Willow's Child


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Willow feeling extremely groggy, slowly began to wake. Her vision was blurred, her head was throbbing with pain, and she could feel a warm, sticky substance trickling from her forehead down her cheek. She tried to feel where it was coming from, but something was preventing her from moving her arms. What had happened? The last thing she remembered was a voice crying out her name as she'd felt a sharp pain in her head. Giles? Dawn? No, Xander. Yes, it was definitely Xander. She could tell because the cry was just a little more anguished than it would have been coming from anyone else, due to the fact that Xander cared about her just a little more than anyone else. As her vision began to clear, Willow surveyed her surroundings, discovering that she was chained to the wall of a dark cave. Somewhere, voices were whispering.

"This whole thing is useless" hissed one voice, "She's never going to tell us where the girl is"

"We don't need her to" said another, more authoritative voice. "The child is psychically and spiritually bound to the witch, as I always feared would happen if they were to come together. None the less, it shall prove useful now, as that bond will inevitably lead the girl here" The voice paused. "Our guest is awake." Willow heard footsteps, and then a group of demons, the same ones that had been causing the Scoobies a huge pain in the ass for the past couple of days, emerged from another part of the cave. The largest one gave Willow a grin that sent shivers down her spine.

"Hello, Miss Rosenberg. You are uncomfortable, I trust?" It grinned again, causing Willow another shiver, but she quickly recovered, glaring at the demon.

"I'm not telling you where Sophie is, but you already know that." She had decided not to mention that the little girl had run away, because then, of course, the demons would go looking for her, and no way in hell was Willow going to put Sophie in more danger than she already was.

"How cute, she named it!" another demon cackled. Willow's eyes narrowed.

"Sophie is not an it!" the witch growled. "She is a human child!"

"Well, that depends on your definition of human" said the first demon, "You see, this child- Sophie, as you call her- was not born naturally." Casting a glance at Willow to see her reaction, it saw the wicca raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"She was created, from magic." The demon paused. "From a part of you, as a matter of fact."

"Me?" said Willow, eyes widening.

"Yes, you and that other witch. The dead one, who's name escapes me..."

"Tara" Willow choked out, a lump forming in her throat.

"Yes, now I remember. You were at you're most powerful while you were with her, so for our purposes, it made sense that she should make up the other half of the child's DNA"

"So.." said Willow, as realisation dawned. It all made sense now. Sophie's eyes were Tara's. Sophie's adorable lopsided smile was Tara's. How had she not seen it before? "So Sophie's our.."

"She is not your anything!" another demon snarled. "She is a tool to be used by us in a ritual to steal your magic and bring that power under our control. "Okay" Willow thought, feeling the anger bubbling up inside her. "Now I'm really mad. As soon as I get out of these chains, those demons are so dead."

"How dare you?" Willow growled. "How dare you bring a child, my child,into the world just so you can use her to steal my magic?!" However, the witch's anger quickly turned to panic when she heard familiar footsteps, and a just as familiar small red-haired figure appeared, wielding a stick.

"Gets away from Willow you big meanies!"

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