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Arnav was leaning on the closed door, closing his eyes, thinking about, Khushi……. She was his everything…. But she never knew that…. Correction…. He never let her know that…. Khushi… the girl, who Arnav loved from the bottom of his heart… but never confessed his feelings. Now, he is searching for her for years….

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Chapter 1


Anjali got panicked feeling her daughter Shasli’s body cold. Within few minutes, Shali’s body color started changing into blue. Anjali screamed…


…and everyone gathered in her room. They understood the situation as they are expecting this for seven years from the date of her birth.

Anjali was not blessed with a child for six years, after her marriage. Shali is her only daughter. Now her life is in danger.

Unfortunately, Shali born with a hole in her heart. Doctors told, it will get closed on its own when she grows up. If it would not have happened then “Heart transplantation” will be the only solution.

What makes them scared was, Shali is a diabetic like her mama. “Heart transplantation” is highly risky for a seven years old kid and especially who is a diabetic.

Shyam (hurrying): Let’s got to the hospital.

Mano: I will ask Mohan to get the car ready. Shyam picked her up on his shoulder and rushed outside.

Anjali: I call Chotte to make arrangements.

She dialed her brother who was a Doctor. Arnav Singh Raizada MBBS., FRCS. Dean of AR Hospital. He attended Anjali’s call without delay as he knew Shali’s medical condition. He always attends Anjali’s call no matter how busy he is.

Arnav: Hann Di…

Anjali (sobbing): Chotte, Shali’s body became cold and blue. She is unconscious. I’m scared Chotte.

Arnav (Shocked): What!!! Di… please don’t get panicked. I’m with you, right? I will make everything right. Trust me.

Anjali: Haan Chotte.

He disconnected the call and dialed Aman.

Arnav: Aman, Shali’s condition became worse. She is on the way. Call the cardiologist and make arrangements.

Aman: Yes ASR. But it would have been good if Lavanya is here.

Arnav: She can do nothing with the issue. After all, she is her pediatrician.

Aman: Yup, I will be ready. And I wanted to tell you something related to this issue. But unexpectedly it happened before we got ready.

Arnav: We talk about it later. Now get ready.

Aman: Yah…

He disconnected the call and rushed to the ICU section to make arrangements.

Raizadas came to the Hospital. AR staff took Shali to the ICU. Cardiologist of AR started treating Shali.

Shali’s heartbeat started beating regular little by little. Raizadas sighed in relief. But they knew this is not permanent. To get her heart work normal, without medical support, she needs Heart transplantation. Raizadas were worried, being a small kid and also a diabetic, how will she overcome from the dangerous stage.

Later, Arnav came to Aman’s cabin with Anjali.

Arnav: What did you want to tell me?

Aman removed a newspaper from his drawer and showed it to Arnav. Anjali was also peeped into it.


Arnav and Anjali’s faces brightened seeing the news.

Aman: This is today’s newspaper. Indian Doctor, Sneha achieved it in London, yesterday.

Anjali: why not we bring her for Shali?

Arnav: Exactly.

Aman: But there is a problem.

Arnav: What?

Aman: She never comes out of UK for any surgery, especially to India.

Anjali (worriedly): But why?

Aman: Don’t know. I met Dr. Rose Aziz in a doctor’s conference which held in India last month. We discussed many things. She is serving in the same Hospital with Dr. Sneha. As is an Indian, Rose told me about Sneha that time. I will try to talk to Sneha with Rose’s help.

Arnav: Then do it.

Aman: yah I tried. Her mobile was on voice mail when I called her. I have dropped a message. We have to wait for her response.

At the same time, Aman got a call from Rose. He attended it and turned the speaker on.

Aman: Hello Doctor…

Rose: Hello Dr. Aman, I heard your voice message. I don’t know what to say. I already told you, Dr. Sneha doesn’t like to come to India.

Aman: Yah, you told me. But please let us try once. Please make us talk to her.

Rose(thinking): Mmmmm ok. I will try.

She cuts the call.

Anjali: Chotte, please let me talk to her. I believe, she won’t deny a mother. Please… please…

She cried.

Arnav: Di relax, Let me talk to her first.

Aman: Let Anju talk ASR. Sneha may melt for a mother.

Arnav nodded yes.

London, Holy Christ Hospital

Dr. Rose Aziz went to Dr. Sneha’s cabin and saw her typing a report on her laptop.

Rose: Congratulations Sneha.

Sneha (smilingly): I got wishes from all over the world and the one who is in the same hospital took a day to wish me?

Rose: Sorry dear… I…

Sneha(cutting her): Hey, just kidding. I know you were busy with a surgery.

Rose: Yah… it was a hectic surgery. By God’s grace, I have completed it successfully. (pause) Sneha… my friend wants to talk to you. will you?

Sneha: Why not? Sure.

Rose didn’t say the caller belongs to India. Sneha thought that someone from London wants to congratulate her. So she agreed to talk to the person.

Rose dialed Aman’s number. Aman saw Dr. Rose number and got tensed as Anjali and Arnav left his cabin just now. He rushed outside and saw Anjlai talking on the phone standing nearby. Aman sighed in relief.

Aman: Anjlai… Rose is calling. Come fast.

Aman attended the call before it got disconnected.

Rose: Hi, Dr. Sneha is here. You can talk to her.

Aman passed the phone to Anjali and Rose to Sneha. Before Sneha said “Hi”, Anjali started crying.

Anjali: Doctor, I beg you. please save my child who is struggling for life. Please mercy on me. she is my only child. There is no life for me without my daughter. Please don’t say NO. please….

She pleaded and Sneha looked at Rose who also pleaded through her eyes. Sneha gulped. The lady on the opposite side is talking in Hindi, which means, she belongs to India…

Anjali: Please come to India for once to save my Daughter's life Doctor. She is a budding flower. Please let the flower bloom. Please say something. Please….

Sneha doesn’t know, what to do now. Will she be adamant in her decision of not going to India? Or will she do her duty of saving an innocent life?

Sneha: Ma’am please stay calm.

Anjali froze hearing Sneha’s voice. It looked so familiar to her.

Sneha: Give me some time.

Anjali: Please doctor… please….

Sneha: Look, madam, I have my own schedule here. I can’t come leaving everything behind. I have to make arrangements.

Anjali: Jee…

Sneha sensed Anjali’s disappointed tone. She disconnected the call leaving Anjali in distress.

Sneha was sitting on her seat nervously. What a critical condition is this? Anjali’s plea echoed in her head. A mother’s miserable plea. What she could do now? As a doctor, will she fulfill her responsibility or will she stay firm in her decision of not going to India?

She closed her eyes, uttering “Hey Devi Maiya”.

To be continued…..

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