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Blemished bonds


Some bonds, bind the individuals by soul, while some by heart. But rarely, they get bound by both heart and soul! A relationship stays strong only when the two involved shed off their ego, attitude and learn to adjust! If two strong headed people, part ways to satisfy their egos, how is the child which gets sandwiched between them, gets affected! Will he ever know the role LOVE plays in one's life? Will he acknowledge the love if he was ever bestowed with it? Will he ever wish to take a step ahead and face the most dreaded institution of his life? Join me in this beautiful journey of two couples, Arnav-Khushi and Arjun- Aarti, wherein one despite knowing the value of love, hates to admit it shedding the ego, while the other, cherishes the blooming love, though not being aware of it!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Elite Industries, one of the top 5 companies in London, makes a mark of itself in India too with the owner venturing into Fashion industry. Well! This is new but the speculation is that Mr. Arjun Singh Raizada, the CEO, wants to create a history in India too.

But will this company manage to overpower the standards of India's topmost Fashion designing company, AA Fashions, which is run by none other than his son, Arnav Singh Raizada? Will it remove the tag of AA that is etched in every clothing and replace it with Elite?

The most important question is why did Arjun Singh Raizada specifically choose the Fashion Industry in which he had nil experience? Or is this step taken deliberately by him to compete with his ex-wife, Miss. Aarti Agarwal, who laid the foundation for AA and took it to heights before her son took charge last year? Anything to do with the past? Any scores unsettled?

The media's speculations were never ending, irrespective of them being true or false. A simple message when given via media, reached the audience in the most twisted way and this was never new especially for the Raizadas and the Agarwals! But this time, seemed like the media crossed all the boundaries digging up the bitter past between them and making things even more worse!


'What the hell! These people have no other job than to screw up my mind and my life!' Bellowed a woman late in her fifties, but looked no older than forty.

'Aarti, what is it? Why are you annoyed?' Asked another woman of the same age, but a little less prettier.

'Arjun Singh Raizada is back Seema', was all Aarti said and Seema's face underwent a change of expressions from confusion to wonder till satisfaction.

'So? It should not matter to you right?' Seema asked arching her eyebrows.

'Of course he does not! But I am just wondering why is he hell bent on establishing a fashion industry?' She put forth her concerns.

'What?' Seema seemed a little taken aback by the new found information and snatched the newspaper from Aarti's hands to confirm it.

After reading the article completely, Seema asked her friend sighing, 'Is he really back to compete with you?'

Aarti gave her a scornful look as if she did not want to answer that question.

'Aarti, these people write anything for publicity. Just dont take things personally. May be he really wanted to expand his business, it must have nothing to do with you. Just dont come to any conclusions right away!' Seema advised.

Glancing at the newspaper once again, Seema smirked while saying, 'Even after all these years, he still looks dashing!'

Aarti gazed at her friend spitting fire from her eyes, when Seema instantly put forward another statement to cool the anger. 'You are not any less compared to him darling'.

But the damage was done, and Seema had to bear her friend's nonchalant behaviour till she convinced her.

'By the way, does Arnav know about this?' Questioned Seema.

'My son would have been the first to know Seema. But he chose to hide it from me.' Aarti guessed knowing her son very well.

'I should have known, Arjun Singh Raizada never hides anything from his son, Arnav Singh Raizada'. Seema declared.

'Dont you think I should have been informed about this? These father-son duo will never let me in peace. I hope Arjun doesnt snatch my son from me', Aarti shared her point of view.

'Arnav is a grown up man now. You cant control him Aarti. I think its high time you stop dictating his life.' Seema advised.

'I am not dictating Seema. I am afraid whether he will turn out like his father', Aarti expressed her concern and before Seema could answer her, they heard the person calling out to them.

'Good morning Maa', a voice brought both the friends to concentrate back on him. There stood Arnav Singh Raizada, in his three piece suit, handsomeness that can never be resisted. After all he had acquired both the genes of his parents, a perfect blend of them, which made him good looking and stunning!

'Good morning Arnav', Aarti smiled at her son.

'Good morning gorgeous', Arnav wrapped his favourite Seema Aunty in a tight hug.

'Good morning', Seema squealed at Arnav before asking, 'Is it not too early to go to the office?'

'I promised Dad that I will meet him in the morning,' he replied and then turned towards his mother and informed, 'I shall join you in the office directly.'

'We both leave together everyday Arnav. You are breaking our routine. In fact Arjun is making you do it'. Aarti complained.

'Come on Maa, you cant blame him for each and everything. I volunteered to meet him today, he never tried to interfere in our routine', Arnav replied with a bit of anger in his tone.

'I just wish you dont forget me, now that your dad is here'.

'Maa, I can not explain you anymore. Please stop being insecure. You both might have hell lot of differences, and I really dont care! But for me, you both are important. Please dont chain me.' Arnav scowled before dashing towards his car, royally ignoring her mother's pleas asking him to stop.

'I know, Arjun's presence in our lives will ruin my relationship with my son', Aarti crouched on the couch, with worry clearly etched in her face.

Seema let out a heavy sigh, as she knew her friend could never understand that her fears and insecurities are baseless, and it was a waste of time explaining her. Because she never listened to all these in the past 20 years and there was no way she would hear them now.

