Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 10

Jessie still held on tightly to Paige as they went back up the first set of stairs. There was a bathroom on the third floor, but the only tub was in the big bathroom that Paige used.

Paige stopped on the first landing and looked over to the kitchen. "Hey Charlie, could you bring a change of clothes for her to the bathroom?"

"Sure," Charlie said, walking over to the stairs. "We bought some kid-friendly shampoo and stuff too. I'll go get it."

The girls walked up the rest of the stairs together and Charlie continued passed Paige to go get the clothes out of Jessie's new room.

Paige managed to get the water running while still holding Jessie, checking to make sure that it wasn't too hot.

"Is it ok if I help you?" Paige asked her softly. There was no reaction, which Paige took as a yes.

Paige sat on her knees and tried to stand Jessie up in front of her, but the girl wasn't cooperating too well.

"I'm right here," Paige said to her. "You'll feel so much better."

Jessie took one of her hands and reached around behind her, tapping at her own back.

"Ohh," Paige said with a smile, "the water won't hurt your back. Let's take off the patches and we can have Mike put some new ones on when we're all done, ok?"

The girl nodded and allowed Paige to stand her up. Paige took off the girl's adult-sized shirt, which had gone all the way to her knees.

Jessie rested her head up against the front Paige's shoulder, and Paige did her best to quickly remove the medical tape and the gauze pads from the girl's back.

"Paige..." Charlie said. She walked into the bathroom with some clothes in one hand and some toiletries in the other. "Here's the shampoo, clean underwear, a shirt and shorts. I hope it fits."

"Thank you so much," Paige said to her. "Just set it by the sink." Jessie wouldn't look at Charlie. Despite knowing that Paige probably needed the help, Charlie went back downstairs so that she didn't scare the kid.

When Paige started to take off the girl's leggings, she could see some faded bruising on the sides of her thighs. It was obvious to Paige that Jessie hadn't changed out of those pants in a few days.

Jessie stepped out of the pants and underwear, and Paige gently lifted her over the side of the tub and sat her in the shallow water.

She put some liquid soap on a washcloth and started to gently scrub to try and get the dirt off of Jessie's face, arms, neck and chest. She put one hand behind the girl's head and dipped her back to get her hair wet.

She squeezed some of the shampoo into her hand and started to wash Jessie's hair. The entire time, the girl just stared at Paige.

After a minute or so, Paige lowered her back down again, holding her so that her face was out of the water, and used her other hand to get the shampoo out.

There was a knock on the wall outside the bathroom. "Can I come in?" Mike was standing in the doorway. Paige thought he looked nervous. "Yeah, what's going on?" she asked him.

"You..." Mike started, "the bureau wants to you to go with them on a raid to search potential holding locations for the tinker bells."

"Oh, that's great," Paige said with some excitement in her voice. Mike looked down at the floor and then up at her again. "They're expecting you over there in an hour."

Paige paused for a few seconds. "Come here," she said to him, "and bring the big towel." Mike grabbed a towel off of the shelf and walked over to the tub.

"Hey, Jessie," Paige said with a big smile, "I have to go to work so I can help some people who are in trouble." She kept her voice calm and positive. "Mike's going to help get you dressed and then you and Mike and Johnny and Paul and Charlie are going to decorate your new room and put all of your cool new toys and clothes away."

She could tell at this point that Jessie was fighting tears.

Mike took a step towards them. "And we're going to make a really cool surprise for Paige for when she gets back."

Paige looked up and smiled at Mike's comment. "A surprise for me?" she said with a gasp. She looked back over to Jessie, "I can't wait to see what it is. I'll be back really soon though, so you'll have to work quickly."

Paige looked at Mike as she stood up, questioning whether or not he would be able to handle the possible meltdown that was about to occur. "Do you want me to send Charlie up?" she asked him quietly. "Nah," Mike said, "she was the one who suggested I come up here."

Paige took a step passed him, but Mike grabbed her and spun her around so that they were face to face. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her close. They shared a kiss in their embrace.

"Be safe," Mike said to her. Paige let out a small laugh, "Good luck, Levi."

Paige looked down at Jessie, who was sitting in the tub with her hands gripping the side. "I will be back so soon," Paige said to her. "I can't wait to see the surprise." Paige quickly left the bathroom and ran down the stairs to find out more from Briggs.

Mike got down on his knees next to the tub, Jessie's eyes staring him down. He was afraid that the girl could tell he had no idea what he was doing. "Uh, did Paige get the soap out of your hair?" he asked her. She didn't respond to the question.

"Do you want to come out now?" Mike asked her. Mike took it as a yes when he saw her start to sit up on her knees. He grabbed the towel and uncapped the tub drain. Jessie put her hands on the side of the tub and stood up. Mike quickly draped the large towel over her shoulders and wrapped it around her.

The towel was almost down to her ankles, which caused it to get wet from the remaining water in the tub. Mike picked her up and tried to put her down on the bathmat, but Jessie clung to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

He sat on the side of the tub and just held her for a few minutes. "I didn't mean for the pictures in the folder to make you afraid," he said to her. "You did a great job helping us." She looked up at him. "Let's get you dressed, ok?"

He took the shirt that Charlie had gotten when she went shopping and helped Jessie put it on. He put the towel off to the side and got her to step in to the underwear and shorts.

He wasn't sure if he was supposed to use a hair dryer or not, so he just used the towel to try and squeeze some of the water out of her hair. Mike noticed that there was also a small pink hairbrush along with a rolled pair of socks on the counter. He handed her the brush. "I think this is for you." He was relieved when she started to brush her own hair.

He sat her up on the counter and put the socks on her feet. She handed him the hairbrush when she was finished with it, and he put it on the bathroom shelf with some of the other house toiletries. "We will put more burn cream on your back in a little while, ok?" Jessie nodded.

He put his hands out in front of her and she leaned into him, telling him that she wanted to be carried. "Are you ready to go see your room?" Mike asked. "We have to go set up the surprise."

Jessie nodded and Mike headed upstairs to the third floor, trying to tell himself that she was more nervous than he was about having lost Paige for the afternoon.

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