Willow's Child


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"Whoa" said Faith, after Buffy had finished explaining. "That's... that's some big stuff there B"

"You got that right" Buffy muttered.

"So, you got any idea what you're gonna ask for?"

"Not a clue" said Buffy, shaking her head. "I was going to ask Willow if she had any ideas, but seeing as she's a little preoccupied at the moment, I was kinda wondering if you could help me. Any suggestions?"

"Err.. World peace?"

"Faith! This is serious!"

"I was being serious. It's really not that easy thinkin' up ideas for a potentially life alterin' wishes B" said Faith, "Maybe you should call the G-man again and see if he can think of anythin' " Buffy sighed, and shook her head.

"There's not much point. He and Andrew are flying in from London to visit in a few days anyway."

"Why? Oh yeah, almost forgot, it's Red's birthday next week right? Hey, maybe you could do something for her with your wish."

"Maybe.." said Buffy, a possible idea forming in her mind, "But I'll think about it a bit more first."

Meanwhile downstairs, after being filled in on the events of the previous night by Willow, Dawn was in the kitchen helping the witch make pancakes for Sophie, who was in the living room watching cartoons. Suddenly Xander came marching into the house, looking very annoyed.

"Buffy!" he called, "You forgot to call me back last night! You know how I hate being left out of the loop, just because I don't live with you guys anymore doesn't mean I..." he paused in the living room, seeing a little girl on the couch staring at him. "Uh... hi"

"Hi. I'm Sophie. It's very nice to meets you Xander." Xander looked confused.

"How do you know my name?" he asked. Sophie shrugged, turning her blue eyes back to the TV as Willow bounced into the room, covered in what appeared to be flour.

"Hey Xander" she greeted her friend, sounding happier than she had in a long time, "Sophie here's never tried pancakes, so we decided to correct this situation immediately." Xander opened his mouth to ask why Sophie would somehow know his name, and to find out why the hell Willow was running past his apartment with a kid in the middle of the night, but was interrupted by Buffy and Faith coming down the stairs, having heard him calling.

"Hey Xand, sorry I didn't call, there was just so much going on last night and I got distracted."

"That's okay Buff, but now would somebody please explain to me what the hell was going on last night?"

"Well, it's like this Xan-man" said Faith, "for some reason that I don't know, Red was walking in the park in the middle of the night and ended up rescuing Little Red over there from demons. Demons called back up, Red grabbed the kid and ran, I turned up to save the day... did I miss anything?"

"No" said Willow, "I think that pretty much covers it."

"Pancakes are ready!" called Dawn from the kitchen.

"Good" said Xander, heading into the kitchen, "I haven't had breakfast yet."

"And I haven't had a decent breakfast since last time I was here" said Faith, following him. Willow was about to take Sophie and follow as well, until Buffy pulled her aside.

"So, do you know the kid's name yet?"

"Uh..." said Willow. She didn't know how to explain that strictly speaking, the girl didn't have a name and they had just made one up.

"It's an easy question Will" said Buffy, "Either you do or you don't." Willow thought for a second, before deciding to say a half-truth.

"Sophie. Her name is Sophie." Buffy nodded.

"Well, we better take her down to Child services later today"

"What? No!" Willow cried. "What if the demons come after her again?" Sophie, who until now had been happily enjoying the antics of Spongebob Squarepants, leapt off the couch, running over to hug Willow's leg as if she had somehow sensed what the conversation was about.

"Please don't makes me go away!" she cried, "I wants to stay with Willow!"

"It's okay sweetie" said Willow, lifting the child into her arms and hugging her, "Don't cry, Buffy didn't mean it, did you Buffy?" she gave the slayer a slightly cold stare, and Buffy sighed.

"She can stay until we find out why the demons wanted her, but then we need to get her back to where she belongs. Just... try not to get too attached Will"

"I won't" said Willow, even though she knew it was already too late.

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