Willow's Child


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"Faith!" Buffy yelled above the roar of the bike's engine, subconsciously tightening her grip around the dark slayer's waist as they sped through the streets, "Can't we slow down a bit?" Faith laughed, and sped up.

"Come on, B, live a little!"

"I do live! I just try to live in ways that won't get me killed... Again!" The two slayers rode in silence for a few minutes, before Buffy spotted a familiar car. "Faith, stop!" she cried. Faith laughed again.

"Not a chance, B"

"No seriously, stop!" Buffy yelled, "I just saw Xander's car.. ahhh!" she let out a small scream as the other slayer spun the bike around unexpectedly, tires screeching.

"Where?" Faith asked looking around.

"J-just back there, out the front of that park" said Buffy, still a little shaken by their vehicle's sudden swerve. Faith nodded, driving the bike back towards the park and stopping beside Xander's car.

"This is a big park B, we better get a move on if we're gonna catch up to Red and the others"

"Yeah" Buffy replied quietly. The chosen two began walking through the park in a slightly awkward silence, which Buffy eventually broke. "Faith, about before-"

"I said forget it, B."

"I know, but I just wanted to say sorry" said Buffy. "I didn't mean to upset you, I didn't know.. I just didn't know."

"So let me guess" Faith sighed, "Now you've said sorry with that little emotion filled speech you're probably hopin' that i'm gonna open up to ya and spill all all the sad details of my crappy childhood."

"No!" said Buffy, "I mean, not if you don't want to. But if you do, that's cool too, I mean if you ever want to talk about anything you know you can come-"

"Buffy" Faith interrupted.


"Shut up. You're startin' to sound like Red when she gets her babble on."

"Oh my god, you're right!" Buffy laughed. "That was so Willow!" The thought of her witchy friend reminded Buffy of why she and her dark counterpart were here in the first place, and her laughter subsided. "Seen any of them yet?" she asked, looking around.

"Nope. No sign of Little Red either." The two slayers continued walking in silence, this time out of convenience rather than awkwardness. Buffy was looking around searching for any sign of her sister and friends, while Faith, still limping, dropped behind a little, becoming lost in her thoughts. Maybe it would help to talk to Buffy, get some stuff off her chest that had been weighing heavily on her for a long time. The psychologist she'd been forced to talk to in prison had always forced the importance of talking about things. Faith had ever bought any of that, possibly because the only person she could have talked to back then was an ensouled vampire, but now she was thinking that there might be something to it. She opened her mouth to speak when..

"Buffy!" Called Xander's voice.

"Xander!" Cried Buffy, running to her friend, "What happened?" Giles, supporting a black-eyed Andrew walked behind him, as well as Dawn who was sporting an obviously broken wrist. Xander seemed reasonably unharmed in comparison. But where was..

"They took her, Buffy" said Xander, his voice shaking. "The demons took Willow."

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