Willow's Child

The Most Powerful Magic

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"Sophie, get out of here!" Willow yelled as the demons rounded on the little girl. "It's dangerous!"

"I just founded you!" The little girl cried, backing up against the wall as the demons approached. "I can't leaves you now! I maked a promise!" Willow, helplessly struggling against the chains that bound her to the wall, briefly wondered who Sophie could have made a promise too, but she pushed these thoughts away, as there were more important matters at hand.

"Sophie, please, get out of here now!"

"No!" Sophie stubbornly repeated. "I promised, and you never breaks a promise!" She swung her stick at a demon who was getting too close, and it roared in anger.

"Stupid brat!" The demon growled as it raised a clawed hand and smacked Sophie across the face, knocking the little girl to the ground. Sophie's brave front crumpled and she began to cry, a sound that made Willow's heart ache.

"Leave her alone, she's just a little girl!" Willow cried, as she continued to struggle against the chains. She tried pulling at them telekinetically, but it was useless. The wicca knew that both she and her newly discovered daughter were in trouble. Big trouble. Trouble of Big bad-like proportions. This would be an excellent moment for Buffy to conveniently burst in and make one of her impeccably timed rescues. But she didn't. They would need a miracle to get out of this now. "Please" Willow thought to herself, her head bowed. "Gods and goddesses and Powers that be and anyone who's listening. Please, help." Thankfully, somebody out there was listening, because suddenly, the chains began to glow, and for a few seconds, Willow felt incredibly safe and warm, then the chains disappeared, causing her to fall to the ground with a thump. Knowing that there was no time to marvel at what had just happened, Willow stood and telekinetically hurled one of the demons at the cave wall, distracting the others from their pursuit of Sophie.

"I thought you said those chains were resistant to magic!" one demon hissed at the largest demon, who appeared to be the leader.

"I thought they were!" it replied, turning to Willow. "How did you escape?"

"Call it maternal instinct" said Willow. "Ever seen those documentaries on Animal Planet? You should never stand between a mommy and her baby, so if I were you, I'd get away from this mommy's baby right now or else you probably won't live to tell the tale."

"Is that so?" said the demon, smirking as he gestured at the others to turn and face her. "And how are you going to do that?"

"Umm.." said Willow, as the confidence she'd had just seconds before quickly faded. How was she going to do that? She really hadn't thought this plan through. At that moment, Sophie got to her feet, bravely ducking and weaving through the demons legs as she ran to Willow, taking the witch's hand.

"You can beats them Willow, I knows you can!" Willow felt an enormous rush of love for the little girl, and with it came a rush of power. She could almost hear Tara's voice whispering in her ear.

"They say the most powerful magic comes from the love between a parent and their child." Willow did love Sophie. She loved her more than anything else in the world, and she'd felt that way even before she'd discovered that the little girl was her daughter. Sophie had shone a kind of light into her life that she had thought she'd never have again after she lost Tara. And now Willow also knew that in Sophie, a little piece of Tara had been given back to her, which made her love the little girl even more. The wicca looked down into the blue eyes she had loved so much in Tara, eyes that she adored just as much in their daughter. A small bruise was beginning to form on the little girl's cheek.

"I can beat them, but I need a little help. Don't let go of my hand okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie. Willow closed her eyes, concentrating, while Sophie balled her free hand into a fist, shaking it at the demons. "Scary demon guys, prepares to be hurted very very badly!" The demons laughed for a second, but soon stopped, eyes widening. Forming in front of Willow was a large ball of the purest magic they had ever seen, and it was growing larger by the second. The demons stepped backwards, becoming frightened. The ball began to split into many smaller balls. The demons ran, but the balls of magic scatttered and chased the demons, seeking out and destroying every last one.

"Yay!" Sophie cried, jumping into the air. "You did it Willow, you did it!"

"No, we did it" said Willow, smiling happily as she scooped the little girl into her arms and spun her around. "Want to know the really cool thing I found out today?"

"What?" Sophie giggled.

"I found out I'm your mommy!" Sophie's eyes widened.


"Uh-huh" Willow nodded. She stopped spinning, and her smile faded slightly. "Tara was your mommy too. I'm going to make sure you know everything about her, okay?"

"Okay" said Sophie. Willow hugged her daughter tighter, unaware of the two slayers arriving belatedly to the rescue who had witnessed this exchange. Faith turned to Buffy, who was surprised to see her dark counterpart's eyes watering.

"Buffy" Faith choked, "The wish, I think you should.."

"I know" said Buffy. "In fact, I feel like a complete idiot for not thinking of it before."

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