Willow's Child

Shared dreams

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"So" said Buffy, explaining to Faith and Xander about her earlier conversation with a certain red-haired wicca, "I told Will we should take Sophie to child services and she totally freaked out on me. But what else are we supposed to do? I mean, it's sad that she's got no parents, but we can't just keep her." Xander nodded in agreement, but Faith, sitting with her knees pulled up in front of her on the couch, just stared at her feet, apparently deep in thought.

"Faith, what do you think?" asked Buffy. The dark slayer looked up, meeting the blonde's eyes.

"I think I'm gonna have to go with Red on this one B" she said. "I've been part of the foster care system and let me tell ya, it ain't pretty. Sure, you could be lucky and get put with someone that actually cares, but chances are you'll just end up with some bastards who are only in it for the money. Or if you're really lucky, you could be like me and wind up with the psychos who just wanna feed you to their Vampire son."

"Whoa!" said Xander, his one remaining eye widening. "No wonder you were so messed up!"

That night, as Willow tucked Sophie into bed in another of the house's spare rooms which was conveniently located just across the hall from her own, her eyes fell on a drawing the little girl had done earlier that day. She had let Sophie use Tara's pencils, which had earned the wicca another warning from Buffy about not getting too attached, but she ignored her. The drawing showed one tall red haired figure, which Willow assumed to be herself, holding the hand of a smaller figure, whom she guessed was Sophie. A blonde figure who for some reason looked vaguely familiar was holding Sophie's other hand.

"Sophie" Willow asked, pointing to the picture, "Who's this?"

"The lady who was singing to you in my dream" said Sophie, yawning. For the second time that day, Willow froze at the child's words.

"Um, do you know what she was singing about?"

"I don'ts remember" said the girl, snuggling deeper into the bedclothes as she began to drift off. "Something abouts being under a spell.." Willow felt a lump in her throat. She stood and slowlybacked out of the room, careful not to wake the now sleeping Sophie. The girl had dreamt about Tara last night, and, coincedentally, so had Willow.

"But that's all it is," the witch said to herself as she entered her bedroom and began changing into her pyjamas. "Just a weird, freaky, Sunnydale-ish coincedence." With that thought, Willow climbed into bed, completely unaware that another "weird, freaky Sunnydale-ish coincedence" was only a few hours away...

A gunshot is heard, and Willow's shirt is splattered with blood.

"Your shirt.." whispered Tara, falling to the ground.


"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sophie screamed, pulling Willow from one of her frequent nightmares. She leapt from her bed and bolted into the little girl's room, finding her wailing at the top of her lungs.

"Sophie!" Willow yelled over the girl's cries, rushing to pull the child into her arms, "Sophie, what's wrong?"

"They shooted Tara!" she wailed, "they shooted the nice singing lady!" Willow pulled Sophie closer to her, letting the child cry into her chest. Whatever was going on here, it was no coincedence.

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