Willow's Child


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"Buffy!" Dawn scolded her older sister, who had become distracted by a display of half-price shoes at the mall, "We're supposed to be looking for Faith!"

"Right, sorry" said Buffy, her mind returning to the task at hand. "Let's get going."

"I don't even know why the hell we came here in the first place" Dawn grumbled. "Faith hates going shopping."

"No she doesn't, not really" said Buffy. "It just kind of frustrates her that she can never afford anything. Not anything she really wants, anyway. And one time, before she went rogue and joined The Mayor, I heard her talking to Mom about how she didn't have enough money to buy me a birthday present" Buffy paused, her voice softening. "She sounded really upset about it actually. I wasn't supposed to hear. I'd just got out of the shower, they had no idea I was there."

"Okay" Dawn shifted, feeling a little un comfortable and wanting to change the subject. "Where do we look next?"

"Hmm. If I was Faith, where would I go.. oh god, I'm such an idiot!" said Buffy smacking herself on the forehead.

"Why?" asked Dawn, puzzled.

"The graveyard!" Buffy yelled, sprinting for the exit. "That should have been the first place we looked!"

Meanwhile, Willow had taken Sophie with her to the airport to pick up Giles and Andrew. She was worried that Buffy and Dawn were taking so long to return from their search for Faith, but if she hadn't left she wouldn't have made it to the airport in time.

"Don'ts worry Willow" Sophie had said in the car, reading the mind of her wiccan companion. "Buffy will be okay, she always is."

"I know she will sweetie" Willow had replied, smiling at the little girl. Now the pair were sitting in the airport waiting patiently for Giles and Andrew to arrive.

"Oh there they are!" Willow cried happily, waving at her former mentor and his new mentee. "See Sophie, the man with the glasses is Giles, and the guy having trouble with his suitcase is Andrew." Sophie looked confused.

"I thought you said Giles was your friend."

"He is" said Willow, not understanding what her young friend was getting at.

"But he looks too olds to be your friend Willow" said Sophie. "He looks more like a daddy."

"Well, he is kind of like a daddy," Willow laughed, "to me and Buffy, to everyone really. Giles!" she cried happily, throwing her arms around the Watcher, who was now standing in front of her. Andrew was walking a few metres behind, still struggling with his suitcase.

"Hello Mister Giles" said Sophie, hugging the man's leg. Giles raised his eyebrows at the little girl.

"And who might you be?" he asked.

"My name's Sophie. Willow saveded me from some scary demon guys."

"I sure did!" the wicca smiled. "Buffy wanted to take her to child services, but I said we should keep her with us until we know why the demons wanted her."

"Yes, of course. Good thinking Willow" said Giles, pulling his thoughts away from trying to remember who this admittedly quite gorgeous child was reminding him of. "Well, let's get on then. Hurry up Andrew, it can't be that heavy."

Buffy sped into the graveyard, lungs burning. With her slayer speed, she had left Dawn behind long ago. Ever since the battle with the first the slayer bond between Buffy and Faith had been stronger than ever before. Buffy knew something was wrong, and it didn't take her long to discover what it was. Her worst fears were realised when she spotted the Dark slayer's unconscious form crumpled on the ground.

"FAITH!" Buffy screamed, bolting forward and dropping to her knees beside the younger girl. "Faith, come on, wake up! Faith!"

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