Scout's Australian Christmas

The End

Department of the Air Force

December 22, 1968

Blutarch and Redmond Mann Co.

1000 Badlands Dr. Ste 200

Teufort, NM 87400

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the United States Military and Teufort Air Force Base, we'd like to thank you for the 822 lbs of pure Australium gold, donated on behalf of the late Captain Jacob Paige who died in battle on December 18th, 1968. Captain Jacob Paige left behind no immediate family, so the contributions made in his name will go towards the NASA program, as he had requested in a previous will and testament. Captain Jacob Paige was truly dedicated to serving his country and was an exemplary pilot. To die fighting the Communist organizational leader, Nicolas Crowder, would have surely made him proud in his final moments.

Funeral services will be held outside of Teufort AFB, NM at 15:00 December 23, 1968.

Once again, thank you for your donation. All investigations into the death of Captain Jacob Paige have been closed. No further action is required. Have a joyous holiday.


General Thomas Reinold

Department of US Air Force

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