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Next Door | NJM


Beep beep!

"No no, five more minutes.." I said to myself, half asleep. I put my alarm on five minutes snooze. Which then turns into twenty minutes.

"Jung Soyi! Get up! You need to get going for school!! You have ten minutes!" My mother yells from downstairs.

I look at the time, and jolt awake. Panicking as I get to ready for school as fast as I can. I get out my uniform and put it on. Then heading to the bathroom, just leaving my hair down and leaving my bangs covering my face.

I get down stairs, grabbing my bag and granola bar. Putting on my shoes, getting my phone out of my pocket in my jacket with my earbuds. Listening to 2ne1.

I walk out the door and start running to school.

As I get there, I get to my locker, out of breath. When I see you walking, with your friend group. I sigh, and struggle with the pad lock to open my locker. Moments later, opening the locker and getting my books for my classes.

"Soyi!!" I hear someone scream, I get stared and put my earbuds away. I look to see my best friend Soyoung standing there.

"Hi Soyoung!" I smiled and hugged her. She hugs back.

"Let's get to class Soyi. Or else we're gonna be late." She says, I nod and head to class with her.


"Alright class! For assignments that are due tomorrow is just your speech. We're presenting tomorrow. Class dismissed." Ms. Kang says ending class.

And as the bell rang, these groups of girls and some guys came running to our classroom. Yeah, I'm in the same class as Jaemin. They were screaming for Jaemin and his friend group to notice them. I just roll my eyes and get out of class with Soyoung.

"Are you nervous for the speech tomorrow?" Soyoung asks and I nod.

"Oh hell yeah. I hate speeches." I said and she nods.

"You'll do fine, just look at me the entire time. Just think of it just talking to me." Soyoung says and I nod.

"How about we go to the auditorium during lunch and practice." I ask her.

"Yeah! Let's go do that." Soyoung smiles and we head to the auditorium.

As we get there, we open the door. We walk in to see Jaemin and his friend group there. I guess they just wanted to get away from everyone.

I sigh, walking with Soyoung to the stage. Setting our bags down, getting out out note cards and phones to time the other on how long the speech is.

I'm just hoping they're not watching though.


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