Willow's Child

The Powers Return

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Buffy walked further into the cave, drawing the attention of her wiccan friend.

"Buffy!" Willow cried, her slightly sombre face breaking into a smile, "Gee, you couldn't have got here, oh, about twenty minutes ago when the demons were trying to kill us?"

"Sorry Will" said Buffy. "I probably would have been here if it wasn't for Miss Limpy over there." She gestured at Faith who was hobbling over, occasionally wincing, her limp noticeably worse.

"Ooh, that looks bad."

"I know" said Buffy, frowning. "I tried to get her to go home with Xander and the others, but you know Faith."

"Yeah" said Willow. "Is everyone okay?" She readjusted Sophie's position. The little girl was beginning to fall asleep, sucking her thumb while her head rested on her mother's shoulder. Buffy was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt at some of the things she had said about the little girl. Faith, feeling something amiss with her sister slayer, saved her from explaining about the others, wiping her eyes beforehand so Willow didn't notice that she'd been crying.

"Pipsqueak broke a wrist, and Andrew got a little beat up, but that's nothin' new. Xander and the G-man are fine."

"Good. Um, guys, there's something I have to tell you about Sophie.."

"We know, Red" Faith cut her off. "Heard you talkin' about it when we came in."

"Yeah" said Buffy, shifting uncomfortably. "I'm really sorry about not treating her that well. You know if I'd known she was yours I never would have.."

"It's okay Buff" Willow smiled. "You've got plenty of time to make up for it now right? You can be Auntie Buffy!"

"Yeah, I'd like that. Um, if you don't mind me asking, how did Sophie, uh.. happen, exactly? And what happened to the demons?"

"Can I explain later?" said Willow, glancing at the now sleeping child in her arms. "As you can see, Sophie's a little tired so I kind of wanna get her home."

So Buffy, Faith, Willow and Sophie began to head home. Willow walked a bit ahead of her friends, because Buffy hung back offering support to the injured Dark slayer.

"For god's sake Faith, your knee's swollen up like a football! You should have let Xander take you home!"

"Thinkin' that I was leavin' you to face those demons by yourself? No way in hell, B" said Faith. "We're pretty much equal in strength right? If I couldn't hold 'em off chances are you couldn't have either." She paused, waiting for her words to sink in before changing the subject. "Now that that's outta the way, what ya waitin' for B? Call the Powers and make ya damn wish already!"

"I don't think it works that way Faith" Buffy sighed. "The Powers that be control, well, everything. I'm pretty sure I have to wait for them to come back to me, and they said I had a week."

"So, they should be back on Friday night then, right?"

"Yeah. I guess there's one upside to that."

"What?" Faith asked. Buffy's face broke into a wide smile.

"It's Willow's birthday on Saturday."

Once they were back at the house, and Willow had tucked Sophie into bed, the witch explained to Buffy, Faith, and the others exactly how Sophie had come to be, and how, with Sophie's help, she had defeated the demons. After getting over the initial shock of these revelations, Xander hugged Willow, declaring himself Sophie's favourite uncle.

"Oh my god, she really is yours, isn't she?" Dawn squealed, running to join the hug. "She's got your hair, and Tara's eyes! I'll babysit whenever you want!"

"I knew the dear little thing reminded me of someone" Giles smiled, also joining the hug. Andrew, for no apparent reason, joined in too. Buffy, however, didn't. She'd already said everything she needed to say to Willow regarding Sophie, so she remained in her place on the couch beside Faith, who "Didn't do hugs". The Dark slayer, her bad leg currently propped up on a stool, leaned closer to Buffy, winking as she whispered:

"Best is yet to come, hey B?"

"Yeah" Buffy smiled.

The next few days passed agonisingly slowly for Buffy, but thankfully there were no further demonic incidents. Willow spent most of her time with Sophie, showing her old photo albums filled with pictures of Tara, and going shopping to buy her clothes and toys. This was not unusual. In fact, it was only to be expected. The thing Buffy did find unusual during those few days was that Faith was still around. The wish had been sorted out, so Buffy had expected her sister slayer to be up and away as soon as her leg was healed, which had only taken a day once she'd settled down and actually rested it. But no, the Dark slayer was still here. She'd even gone out on patrol a couple of times. But Buffy didn't mention this, knowing that if she did, Faith would run, and despite their somewhat troubled past, Buffy liked having the younger girl around.

Finally, Friday night came. It was late, and Buffy and Faith were the only ones awake. Faith stretched, yawning sleepily.

"I'm gonna hit the sack, B. Big guys probably want ya on your own anyway." Faith began heading up the stairs.

"Night, Faith. Oh, I left something up there for you." The Dark slayer raised her eyebrows.


"Just something I thought you needed" Buffy replied. "I got them the day Willow was kidnapped, and completely forgot about them until this afternoon."

"Oh. Okay then. Night, B." Faith continued continued up the stairs, and into her room. Neatly folded on the corner of the bed was a pair of black pyjamas. The top showed a picture of a teddy bear sitting on a motor bike, and the pants were covered in miniature versions of the same image. A note lay on top of them.


Pink is so not your colour. These are a lot more "you".


Faith gave a small chuckle as she changed into her new pyjamas, which, she had to admit, were a lot more "her".

"Thanks, B."

Meanwhile, back downstairs, Buffy was still waiting for return visit from the Powers. Eventually she felt herself become once again enshrouded in an all encompassing white light.

"Your time is up, slayer" came the familiar voice. "What is your wish?" Buffy took a deep breath.

"I wish to ressurect Tara Maclay."

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