Willow's Child

What's in a name?

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Willow fell asleep downstairs while watching over the little girl. The next morning, she was woken by the child tugging on her sleeve.

"Hello? Miss magic lady? Wake up" said the girl.

"Oh, good morning" said Willow, stretching. She gave the girl a smile. "You know, in all the excitement last night, I forgot to ask you your name. I'm Willow."

"Nice to meets you Miss Willow" said the little girl. "I don't gots a name."

"Well that's uh..." said Willow, looking puzzled, "That's a little unusual. But not a problem!" she added quickly, seeing the child begin to pout. "We'll just think of a name for you! Hmm.. well, we can't just keep calling you Little red like Faith said, even though that's probably what she'll do..

"Who's Faith?" the little girl asked.

"The lady with the motorbike" answered Willow, still deep in thought. "Um, are there any names you like?" The girls brow scrunched up in thought.

"I like Sophie" she said eventually. Willow froze.

"W-what did you say?" the wicca stammered.


"You know, they say that some of the most powerful magic comes from the love between a parent and their child" said Tara, flipping through a magic book while she sat on the edge of the bed. Willow let out a small chuckle, flopping down beside her lover.

"I don't think that's true with either our parents babe"

"Probably not" Tara admitted, "But I thought that maybe if we ever have kids, not right now of course, but sometime in the future that maybe.. well, maybe it would be true for us"

"I think it would definitely be true for us" Willow smiled, resting her head on Tara's shoulder. "So, what would we call them?" Tara raised her eyebrows.

"It's a little soon to be thinking about that isn't it?"

"Hey, you brought it up" said Willow, "and besides, some people don't come up with a name for their baby for a week after they're born, so it pays to think ahead" Tara nodded,thinking as she began to fiddle with Willow's hair.

"I like Sophie" she said.

End flashback

"Willow? Miss Willow?" The little girl cried, shaking the red-head's shoulder. Her eyes began to fill with tears. "Did I say something wrong? Is Sophie a bad name?"

"What?" said Willow, breaking out of her trance. "No, Sophie's a good name, it's just... never mind, it's a great name, it suits you." Willow meant this. The name did suit her. The little girl, Sophie, smiled, a slightly crooked smile that once again reminded Willow of someone, but she could still not think of who, even though she felt like the answer should be slapping her in the face.

Meanwhile, Buffy was sitting in her room upstairs, still wondering what the hell she was going to wish for, as she'd never had the chance to ask Willow. And seeing how her friend was so preoccupied with her little rescuee, it didn't look like she'd get the chance anytime soon. She sighed and stood up, heading to Faith's room, or rather, the room Faith called a spare room but was known as Faith's room to everybody else, thinking the younger woman might be able to help her with her problem. And even if she couldn't, Buffy reasoned, it was probably worth letting her sister slayer know about the wish, because the same thing might happen to her when her tenth anniversary came up in a couple of years. She knocked softly on the door.

"Faith? You awake?"

"Yeah. Come on in, B" said Faith. Buffy entered the room, raising her eyebrow at the sight of Faith in bright pink pyjamas. "What?"said Faith, looking annoyed. "I needed new PJs and these were all I could afford"

"You could have just borrowed money from Giles or something" said Buffy, sitting on the corner of the bed which her fellow slayer currently occupied. "The Watcher's council pretty much pays for everything for us now"

"I've never been one for takin' handouts B" Faith shrugged, "And I'm pretty sure you didn't come in here to go yappin' on about my pink jammies, so spill"

"Well..." Buffy began.

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