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My Dark FNAF AU (13+)


This is for mature audiences only, 13 and up to be exact. Warnings are, Violent acts, blood, gore, profanity, abuse, dark themes, self harm, VERY minimal sexual attention (Basically no inappropriate things, maybe kissing and nuzzling and that's about it) And suicidal thoughts. If you cannot handle these things please don't continue, continue at your own risk. This is based off FNAF so if you don't know what that is this may be a bit confusing for ya.

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter One, Origin For A Killer

I hate you so much!!!! You don't belong here! You might as well be dead now, If I knew you would live I would have left but now im stuck here with you!!!” A voice yelled from a small bedroom, “I-I-Im s-sorry d-dad but I-” “Shut up! I don't want to hear it” There was sobbing then a scream. Someone walked out of the room holding a smashed wine bottle, Cameron (William’s brother) hid in the shadows when he walked out and rushed in the room. He saw a small boy who was bleeding from his arm and head on the ground almost unconscious crying. Cameron rushed to him in a panic and picked him up setting his head on his lap, “Its okay, its okay, im here, don't worry...” He said gently as he positioned himself wiping the blood off Will’s face with a small towel. “I-Im scared...W-Why does daddy hate me…” He continued crying tightening his grip on Cameron's shirt. He had a sad look on his face, “He just doesn't know how much potential you actually have, I bet he's just jealous of you…” His voice sweet and gentle. “W-Why would someone hurt the other i-if they are j-just jealous…?” He asked, breaths shuddered and shallow. “It's complicated…” Cameron muttered. William became drowsy and passed out, “I will never leave your side and that's a promise…” Cameron mumbled as he saw Wiliam unconscious.

“CAMERON, GET OUT HERE NOW! GET AWAY FROM THAT MONSTER OF A SO CALLED CHILD!!!” Someone shouted from down the hall angrily. Cameron rolled his eyes and carried William to his bed and tucked him in and quickly bandaged his wounds, “It's going to be okay, I promise…” He said as he walked to the door and turned out the light then closed the door as he walked out.

(THE NEXT DAY, Stuff goes down so be prepared)

William started to wake up, his vision blurry. “What happened?” He asked himself as he felt his head and felt the bandages, “Oh…” He could hear yelling from outside the room, “Your going to stay in your room while I get rid of that devil child!!!” “No!! Your going to leave him alone and me alone, you can leave!!! Oh wait, you can't because you want to take your darn anger out on a 12 year old! You've been abusing this poor kid for over 8 years!!! I'm NOT going to stand by and just let you just kill him!!!” William pressed against the wall in a panic, “W-What!?” Tears began to form. He quickly opened the window next to him and was about to scream at the top of his lungs for help but before he could he grabbed and his mouth was covered firmly. William was yanked off his bed and dragged out the door of his room.

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