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The Myth


It was a dark cold foggy night in Canada, a young native teen that ran away from the reservation and his now living on the streets outside of the reservation. He was homeless for as long as he could remember. He was sleeping in an alleyway between two tall buildings, when he was sleeping he was awoken by mysterious creatures with red eyes.

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Chapter 1

It has been 10 years now since the homeless kid was taken by the mysterious creatures with red eyes. when you walk through town you will see lost of missing kid posters on one post. Some were very old pictures and some new, but they were all never found. Some of the town folks read stories about kids been taken.

The oldest living native, a shaman knows the history and the mysteries of the town. He knows what has been taking the children over the years, they are what the Natives call skinwalkers. Half-human and half creature.

On a foggy Monday morning, a group of kids was waiting at the bus stop when a new girl walks up.

“Hello, I’m Aiyana, and these are my friends Anakin, Awinita, Little Fawn, Denali, and Takoda,” said Aiyana.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you all, I’m Katherine, but you can call me Kat, I just moved into town.”

“Welcome to Canada Kat,” said Aiyana.

“Thank you, I’m afraid I won’t know my way around the school?” asked Kat.

“No worries, we’ll show you around,” smiled Takoda.

“Thank you very much,” said Kat.

So they got on the bus and arrived at the school when they arrived there were lots of groups of people standing around talking.

“Now, here you see groups, under the tree you have your book worms and social people, now the people sitting at the table is your geeks, nerds, whatever you want to call them, they always have their faces in the computers or any kind of electronics,” said Aiyana.

“Then over there near the window by the school is your jocks and cheerleaders,” said Takoda.

“Then you have your goths who think they are vampires and werewolves,” said Anakin.

“Is that right,” said Kat.

“Yeah, think they are wolves,” said Aiyana.

“That is crazy,” said Kat.

“Yeah it is,” said Aiyana.

So they walked into the school and Kat’s new friends looked at her schedule, she had all the same class as her friends, so she went and followed them to the class.

Deep into the forest of Canada where everybody fears to go because they have heard stories that creatures are lurking deep into the forests. It was foggy in the forest and you can hear howling in the distance.

“You guys be-careful going to school, you know there are people out there that know we exist,” said Jason Blue Eyes the leader.

So they took off running through the forest, when they reached the edge of the forest they turned human and started walking down the highway up to the school. All the other kids were inside eating lunch and Kat’s new friends were still talking about the groups. She was eating when she looked up and saw a group of kids walking up towards the doors of the cafeteria.

“Who are they?” asked Kat.

“Oh, they are really strange people, their father works at the Indian gift shop downtown, they are supposedly related, all brothers and sisters, but they are a little to close to be brother and sister,” said Aiyana.

“Ew,” said Kat.

“Yeah, they all have different eye color as well, but I believe they are contact lenses, one kid here thinks they are real wolves and ever so often he will come in here and shout saying evil walks among us,” said Takoda.

They walked inside the building. Two kids started holding hands and smiling, the other two were just talking, the last one was alone and walking a foot behind the rest. They all walked towards the table in the back next to the window and sat down, from there they could see everything and everyone.

“The goth kids love them, they think they are the coolest kids ever that walked this planet,” said Anakin.

“Really,” said Kat.

“Yeah,” said Takoda.

“Those two that are loving on each other, the girl has blue eyes, her so-called brother has yellow eyes, the other girl has light purple eyes, the other so-called brother has light blue eyes, and the one that is facing towards us has red eyes,” said Aiyana.

“They are all Native Americans like us,” said Anakin.

“I see that, especially the long hair,” said Kat.

Kat tried not to let the kid with the red eyes know she was starring at him but he knew she was starring, she is not the first person that has starred at him.

“That’s a new scent?” Victoria’s eyes were glowing.

“It is fresh,” said Jesse Ten Bears’ eyes glowing.

“I smell it too “hoksilla” (boy),” said Lone Wolf’s eyes glowing and spoke in the Lakota language.

They all started looking around and saw that White Wolf’s eyes were glowing red.

“You smell it too, control yourself, White Wolf,” said Lone Wolf’s eyes were still glowing.

“We all can control ourselves, but its harder for a rouge,” said Jesse Ten Bears, his eyes started to go back to normal.

Kat looked up again and this time he was starring at her with his glowing red eyes, he picked up her scent, she smelled of lavender.

“Trouble headed this way,” said Jesse.

“White Wolf, control it, look at me, think of something else,” said Lone Wolf.

So he looked at Lone Wolf and closed his eyes. Once he opened them again his color went back to a normal red color.

“Everybody, these people are not what you think they are, they are not like us, they need to be captured or killed, they do not have eyes like us,” said Kevin.

They all just smiled at each other.

“They are wearing contact lenses, Kevin, you even think the goths are strange people too,” said a kid.

“You all will be sorry,” shouted Kevin storming out of the cafeteria.

“See told you, that kid is the weird one, he thinks vampires and werewolves exist, he also thinks that group is werewolves,” said Takoda.

“Interesting,” said Kat.

“I mean if you research this place, werewolves do come up in books and from Indigenous elders, but everybody including ourselves thinks it is a myth,” said Anakin.

The bell rang and everybody got up and to class. The last teen with the red eyes was late to class.

“Your late,” said the teacher.

“Sorry I had trouble,” said White Wolf.

“You did not tell me that this kid was in our class?” asked Kat.

“Yes he is in the majority of our classes,” said Aiyana.

He walked in and sat in the back next to the window.

“Do they all sit in the back?” asked Kat.

“Yes they do, especially next to a window, they like to look,” said Aiyana.

“Funny thing is they have missed a whole year of school one time, they told the principal that they were in training school,” said Takoda.

“Traning for what?” asked Kat.

“Nobody knows,” said Anakin.

“That is interesting,” said Kat.

“Very,” said Takoda.

Then a new girl walks into the class. White Wolf sniffed, his eyes glowing red again, he smelled a foul odor coming from that girl. Then he looked up and saw the girl walking past Kat and coming towards him to sit next to him. He turned his head right at her and starred at her. Her eyes were glowing red, he knew who she was. He knew why she was there, fresh meat.

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