Love Like Fools

Mind Blowing

“Tesla, déposer!” Cosima ordered. Tesla looked up at her from where he was sat by her feet, but didn't move. “Tesla, déposer,” Cosima repeated. She was sure she had it right. Behind her, from her place on the sofa, Delphine sniggered.

“That is incorrect,” she said.

“Tell me what the right word is, then,” Cosima retorted, frustrated. Delphine hummed, as if considering, then shook her head.

“No. You must learn on your own.”

“I'm sure it's the right word,” Cosima said, crouching down by Tesla. “I looked it up on Google.” Delphine snorted out a laugh.

“Google is hardly an accurate way to translate,” she replied. The couch squeaked softly as she rose, lowering herself to the floor next to Cosima. “It's couché,” she whispered into Cosima's ear. Cosima shuddered at the ghost of her breath, and when she spoke, her voice wavered.

“Tesla, couché.” Tesla obediently slid down onto his belly.

“Roule,” Delphine said, and rested her cheek against Cosima's shoulder.

“Tesla, roule,” Cosima repeated. Tesla hesitated a second, then wiggled onto his side and back, then back onto his belly.


“Tesla, aboie.” Tesla yipped happily, and licked Cosima's hand. “I can't believe you taught him in French,” Cosima whispered. “So unfair.”

“Not to me,” Delphine said. Cosima could almost hear her smirking.

“I'm going to kiss that smirk right off your face if you don't stop,” Cosima muttered. Delphine's sharp intake of breath made a smirk of her own form.

“You could,” Delphine whispered. “We are alone.” So Cosima kissed her, slowly, with a hand cradling the warmth of her cheek, until the need for air forced her to pull back.

“I'm going to go have a smoke,” Cosima announced quietly, pushing herself upright. “Wanna join?” Delphine smiled up at her.

“Oui. Come on, Tesla.” Tesla yipped again, his tags jingling as he followed them both to the stairs. “You know, I have never smoked pot before you.” Cosima laughed lightly, hopping easily up the last few stairs and looking back down. Tesla lingered at the base, looking unsure.

“Corrupting you was all a part of my plan,” Cosima joked. “Come on, Tesla! Ici!” Delphine gave the puppy a little nudge, and as soon as he began to awkwardly clamber up the stairs, they both praised him. Delphine followed behind, ready to catch him if he tumbled, but he made it to the top of the stairs without incident. He bounded happily into Cosima's room, and immediately jumped up onto the bed. “Down,” Cosima ordered. Tesla half fell, half jumped back to the floor and amused himself sniffing around the various clothes Cosima had left laying around.

“You have succeeded in your plot, then,” Delphine said as she shut the door behind her, and gently squeezed past where Cosima was rooting around in her dresser to open the window. “I am thoroughly corrupted.”

“Mmmm,” Cosima hummed, spinning around with a joint between her fingers and a sly smile on her face. “Maybe not completely,” she said, and lit it. “You're still a lightweight.” She exhaled slowly, blowing smoke across the room. “Gotta fix that, don't we?” Delphine extended her hand for the joint, letting her fingers brush over Cosima's knuckles. It sent a shock along Cosima's skin. Delphine held her gaze as she inhaled, letting smoke drift from her mouth and nose with a curious smile on her face.

She was stroking her fingers through the fur on Tesla's stomach, the puppy half asleep stretched out on his side along the floor, when the idea hit her. Lounged on her bed, Delphine looked at her oddly with half-lidded eyes as she rummaged through her room for a marker and paper and tape, all hidden in various places. Tesla's tail thumped softly against the carpet, but he didn't move, despite the absence of Cosima's attention. Cosima scribbled the marker against the paper in two thick strips, sloppily ripping them out. Clamping her lips shut against the giggles that threatened to bubble out of her throat, she settled on her knees next to Tesla and carefully taped the paper above his eyes before calling his name. Startled, he abruptly sat up. Cosima laughed.

“Oh my god, Delphine look!” she managed to gasp out. Tesla pawed uselessly at his head. “He has eyebrows. Oh my god. This is the best idea I've ever had.” Delphine rolled over to see, and snorted in laughter. Tesla rubbed his head against the carpet.

“Cosima, what have you done?” Delphine asked. “Take them off!”

“He looks so startled!” Cosima retorted. “Oh, god, he looks so surprised. Tesla!” Delphine shifted onto her stomach, snorting again. Cosima covered her mouth with her hand and curled into herself to keep her laughs from hurting her stomach. They settled after a moment, but then Tesla whined and butted his head against the floor again.

