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Blue Light motorcycle racing team has its star racer namely Wang Yibo. Yes, Yibo is no doubt one of the best racers today, but due to his bad temper and behavior towards the public and having a really bad attitude. The team is facing hardship to get a pass to let Yibo continue to race. Without a pass he can't compete with any racing competition or events. This will give his company lots of losses because Yibo is their best racer. To help Yibo have a good public image again, they will hire someone that is known for his kindness, softness, and warm-hearted. Xiao Zhan is one of the rising actors and was offered to be the official endorser/ambassador of a well known automotive company called Blue Light. Xiao Zhan was liked by everyone because he is indeed a walking angel on earth. A true gift to mankind sent directly from heaven itself. However, Yibo doesn't like to be with celebrities, no matter how popular or who they are. So how on earth Xiao Zhan, can help this little ball of misery if he doesn't like celebrities? Wang Yibo, "Well, you just need to stand beside me and smile. That's your job, steal everyone's attention away from me."

Romance / Erotica
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Another day, another race, another win, another trophy. The day started great for Blue Light Motorcycle Racing team as they win again a major competition, this is their 3rd major win this year. Not to mention this is only for the first quarter of the year.

BLMR Team is considered one of the greatest racing team, they produce the 2 legendary racers of Asia, Wang ChiRo and Wen Chao. And now they are about to create another history by producing a new star racer Wang Yibo.

"Let's have a toast for our team" Said Haikuan, the current Vice-chairman of Blue Light Automotive Corporation. While celebrating Haikaun noticed that the star of the team is missing. He tried to look to the whole place and also called him multiple times but he gets no answer. He just let him and thinks that he got home after the race.


My head hurts and everything around me is spinning, my eyes are blurry and I don't think I can stand up without falling. But I got no choice but to try to stand up so I can get out of this place. So I did stand up and slowly walking towards the exit. I'm drunk and tired, I want to go home. But some bullshit won't allow me to have peace.

This idiot in front of me dumped me and now he's cursing at me?

"It is your first time in this kind of luxurious place? Fucking look at your way, you don't know who's in front of you dumbass"

I am fucking Wang Yibo, no one can talk shit about me and gets away with it.

I look at him in his eyes slowly and give him a smirk, I tilted my head to the rights but still looking at him and put my both hands on my pockets.

"Yeah, you don't know who's in front of you" once again I smirked then a chuckle escapes on my lips. I bit my lower lips before taking two steps towards him.

He sight, "I see" He nodded, "Your still young, full of energy, full of pride, full of idiocy. Let me tell you, kid, I can ruin your life, your whole family's life and every single person around you. Apologize or you will see hell"

This time I didn't just chuckle a lil'bit, but I laugh so hard because of what he just had said. Seriously? He will ruin me and my family? This man unbelievably doesn't have any clue who I am. Then I should introduce myself.

"Die motherfucking" I said in calm yet full of authority then give him a demonic gaze.

I give signals to the guards and they quickly hold the moron.

"I am Franco Elizalde, you can't do this to me. He's just a mere peasant!" The guy told the guards.

Hmm, Franco Elizalde.

"Well Mr. Franco Elizalde, I am Wang Yibo." I look to the guards "Take him"

I see the fear in this guy's eye when I mentioned my name. Well, who wouldn't be in fear if they ask for a fight on the wrong person?

Do you think I am just a racer? Tsk.

I am the second son of the owner of Blue Light Automotive Corporation. Wang Yibo.


Clearly, Yibo wasn't joking when he said those words, he is deadly serious that the man will die. Yes, not physically but in all aspects, he can. He will no doubt send the man straight to the boiling lava of hell and let him feel all the pain known to man.

As soon as he handle the man, like dissolving his contract to his investors, giving warning to other companies to not help that man, and hired someone to expose all his transactions. Yibo went home as nothing happened.

Due to alcohol as soon as he reaches his bed, he let his body collapse and at last sleep in peace.

Waking up against his will, is one of many things Yibo hates, but what can he do? There is someone banging his door to the fullest. He stands up and opens the door.

He saw his older brother Haikuan staring at him angrily.

Haikuan, "What happened?"

Yibo just gives him a what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about look.

Haikuan seems to understand Yibo's gesture so immediately give the newspaper to Yibo.

"Look, you've been exposed. Yibo, you may not be able to race anymore!"

Yibo look at the paper and saw the headline, "Wang Yibo, star racer of BLMR Team, license and pass may not be renewed due to inappropriate behavior"

"Continue" Haikuan exclaimed, telling Yibo to continue what is he reading.

"Involvement in street fights, issues of drunk driving, bad behavior this is only some of the reasons why Fast Race Asia may not give Wang Yibo a license pass next racing season."

In instant, all of Yibo's blood travels to his head and wanted to explode. Racing is the only thing he likes and truly enjoys, they can't take that away from him.

"Don't worry, I already got a plan", of all people only Haikuan really understands how important racing for Yibo, and he will not let anything take that way from his beloved little brother. "Come to my office this afternoon ok?"

Yibo just nodded and calm himself, he knows Haikuan pretty well, he never lied to him. And Haikuan is the only person he trusts.

Yibo just waited until the afternoon so he can go to his brother's office. He is just wearing an oversized plain white hoodie jacket, black ripped jeans and a pair of black Nike air force 1. He uses his matte black Ducati Panigale V4 R to go to his brother.

He is actually supposed to work in their company but he chooses to be a racer, he said he doesn't like to work in a suit and work 24/7. Minutes had past and he reaches their company. He goes straight to his brother's office.

The first thing he saw in Haikuan's office is a figure of a man, he knows that it is not Haikuan. He looks at the right side and saw his brother. Haikuan gestured to sit so he did. He is now facing the guy who's sitting on the other side.

The guys seem to be familiar for him but he can't recall where did he saw him. The guy looks like he's in the early '20s, maybe around his age 22. He's handsome indeed yet so annoying. I hate the way he smiles he said in the back of his head.

Haikuan speak breaking the silence, "Yibo, this is Xiao Zhan the new brand ambassador for Blue Light Automotive Corporation and also for our racing team, and that means he will be with you in every single event racing event, and he will also promote BLRM Team with you, I hope you don't mind. This for you"

Yibo sight before he speaks, "How can he help me with that? Haikuan are you out of your mind?"

Haikuan smiled and continue to explain, "You see Yibo, Xiao Zhan is a famous actor with great public image--"

"and let me remind you I don't like celebrities," Yibo said interrupting Haikuan.

"Let me finish ok? If Xiao Zhan will be here, with you, he will be the center of attraction, no one will butt an eye on you if the person next to you is their beloved idol. Do you get it now?"

Yibo chuckled as soon as he analyzes everything Haikuan said.

"So, what exactly my job is?" Xaio Zhan said.

Wang Yibo, "Well, you just need to stand beside me and smile. That's your job, steal everyone's attention away from me."

--------------------TO BE CONTINUED

Sorry for my bad English, I promise to fix it soon. (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

English isn't my first language. SORRYY ( 'థ,_‥థ`)

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