Willow's Child

Weeping Willow

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Meanwhile, a few kilometres away, Willow was walking through the park, completely unaware of her friend's encounter with the higher powers. As a matter of fact, she was completely unaware of anything. Her midnight wanderings had led the witch to her destination so often that her feet would take her there without having to think about it. When the red-head reached this destination, she stopped. It was a tree. A Weeping Willow, to be exact. As Willow flopped down onto the grass underneath the tree, she gave a small chuckle at how well her name seemed to fit her lately. Not that she physically cried a lot, but she was definitely not the poster girl for perfect happiness. Sighing, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a photograph of Tara. She had a lot of photos of Tara. She had a lot of photos of everyone actually. When everyone was packing their bags with "important stuff" for life after the battle with the First, Willow was more concerned with saving sentimental items: Tara's water-colour pencils, some of her drawings, a singing teddy bear that Tara had given her one Valentine's Day, and a heck of a lot of photos, including one very early picture of the Scooby gang, taken when she, Buffy, Xander and Giles were the only members, and one taken a while later, after Oz and Cordelia had joined. Willow felt a small rush of sadness. Cordelia was another one of the people who had been lost in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Sure, the two girls had never been best friends, in fact it was the opposite, but that didn't mean Willow wanted her to die. She hadn't wanted Jesse, Ms. Calendar, Kendra, or Anya to die either. And not Tara. Especially not Tara.

"But just because you don't want something to happen doesn't mean it won't" said Willow, thinking aloud to herself. She hadn't wanted to have her soulmate snatched away from her, or have all the light ripped from her her life in one cruel blow. She hadn't wanted to go all scary and veiny on her friends, make with the flaying, and try to bring on the apocalypse because of said soulmate-snatching and light-ripping. But those things had happened, and there was nothing she could do to change it. Willow let her eyes fall on the photo in her hands. It was one of her favourites, and she carried it everywhere. It had been taken at the beach, a few months after they had started dating. Tara had just come out of the water, with her hair dripping, and the sun making droplets of water twinkle on her skin. Willow fought back the tears that were threatening to fall and tucked the photo back into her pocket. She stood and began to head home, when suddenly, a tiny figure came bolting down the path towards her, and not looking where they were going, crashed into Willow's leg. It was a little girl, with clothes torn to rags, and flaming hair a similar shade to Willow's. She was staring up at the witch with wide blue eyes which reminded Willow of someone, though she could not think of who.

"Hey" she said, offering the girl a kind smile. "Are you los-" Before Willow could finish her question, she spotted two demons, with blue skin, yellow horns, and long tails bolting up the path in the same direction the girl had come.

"Are those scary guys chasing you?" The little girl nodded, and buried her face in Willow's pants. "Don't worry" said Willow, as the demons approached, "Get behind me, I'll protect you." The girl obeyed, and the demons stopped short, eyes widening in surprise and fear at the sight of the red-headed witch. Willow smirked. Ever since she'd nearly caused the apocalypse, Willow had become just as feared and respected by evil as Buffy was. Taking advantage of their surprise, the witch raised her arm and telekinetically hurled the first demon away, knocking him out on a lamp post. She raised an eyebrow at the second demon.

"Well, are you going to leave peacefully, or do I have to open a can of wiccan woopass on you too?"

"I mean no disrespect, Miss Rosenberg" snarled the demon, taking a fighting stance, "But that child belongs to us."

"She belongs with her parents" said Willow.

"I don't gots any parents" said the little girl, clinging to Willow.

"See?" the demon hissed, taking a step closer, "Just hand her over, no one will miss her"

"No" said Willow.

"Okay then. Boys!" suddenly, more demons appeared, surrounding Willow. The little girl whimpered, and Willow's eyes widened.

"Uh-oh, I'm in trouble."

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