“Cosima,” Delphine said, “leave him alone.” She patted the bed. “Come lay with me.” Cosima considered pulling the fake eyebrows off Tesla, but they weren't doing him any real harm, just confusing him, so she pushed to her feet and flopped onto the bed next to Delphine, bumping into the blonde's side. The sudden motion made her head spin. Cosima inhaled deeply and sighed, closing her eyes until the room stopped swirling around her. Delphine's body was soft and warm. She curled against it, and buried her face in Delphine's shoulder.

“I am so baked right now,” she mumbled into Delphine's shirt.

“Me, too,” Delphine slurred. Cosima turned her head to look over her shoulder to where Tesla had given up trying to get the eyebrows off and was splayed out on his belly, tongue poking out.

“I think Tesla is, too.”

“Cosima! You got the dog high?”

“Hey, it is not my fault, okay, he just happened to be in here while we were smoking.”

“I can't believe you,” Delphine whispered, rolling over and throwing an arm over her eyes. Cosima propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at her. She bit her lip, considering, then leaned her head down until their lips brushed. Delphine's response was slow, but enthusiastic. Her hand fell lightly against Cosima's skull and tangled in her hair. Cosima felt every tug as their lips moved.

“You know what I just realized?” she whispered without pulling away. Delphine hummed. Her free hand settled on Cosima's arm. “We've never had sex high.” She moved back, then, to look down at Delphine. The blonde's eyes were dark, her face flushed. Her teeth sank into her lip. The shifting of her hips caught Cosima off guard, leaving Delphine a window to flip their bodies. Cosima's grunt turned into a moan, half caught by Delphine's mouth. She clutched at Delphine's shoulders, pulling her tighter. Their bodies pressed together firmly, shifting against one another.

Cosima's clothes felt abrasive against her skin. She writhed, struggling to find the space to tug her shirt over her head. Delphine sat up to help, straddling her hips until the garment was gone, tossed aside carelessly. Delphine groped at her chest, her movements slow and precise. Cosima arched up into her with a satisfied mewl, her own fingers clawing lightly at Delphine's hips. On the floor, Tesla sneezed loudly, startling them both. Delphine gasped in shock, abruptly pulling away. Cosima froze, then groaned and dug her fingertips into her eyes.

“Go put him in your room or something,” she mumbled, squeezing her thighs together.

“Okay,” Delphine whispered, her voice a husky rush. “Okay.” The pressure on her body left, the bed squeaking and shifting as Delphine moved. Cosima hissed in breaths through her teeth, every inch of her skin humming loudly. The thunk of her door shutting echoed in her ears, the click of the lock as Delphine twisted it almost just as loud. Cosima was reaching for her before she'd even crossed the room, pulling Delphine back onto the bed and into her arms, her lips seeking out hot flesh.

Delphine slipped her fingers around Cosima's side to fumble at the clasp of her bra, growling in frustration when it eluded her efforts to open it. Cosima arched to give her more space while her hands tugged Delphine's shirt up her back. Delphine muttered something in French under her breath, and Cosima's bra fell free. She let Delphine pull it away, dropping it somewhere off the bed, her mouth dipping to ghost across Cosima's collarbone.

“You're wearing too much,” Cosima said into her ear.

“You are, too,” Delphine replied.

“Fix it,” Cosima hissed. Her fingers knotted into Delphine's hair, like the finest silk between them. “I need to feel you.” Delphine's breath rushed hotly against her sternum. She straightened up, forcing Cosima's hands from her hair, letting her own rest against Cosima's stomach. They trailed down, pulling lightly at Cosima's jeans until the button popped open. They snagged on her ankles, but a sufficient amount of kicking freed her. Delphine lifted her shirt the rest of the way over her head, rolling to the side to wiggle out of her own pants and panties as well. Cosima followed, pinning Delphine to the bed with her hips.

“Cosima,” Delphine whispered. She bit her lip, reaching up to gently lift Cosima's glasses from her face and set them on the night stand. Cosima blinked as her vision adjusted. Delphine guided her head down, bringing their lips back together in a long, languid kiss. She could feel every place their bodies touched, each single goosebump that raised on Delphine's skin. Her heart thumped painfully against her ribs.

Reluctantly, she left Delphine's lips to kiss along her neck, trailing down her throat to the valley between her breasts, where a light sheen of sweat had already gathered. She bit gently at the swell of Delphine's breast. The blonde arched into her with a soft moan. Her fingers balled the sheets into knots. Cosima lingered, exploring with her lips and teeth and tongue, letting her hands ghost down to Delphine's hips.

“Cosima, please,” Delphine murmured.

“I want to take my time,” Cosima replied. “This feels amazing.”

“Please,” Dephine repeated. Cosima met Delphine's gaze, and shifted her body up to kiss her. Her hand dipped between Delphine's thighs. The blonde's gasp was lost on Cosima's tongue.

