Willow's Child

Mind reader

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Willow was still trying desperately to calm the screaming Sophie when Buffy entered the room, followed by Dawn and Faith.

"What's wrong with her?" Buffy yelled, as Dawn, who had also taken a shine to the little girl, partly because her presence meant Dawn wasn't the baby of the household anymore, rushed to help Willow comfort her.

"Well that's pretty damn obvious" said Faith, "The poor kid's had a nightmare B." Faith looked to the crying child, then to Willow, and her normally tough expression softened slightly. "Try singin' to her Red" she said, "That helps sometimes."

"Sing?" asked Willow, "But I have no idea what to... actually..." she paused, leaning closer to Sophie's ear, and began singing so softly that the others couldn't hear. "I'm under your spell, nothing I can do, you just took my soul with you. You worked your charm so well, finally I knew, everything I dreamed was true. You make me believe." The song seemed to calm the little girl, and her screams soon subsided, being replaced by quiet sobs.

"That worked well" said Dawn, surprised. "What did you sing to her?"

"Does it really matter?" said Willow, standing up with Sophie still in her arms. "I'll take her back to bed with me, just in case she has another nightmare." Buffy gave the wicca a stern look.

"Willow" she warned.

"I'm not getting too attached" Willow protested, though she subconsciously clutched Sophie closer to her chest. "That's just what you're supposed to do when a kid has a nightmare, right?"

"I guess so" Buffy sighed.

"Right. Goodnight everyone" Willow left the room. Buffy sighed again, and began heading back to her room. Faith and Dawn followed suit.

"Hey Faith" said Dawn as they reached their rooms, which were next to each other, "How did you know that singing would help?"

"It doesn't matter" said Faith, a little defensively. "Just go to bed Pipsqueak"

Meanwhile, in Willow's room, she had just tucked Sophie into bed and was climbing in beside her.

"Willow, was you in loves with Tara?" the little girl asked suddenly.

"Um.. well.." Willow paused, wondering if she should really explain a concept like being gay to a three-year old. Sophie couldn't be much older than three, four at the most. But Willow didn't feel like she could lie to the little girl, so she didn't.

"Yes" she answered, "I was very in loves.. love with Tara."

"But then the bad man shooted her?"

"Yeah" said Willow, feeling a little uncomfortable. She didn't want this conversation to lead into what she had done after Tara's death, so she changed the subject, asking a question which had plagued her since earlier that night.

"Can you read people's minds Sophie?"

"Whats do yo mean?"

"Do you know what other people are thinking?" said the witch, simplifying her question. Sophie thought for a moment.

"You, sometimes." The little girl yawned, snuggling closer to the woman lying beside her, her heavy eyelids beginning to close. "I knowed you were going to help me get away from the scary guys, and I knows... I knows you're worried about getting too attacheded to me when Buffy tolds you nots to..." Sophie trailed off, asleep, and Willow found herself absent mindedly stroking the little girl's hair.

"You got that right kiddo."

AN: Awww! I really like how I'm writing the Willow-Sophie relationship. What do you guys think?

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