Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 12

Jessie stared at Johnny with some confusion.

"Have you ever made cookies before?" Charlie asked her.

Mike handed Jessie's t-shirt to Johnny, who helped her put it back on.

Jessie shook her head. "No?!" Johnny said to her, playfully looking shocked.

"Well, I thought we could make some for Paige," Mike said, "and her favorite kind is chocolate chip. Does that sound good to you?"

"Not so fast - none of you are turning the kitchen into a mess," Charlie said. "If you are capable of making cookies, you're capable of cleaning up."

"You're just bitter, Chuck, because it's your week on the chore wheel..." Johnny said with a grin on his face.

Charlie took one of the small pillows on the bed and lightly tapped Johnny on the head with it. He dramatically fell backwards on the bed as if he had been attacked.

Still sitting in Johnny's lap, Jessie's giggled at Johnny's behavior.

"Come on," Mike said to them. He lifted Jessie up, being careful not to grab where she was hurt and made his way down both flights of stairs back to the main floor.

Jessie stayed tucked in Mike's arms with Johnny and Charlie following behind. Charlie started gathering some bowls and measuring cups when they got to the kitchen. Mike put Jessie up on the island and she sat cross-legged watching their every move.

Johnny brought over butter, flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients from the cabinets and the fridge. Charlie got the remaining PediaSure drink out of the fridge as well, which she put down in front of Jessie.

"Do you think you can finish this before Paige gets home?" she asked her. Jessie nodded and uncapped the shake, taking a big sip.

"Ok," Charlie said with a clap of her hands wanting to get started on the cookies. She added the wet ingredients into a bowl and let Jessie help her mix everything together. Mike admired the scene and was grateful that Charlie was helping him out with the surprise. He took a few steps towards Briggs when he was confident that Charlie and Johnny were keeping Jessie occupied.

Briggs ended his phone conversation and looked over at Mike, walking towards the agent. "The bureau wants more info on the guy in that photo," Briggs said to him quietly. "They know he's a big player with Solano, but they haven't been able to track him."

Mike looked over to Jessie and he was happy to see that she was still smiling. Johnny was trying to flick the flour he had on his fingers at Charlie. "We need to wait for Paige before questioning Jessie," Mike said to Briggs. "She's hurt and malnourished," he said to him shaking his head, "I don't want to put her through that stress again."

"I know, Mike. I know," Briggs said to him looking down at the floor, "but if she knows how these buses work, or how they connect to the girls... we can block the corridor."

Mike nodded, still unsure how to go about questioning Jessie. He'd never had to coax a CI to give up information before.

Briggs knew he was hesitant, "Just keep gaining her trust, Levi. She'll open up about it."

When Briggs and Mike walked up to the island Johnny and Jessie were scooping up dough balls with their hands and arranging them on the cookie sheet. Charlie had already started to arrange the dirty dishes and bowls in the sink.

When the cookie sheet was full, there was still a little piece of dough left in the bowl. Johnny handed it to Jessie, "Eat it," he told her, "it's really good."

Jessie took the piece of dough from Johnny, and after thinking it over for a few seconds, she took a bite out of it.

"Delicious, right?" Johnny said with a smile. Charlie looked over to them, "Raw dough? Really?" She wasn't pleased, "What happened to following good nutrition around here?"

Johnny handed Jessie the PediaSure and made sure she drank another few ounces.

"Happy, Chuck?" he said to her with a smile.

She rolled her eyes at him and picked up the cookie sheet. "So these go in the oven, and in ten minutes we'll take them out and then they will be cookies," she explained to Jessie.

Briggs' phone started ringing and Jessie shifted away from the noise. Realizing that Mike was behind her, she leaned back so that she was resting her head on his chest.

Briggs was still in earshot of everyone when he was on the phone, and Mike didn't want Jessie to overhear anything that might make her upset.

Johnny had a similar concern. "So what's your favorite movie?" he asked her.

Jessie just shrugged her shoulders. "Do you watch a lot of tv?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"Ok," Johnny said, "because I saw that Paul and Charlie bought one of my favorite movies for us to watch...."

Jessie twisted around and put her hands out towards Mike, who carefully picked her up. Mike noticed that she was still paying attention to Briggs' phone call, so he moved away from him followed Johnny into the living room.

"Have you ever seen Frozen?" Johnny asked her. Jessie shook her head.

"No?" Johnny said, "It's practically a requirement for kids your age."

Mike sat on the couch, keeping Jessie in his lap, and looked down at her, "Do you want to watch the movie?"

Jessie nodded, but her eyes were still tracking Briggs.

Johnny took out the movie and handed the case to Jessie for her to look at while he got it started.

He was putting the DVD in the player when Briggs came over to them in the living room. He sat down next to Mike and Jessie. "So I know that you understand we are trying to stop the bad guys who hurt you," Briggs said to her, "but have you ever heard of the FBI before?"

Jessie looked up at Mike and then nodded cautiously. "You have?" Briggs asked her with a bit of excitement. "Who taught you about the FBI?" He was trying to keep his voice positive.

Jessie laid her head up against Mike's chest and shrugged her shoulders. She was gripping the case tightly.

Mike looked down at her, "Did your dad ever talk about the FBI?" he asked her quietly.

Jessie nodded. "They came to my house," she whispered to Mike and Briggs. Johnny was sitting at the other end of the couch too, listening intently.

"Last night, right?" Briggs said, "The good guys came and got you?"

Jessie squinted her eyes at him before nodding once.

"Did you know about the FBI before last night?" Briggs asked her.

She took a deep breath, "We have to hide from them," she said, burying her face into Mike's chest.

"Who has to hide?" Mike said, rubbing his hand up and down her arm.

"Did your dad tell you to hide from the FBI?" Johnny asked her.

Jessie didn't respond right away, keeping her eyes hidden from Briggs.

"The policemen don't like them either..." Jessie whispered.

"The police?" Mike said puzzled. He and Briggs shared a glance. "The police and the FBI are friends..." Briggs said to her, nodding his head.

"No," Jessie said. She let go of the movie case with one hand and took hold of Mike's shirt with her little fist. "The police are bad guys."

"Bad guys?" Briggs said to her, throwing a confused look to Mike, who raised his eyebrows and shook his head.

"Are they bad guys because they would have gotten your house and your dad in trouble?" Mike asked her.

"No," Jessie said with a little more confidence. She looked up right at Mike, "They help him."

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