Willow's Child

See you soon Sophie

Disclaimer:I own nothing, except Sophie, who I'm sure you'll all be happy to see reappears in this chapter. Yay!

Meanwhile, curled up underneath a bridge on the far side of the park, which the demons had prevented Willow's search party from reaching, Sophie tossed and turned in her sleep, dreaming unpleasant dreams. She knew something was wrong...

Sophie ran through her dark and unfamiliar surroundings, looking around frantically.

"Willow!" the little girl cried into the darkness. "Willow, where are you?" She dropped to her knees and began to sob. Something had happened to her friend, she could sense it. Something bad had happened to Willow, and it was all her fault.

"Hey, don't cry" said a voice, as Sophie felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up into a kind face framed by long, blondish-brown hair, with deep blue eyes and a sweet lopsided smile that mirrored her own. "Hi Sophie. Do you know who I am?" The little girl nodded.

"You're Tara, the nice singing lady Willow loves. Tara, Willow's in big trouble, I think the scary demon guys gotted her!"

"I know, but it's going to be okay" said Tara, as she offered her hand to the little girl. "Would you like to come for a walk with me, Sophie?"

"Okay" said Sophie, taking the witch's hand. As the pair walked, their dark surroundings dissapeared, being replaced by a beautiful forest, teeming with life.

"Whoa" said the little girl, looking around before gazing at Tara in awe. "Did you do that?"

"Uh-huh" said Tara, smiling.

"But how?" asked Sophie, amazed. "Is you an angel?" Tara laughed.

"Well, kind of, but that's not how I made the forest, sweetie. I could make the forest because I'm a witch."

"Like Willow?"

"Yes" said Tara, her tone suddenly becoming serious, "Like Willow." The wicca crouched to meet her young companion's eye level. "Sophie, I need you to be a big girl and do something very important for me, okay?"

"Likes What?" asked Sophie, confused.

"I need you to find Willow for me."

"How?" said the little red head, her eyes widening. "I won'ts know where to start looking!"

"Trust me, you'll know" said Tara, placing a finger over the little girl's heart. "You'll feel it, in here. You just have to find her, then Willow will be able to handle everything else herself, okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie.

"Good girl" said Tara, giving her a hug. "See you soon, Sophie."

The little girl slowly began to wake, feeling very confused. How was Tara going to see her soon? She was in heaven, wasn't she? Sophie pushed these thoughts aside as she glanced at the photo she'd been hugging to her chest, remembering the task at hand.

"Don'ts worry Tara, I'll find Willow, I promise"

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