Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 13

Jessie knew that Briggs and Mike weren't getting it. She slowly slid off Mike's lap and looked into the kitchen. Mike, Briggs, and Johnny watched her, all curious as to what she was thinking.

Jessie reached out behind her and took Mike's hand in hers, tugging at his fingers. "You want me to go in the kitchen with you?" Jessie nodded and Mike got off the couch to follow her. Briggs and Johnny went too.

Jessie saw that the file box was still over on the table and she sat in front of it on the bench. She let go of Mike's hand and sat up on her knees so that she could see the contents of the box. "Do you want the folder from before?" Mike asked her quietly.

Jessie nodded and Mike pulled the first file out of the box, laying it on the table in front of her. She just stared at the folder. Briggs sat down across from her and Mike kept a hand on her shoulder. "His picture's not in there," Briggs said to her, "we took it out." Jessie squinted her eyes at him and then looked over to the markers and paper. "Do you want to draw?" Mike asked her. She nodded.

Briggs handed her some coloring supplies and Jessie put the paper next to the folder. She looked up at Mike and then opened the file. She carefully flipped through the pages until she got to a photo of a middle-aged white man in a baseball cap. "Who is that, sweetheart?" Briggs asked, "Can you write down his name for me?"

Jessie looked down at the picture, "He calls him 'The Rat'," she whispered, "he gets mad when the police yell at him."

"Who calls him that?" Briggs asked her, "Your dad?"

Jessie nodded and started to draw with the black marker. "Him and Top," she said casually.

"Lil' Top?" Briggs asked her, "Did he get in trouble with the FBI a little while ago?"

Jessie shook her head and kept drawing, switched the black marker out for a yellow.

"Not FBI," she whispered matter-of-factly.

"Was it the DEA?" Mike asked her with a small laugh; she was definitely attentive.

Jessie nodded and looked at the picture. "He wears letters..." she said to herself.

Mike squatted down next to her, "Who are you drawing?"

Jessie didn't respond, but Mike watched her as she clearly wrote the letters: L-A-P-D across the man in the drawing's chest. Jessie looked at Mike, "He always wears the same shirt," she said, "he even has it on his car."

"Paul," Charlie said over to the table, "go find out who from the LAPD was on that house raid two nights ago. Whoever it was did a cover-up and knew to leave something behind." Charlie nodded her head towards Jessie, referring to her as the "something".

Briggs took a few files out of the box and went upstairs with his phone in his hand. Johnny took his place at the table and started to look through the box himself.

Mike pointed to the drawing of the cop, "What was his name?"

Jessie's eyes got watery fast and her breathing became audible.

"Oh, you're ok," Mike said, gingerly scooping her up into his arms. "Do you know his name?" he whispered to her. He hated to keep pushing, but he knew she was smart enough to keep up with this intel.

Jessie shook her head, "They just..." she started.

"They just what?" Mike asked softly, wiping a small tear off of her cheek. "They just call him 'The Cop'," she mumbled.

Mike made circles on her back with his hand the way he had seen Paige calm her down before.

"Does the rat get mad when this cop yells at him?" Mike asked, trying to put the pieces together. She was trying so hard to tell them the story and Mike's heart was breaking that she just couldn't get it out.

Jessie nodded into his shoulder, "The rat made mistakes and the cop got scared and yelled a lot."

"Oh, ok," Mike said to her with a positive tone, still rubbing circles on her back. He made a mental note to ask more about those "mistakes" later.

Johnny made eye contact with Mike. "So are we thinking that LAPD has a guy protecting... uh, you-know-who," Johnny pointed to the name 'Solano' on the box, "so that nothing gets back to anyone about the buses?" He tapped his fingers on the table. "And, this guy," Johnny said pointing to the photograph of the man in the cap, "is the link between the cartel and the corrupt LAPD, who hides intel from the actual LAPD?"

"And not just LAPD," Charlie added, "he could be lying to FBI, DEA and ICE to protect those shipments."

Johnny put one of the files down on the table, "Hey, Jessie," he said quietly, "was the cop at your house when the FBI came to get all the bad guys two nights ago?"

Jessie nodded, but she looked up to Mike, "He helped them take the bad guys, but he is a bad guy."

Mike held her close. "Why...?" Mike didn't quite know how to best phrase the question, "Why do you think the cop didn't take you with the other bad guys?"

Mike was shocked when Jessie smiled at him. "I always hide," she said.

"So he doesn't know that you lived there?" Johnny asked her with a big grin on his face. She shook her head.

"Oh, girl," Johnny said shaking his head in disbelief, "you are so smart. Who taught you how to be so smart?"

He meant it as a funny comment and was relieved that this corrupt LAPD officer wasn't the one to pick her up from the house, but the girl mumbled something into Mike's shoulder.

Mike looked over at Charlie with big eyes. "What was her name?" Mike asked Jessie.

"Katia," Jessie whispered. Mike's heart was racing.

"Katia made you smart and told you to hide from him?" Mike asked. Jessie nodded. "Is she your sister?" Mike asked on purpose, knowing very well that she wasn't.

Jessie looked up him, "No," she said. Mike took a risk, "So where did Katia come from?" he asked her.

Jessie wiggled out of his arms and Mike put her back down on the bench. Mike, Johnny and Charlie watched as Jessie drew a large horizontal rectangle with four circles along the bottom.

"Is that a bus?" Mike asked her. Jessie nodded and kept going.

She drew a stick figure standing next to the rectangle and she gave the stick figure long hair. She picked up the pink marker and scribbled some marks that connected to the stick figure's hand.

Charlie's jaw dropped. Jessie picked up the black marker again and wrote "118" in the rectangle.

"That's Katia?" Mike asked her. Jessie nodded. "Do you know where she is?" he asked.

Jessie looked down at her lap. "The picture Paige gave you," she whispered.

Mike scooped her back up in a hug. He remembered how much even seeing a photo of that man made her scared and he wanted to try and prevent another anxiety attack. "Do you want to go watch the movie with Johnny now?" Mike asked her. Jessie picked her head up and nodded. Mike let Johnny take her from his arms and she wrapped herself tightly around him. "I love these hugs," he said playfully.

"I'm going to go catch Briggs up and then make some calls to the bureau," Mike said to Johnny and Charlie.

Johnny went into the living room, bouncing Jessie in his arms, "You are going to love Frozen!"

"She's from SoCal, Johnny boy!" Charlie yelled after him, "She doesn't even know what snow is!"

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