Willow's Child

Making Up For Lost Time

Disclaimer:I own nothing, except Sophie.

"Hey, lovebirds!" Xander called to Willow and Tara, "The pancakes are getting cold.." he trailed off, his one eye registering what was going on outside. "Oh my god!" he yelled, running to the window, forcing Willow and Tara to part so he didn't crash into them.

"What is it Xander?" asked Giles, poking his head out of the kitchen.

"It's Buffy and Faith, they're.." he blinked, to be sure his eye wasn't deceiving him. "They're making out!"

"What?!" Yelled Andrew and Dawn in unison, running to join Xander at the window.

"Good Lord" mumbled Giles, cleaning his glasses.

"Oh my god they really are making out!" cried Dawn. "I so did not see that coming!"

"Sophie did" said Willow, smiling at her daughter as she waved at them from the kitchen, her face covered in a sticky mess of maple syrup and pancake crumbs.

"Well, sometimes kids are just better at seeing the little things than we are." said Tara, wrapping her arms around Willow's waist, and smiling her lopsided smile. "And sometimes, little things mean more than the big things ever could." As Tara leaned in to kiss her, Willow smiled, knowing exactly what she was talking about. When she and Tara had first held hands so they could move the vending machine and keep the gentleman from reaching them, Willow knew she had felt something special. Little had she known at the time, it was just the beginning of something amazing.

Outside, Faith and Buffy finally broke apart, the need for oxygen becoming too great.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to stick around for a bit" said Faith, grinning. She snaked an arm around Buffy's waist as they began walking back towards the house. "Besides, Little Red needs at least one cool aunt. I can be the one who gives the kid candy when Red and Blondie say no, and let's her stay up late when we babysit." They walked inside, seeing Xander focusing extremely hard on the TV, and Andrew whistling. Buffy sighed.

"You saw us through the window didn't you?"

"Uh.. yeah" Xander admitted. Faith cocked an eyebrow at him, smirking.

"Enjoy the show Xan-man?"

"Um, well, uh..." Xander murmured. Andrew snuck into the kitchen, thankful that the two slayer's attention was not on him..

"Well, you better get ready for a repeat performance," said Faith, pulling Buffy closer and lowering her lips to hers, "'cause I plan on kissin' B a lot from now on."

The rest of the day was mostly spent with the gang just being together, like the family they were. After they got over their initial shock, everyone was happy for Buffy and Faith, with Giles saying that nothing the girls did should really surprise him anymore. Andrew was a little awkward around Tara, but once the kind wicca had assured the Watcher-in-training that she didn't blame him for what Warren had done, and she fully accepted that he was now on the side of good, Andrew relaxed, and the pair had united to rescue the other Scoobies from Buffy's attempt at baking Willow a birthday cake. After that crisis had been averted, Tara sat looking through photo albums with Sophie sitting on her knee and Willow snuggled up to her side, listening patiently as her little girl "Helped" her remember where she was what she had been doing in each and every photo.

That night, after they had put Sophie to bed, Willow and Tara stood watching their daughter sleeping.

"She's really ours. It's amazing, isn't it?" said Willow softly.

"Yeah" Tara smiled.

"You know, it scares me to think about what would have happened to her if she'd never found me that night in the park."

"I know."

"Those demons had her for three years, Tara that's three years we have to make up for." Tara nodded, and the two witches stood watching the sleeping child for a few more minutes, before Tara began planting a trail of kisses down Willow's neck.

"We have time to make up for too" she whispered.

"Um, Tara.." said Willow, trying desperately to maintain some coherent thought, "Maybe you should just .. stop that, for a second..."

"I know about Kennedy, and I don't care, if that's what you're worried about."

"No" said Willow, letting out a small gasp as Tara reached her collarbone. "I just think we should move out of here, 'cause you're kinda making me wanna do things to you that would be really inappropriate while we're still in our three-year old's bedroom..." Tara paused, grabbing Willow's hand and heading for the door, blushing, embarrassed with herself for getting carried away.

"Good point, baby"

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