Chapter 3

Later that day, as soon as the movie was over (without any random interruptions from Heidi this time), both Randy and Howard are seen sleeping together on Howard's bed.

Randy was still mummified as he unconsciously finds himself snuggling with Howard as if he was a pillow. Even though he's asleep, Howard loved it when Randy used him like a pillow. Yes it feels weird to be used as a pillow due to his dangerously curvy weight, but if it's to make his friend more comfortable with his surroundings while mummified, then he's okay with it. Howard still wore an Egyptian hat he used to fool Heidi into thinking that they're doing a history project.

It was already night-time and both of them were getting tired. Ever since they barely survived keeping Heidi from knowing their secret hobby, both have decided to stay on Howard's bed as they try to finish the movie, but neither one of them could stay awake for long. Randy was the first to fall asleep again; followed by Howard just after the credits starts to appear once the movie was finished.

Neither boys notice Heidi entering the room again to check on them. Her cerulean eyes were immediately locked on Randy's mummified form, followed by Howard snuggling with said teenager – this was the kind of behaviour she would mostly see on couples of the opposite sex. Her eyes are then locked on a roll of bandage gauze tucked under the pillow and a couple of ropes and other bondage stuff hidden under the bed. And then, she saw Randy's clothes (save for his pants and, thank god, his underwear) lying carelessly on the floor,

There were two things she never knew about her brother and his friend, so this was her assumption so far.

1. They happened to be homosexual, and she is quite disturbed by it, though it makes sense they would keep it a secret.

2. They've been doing some bondage instead of their history project that they claimed to be doing earlier.

From what Heidi could gather from the information she saw, not only did Howard and Randy do some bondage when no one else is looking, but they're also in a relationship. Not just any relationship; this is aromantic relationship between two people of the same sex.

A part of her is telling her to post that info on her webcast. Two high school boys – gay star-crossed lovers. That would be good for ratings.

But the other part is telling her otherwise. As juicy and good as this information sounds, there will be consequences that would follow afterwards. There will be a lot of people that won't support the idea that there could ever be a romantic relationship between two people of the same sex. These are the kinds of people that believed in the old traditions of society – a romantic relationship should ever happen between a male and a female. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If either sex happens to be gay, they should either a) go to some straight camp that forces him or her to be straight against his or her own will, or b) be bullied and harassed by society for the rest of their lives until they decided to commit suicide to get away from the pain they have to endure just for being different.

As much as she is disturbed by the fact that Howard and Randy are gay and are in a relationship, Heidi doesn't want to hurt either of them just because some people don't like people who are homosexual. And she could see that they were made for each other.

And besides, if she does post that info online, Howard would never forgive her if he and Randy have to be separated by those that do not believe that two males could make a great couple, and be forced to be straight guys and fall for girls only.

As she leaves the room to let the lovebirds get some rest, Heidi promised herself that she would keep both their secret a secret.

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