of her merciless act.

“Grace,” Lorcan said softly. He wished they were together, so that he could comfort her. “You were upset. That is very understandable, and I have done worse, as you know.”

“It’s terrible, Lorcan! Over a miscarriage? I should not have lost my temper. I am ashamed,” Grace shook her head.

“I would have helped you, had I been there. I want us to have a biological child, Grace. One who is ours because we made them, and not because they were given to us.” Lorcan looked at her imploringly, begging her to give him a child.

“So then, you don’t love Connor?” Grace asked, taken aback.

“Grace, you know how much I love our son, and I would never change him for anything. I will fight for him until he is back in my arms. I do, however, want more children. A daughter, would be nice, but gender doesn’t matter. Grace, I want a family,” Lorcan told her. He wished with all of his heart that they were together, now.

“I understa—” Grace was cut off by something on her end.

“Grace? What is it?” Lorcan asked, suddenly worried.

“I have to go!” Grace said, her image fading as she turned and ran from the room.

She followed the orderly through the maze of hallways to Mosh Zu’s personal chambers.

“Grace, how prompt. Perhaps you should come see this,” Mosh Zu said without looking up as she entered the room. The orderly had only told her that there was an emergency in Mosh Zu’s chambers.

“What has happened?” Grace asked, rushing to his side. She looked at the bed and saw Darcy Flotsam laying on the bed, sweating like a coffee kettle, and Jet Jetsam leaning over.

“Darcy!” Grace exclaimed upon seeing her friend. “What happened?” She asked to no one in particular, before she realized that Darcy and Jet weren’t really there. The image of Darcy and her husband was shrouded in a dense fog, and the bed the Darcy lay on was not the one in Mosh Zu’s chambers—in fact it was quite bigger and adorned in black.

“I don’t understand,” Grace said, still worried about her friend.

“The Captain has been keeping me updated for quite a time—since you left early—on Mrs. Jetsam’s situation.” Mosh Zu remained solemn, his eyes on the image.

“What is the situation?” Grace asked.

“I don’t know. I cannot examine her from here, and she cannot travel,” Mosh Zu answered, finally looking at her.

“Then I have to go see her,” Grace said, ready to argue for the right to go.

“I agree. You should hurry. And do not worry for these next months to return. Do so when you can. I believe you have given back more than enough,” Mosh Zu told her dismissively. Grace was taken aback, but stood shocked for only a moment before she turned and left the room.

She returned to her room and repacked the few items she had brought with her, before making her way to the dock to go find her friend.
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