“Wow,” Cosima breathed, slowly stroking her fingers through the slick heat that had gathered. Each time she brushed against Delphine's clit, Delphine moaned, and her hips jerked into the touch. They rocked in a desperate rhythm until Cosima dropped her fingers down and gently pushed inside. Delphine stilled beneath her, and Cosima reacted in kind, jerking her head up to find Delphine's eyes.

“It's okay,” Delphine said. “It's okay. Please.” Cosima kissed the flush colouring her chest and rested her forehead against the heated skin. A moment passed before Delphine's body undulated again. Her nails dug too harshly into Cosima's shoulders. “Oh. Oh, dieu. Dieu. Cosima.” Cosima's arm began to burn, but Delphine was close, she could feel it in the trembling of her limbs and the sharp, harsh pants and moans that worked out of her throat, and the frantic thumping of her heart beneath Cosima's ear. The jerk of Delphine's body slammed the headboard against the wall. She swore loudly, sucking in a breath and holding it as Cosima curled her fingers and rode her climax out with her.

When Delphine relaxed, she slowly pulled her hand away, raising her head to look at Delphine's face. She'd never looked so beautiful, with her hair mussed and her lips parted, eyes closed. Cosima kissed her. Delphine's hands rested on her sides and lightly squeezed. Her kisses were sloppy and tired. Cosima pulled back and stroked her hair back from her face with a smile, her fingers lingering on Delphine's jaw. The blonde blinked her eyes open and smiled wickedly. Cosima let herself be rolled over, and pushed her chest into the hands that covered them.

“Jesus Christ,” she hissed, the nimble fingers that toyed with her breasts sending shocks of heat straight to her core. Delphine kissed slowly down her stomach, and nipped lightly at her hips.

At the first touch of Delphine's tongue, she almost came undone. She was pulling too hard on Delphine's hair, she could tell by the hiss of breath squeezed out from between the blonde's teeth, but if she minded she didn't say, and if Cosima didn't hang onto something to keep herself anchored she was going to lose herself. Delphine's strokes were long and slow, her occasional hums and moans of pleasure doing nothing more than making Cosima's body burn hotter. Delphine held her hips down firmly when they began to buck. Cosima tried to keep quiet, but then Delphine's tongue swiped across her clit again and they echoed through the room. The blonde lingered, kissing the top of her thigh with wet lips.

“God,” Cosima whispered, throwing an arm over her eyes. “Fuck. Holy shit. Holy shit.”

“Yes,” Delphine replied, the word washing across Cosima's hip. “That was... what is the phrase?” Cosima paused to catch her breath before answering.

“Fucking mind blowing.”

“Yes,” Delphine repeated. “Mind blowing.”

“Come here,” Cosima said, and tugged lightly on Delphine's hair. Her eyes were heavy. She felt Delphine shift up her body and wrap them up in the blankets, burrowing close. Cosima turned into her, the arm she'd lain over her face curling into the space between her and Delphine's chests. Delphine tangled their legs and stroked her spine. She fell asleep before Cosima did, the comforting movement of her fingers stilling at the small of her back. She wasn't awake for much longer, though she tried to stay up and keep an ear out for their parents.

Panic stuck in her chest when she jolted awake, still wrapped up in Delphine's arms. For an achingly slow moment, she strained her hearing to listen, but the house was just as silent as it had been before they'd drifted off. A quick glance at the clock revealed that it hadn't been much longer than half an hour. Cosima sighed, the fingers squeezing around her heart loosening enough to let her breath freely again, and she relaxed back into Delphine's embrace. Woken by her movement, Delphine stirred, squinting at her though lidded eyes.

“I should go,” she murmured, pulling away before Cosima could argue. Locked in the next room, Tesla was whimpering. Delphine used him as an excuse, quickly gathering her clothes and leaving Cosima naked in bed, watching helplessly. She sighed when the door shut behind the blonde, and dug the heels of her palms into her eyes. She shouldn't have expected anything else. The temptation to light another joint and forget for a while was strong, but Cosima squashed it and pushed the thoughts away. She had schoolwork that required her attention.

Tesla padded into her room to spend the night, and quickly cottoned on to the fact that Cosima was feeling under the weather. He pawed at her bed until she gave him the okay, then leaped up and clambered over the books spread across her blankets to sniff her face. Cosima giggled lightly, then sighed and flopped onto her back. Tesla stretched out next to her with his head on her chest. She scratched his ears absently.

“This really sucks,” she said to the puppy. “Like, really fuc-friggen sucks. I really... I really like her. It's so messed up.” Tesla whined and nuzzled the tip of her chin. Cosima smiled, and laughed sadly. “Oh, I know, Tes. I love you, too. We just can't tell anyone, and it's horrible. All this sneaking around is going to ruin us.”

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