'Aarti, Arnav is right. It is time for him to take decisions. Dont interfere.'

'I am just trying to prevent my son becoming another Arjun Singh Raizada. If he continues to stay in our lives, then I am sure he will change his son too', Aarti expressed her concern.

'Arnav knows how to balance things in his life very well', Seema stated.

Aarti nodded her head and said, 'I wish he stays that way. I dont want my son to live a loveless life like me'.

Seema placed a comforting hand on her friend, 'He wont!' She assured. 'He is your son'.

'He is his son too. And that worries me a lot. Now that he is back, I wonder whether Arnav will even listen to me', Aarti spoke.

'Why do you always want to control him Aarti? As far as I have noticed, Arnav gives equal importance to his work and family, unlike his father. So please crush these insecurities of yours about Arnav', Seema snapped, angry at her friend for her over protective nature towards her son.

'But he does not believe in love!' Aarti cried.

'Blame you both for that. With so many differences amongst you two, you forgot that there was a child who yearned love from his parents together. You both loved him individually, but that poor soul did not grow up with what is meant by parent's love. That ultimately lead him to choose platonic relationships over one true love'.

Aarti could not agree more. The reason for her son turning out to be someone who does not believe in the concept of happily ever after, was themselves. Arnav Singh Raizada was a successful business tycoon, a fun loving and jovial person, with a broken family. He was involved in several relationships, but sadly, none could actually break the strong stance he had towards love. Not that he hated the concept of true love, but he never believed in it. Atleast he believed that he was unfortunate for that!


Elite Fashions, Guest House:

'Dad', Arnav marched in a grumpy mood, the aftermath of the fight with his mother, before settling himself in one of the living room couches.

Arjun Singh Raizada, descended down the stairs to find his only son sitting with a tight face, and his hands were automatically clenched into a fist, which meant he was angry. That one trait that has passed from his father.

Arjun noticed him with a small smile lingering on his lips and approached his son, engulfing him in a bear hug.

'Hey Arnav! Its so good to see you. Feels like I am seeing you after years'.

Slowly coming out of the hug, Arnav commented, 'Because its been 2 years since we saw each other dad!'

'Oh yeah!' Arjun laughed before taking his seat next to his son.

'So I can guess you are not in a very good mood today. And I know the reason behind your foul mood is Aarti?', Arjun observed.

'Please Dad! I just dont want to talk about it', Arnav sighed.

'Okay', Arjun raised his arms as if burying the topic and further probed, 'So how's your life?'

'Good', came a curt reply from Arnav.

'Girlfriends?' Arjun questioned. Arnav rolled his eyes and answered, 'Not really!'

Arjun chuckled at his son's disinterest in that topic and quickly changed it.

'A drink?' He offered his son.

'Early in the morning? I have a business to run. I cant get drunk', he declined his offer.

'As if I am at home all day, doing nothing. Just a small amount will do no harm'. He nudged his son.

'You will be the only father who will insist his son for a drink', Arnav laughed and his mood lightened up. Exactly what Arjun wanted!


The father-son were having breakfast when Arnav pointed out, 'Dad, the media is speculating many things about your venture here.'

'Its their job Arnav, we dont need to react for every simple thing', he advised his son.

'I know Dad, but I think you should clear things too. Otherwise they wont leave us in peace', Arnav urged.

'Will do that', Arjun replied finishing his breakfast, wiping his mouth with a cloth.

'Anyways, we are hosting a party before the opening of our company, to establish some friendly relations with the other companies here.' Arjun informed. 'And AA's ex-CEO is also invited'.

'I will be there. But I highly doubt about ex-CEO's presence.' Arnav stated to which Arjun gave a gentle nod. 'She is already pissed that I hid this information from her.'

'You should have not done that. She was to be informed first rather than getting the news from the media.' Arjun stated making Arnav wonder as to why was his father so much concerned about his mother. 'Luckily, she did not have a heart attack listening to it. Otherwise she would have accused me to be the reason for her ill health.' Arjun teased, with a wink.

'Ok now, stop it! You guys wont leave a chance to taunt each other. Will you?' Arnav dismissed.

'Lets forget Aarti for now. Dont you think we should celebrate my return to India?' Arjun asked his son, to which he nodded.

'Good, so lets meet up at Trinity Bar tonight sharp at 8', Arjun declared.

Arnav gave him a thoughtful look when Arjun said, 'You cant deny Arnav. Just tell something to Aarti and meet me.'

'I am not thinking about Maa. I am just wondering who will handle us when we both will be heavily drunk'.

Arjun laughed and both chorused with a glint in their eyes, 'Aman Mathur!'

'I am getting late to office Dad. I shall see you in the evening', Arnav hurried.

'I know, your hitler mother will otherwise throw you out of your own office. I feel bad for you Arnav, you will have to bear her tantrums ever after being the CEO', Arjun said dramatically placing a hand over his son's shoulders.

Arnav arched his eyebrows at his father for taunting his own mother and both soon broke into fits of laughter. Truly the father-son duo always had their share of happiness passing some light hearted comments on Aarti. Arnav then left his father's house not before sharing a quick hug with him.

A new story and a new beginning! Please share your views!



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